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It’s 8:30 a.m. already and you can’t book a ride to work. You are stressing because you can’t be late today for your important meeting. The waiting feels like an eternity…. but what to do? What other options are there for you?

Driver on Demand - Frequently Asked Questions

beepbeep.ph now has the solution; Introducing Driver on Demand!

Over the past year since we’ve launched, we have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the possibility of hiring a driver for special events, for various errands, or even just for a full day of meetings.

Since then, our team has been working hard to provide another safe and convenient option for all car owners.

A relaxed, smooth, and safe ride

Driver on Demand - You're gonna be the star
Driver on Demand is our newest innovation with a mission to make your everyday experiences with your vehicle easy and convenient. In just three easy steps, you can now book a professional driver for eight (8) hours. You can now go to anywhere you wish and get home safely without feeling any hassle.

Here are the 10 accomplishments you can do with Driver on Demand.

And just like anything new to us, there are a lot of questions that could arise. Especially if its a service concerning handing your keys to a total stranger and letting them drive your car.

As we want to be very transparent on how everything works, we’ve tackled Driver on demand FAQs for your convenience, which you can read below.

Driver on Demand FAQ

How can I book a driver?

For bookings, please go to https://www.beepbeep.ph/driver-on-demand. Set up an account and book your driver. One of our call center agents will get in touch with you shortly to confirm all the details that were submitted.

What is the lead time for booking a driver?

Booking of drivers is based on availability. We recommend a lead time of at least 24 hours before the service starts. For inquiries please call our hotline (02) 8541-9999.

How much does it cost to book a driver?

Driver on Demand pricing starts at Php 1,295 for 8 hours, ALL-INCLUSIVE. A fee of P170 is charged for every additional hour. For trips over 8 hours, please call our hotline to inquire.
Please click here for the updated pricing and details on AutoSan’s Driver on Demand.

Where is the service available?

Currently, we are available all over Metro Manila. We will be constantly updating everyone via this blog or on our Facebook account for expansion.

Is Driver on Demand available on both the app and website?

The service is now available on our website and you can book your driver there. It is also available on the beepbeep.ph app, available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How do we confirm that the identity of the designated driver is legitimate?

After all details have been confirmed by our call center agent, you will then receive an email containing your designated driver’s company ID and driver’s license. During the day of your booking, the designated driver will present you with the same identifications that you’ve received via email.

Are both the car and passengers insured?

For accidents that will happen while the car is in our custody, beepbeep.ph will have shared liability with the owner. This, of course, will be bound by terms and conditions that will differ depending on the situation. Before the ride starts, the passenger will be given a waiver to sign in agreement to the terms and conditions.

How can we be sure that this service is safe?

  1. All of our drivers go through a strict screening process and are all regular employees of the company.
  2. They are professional and trained to drive different vehicle types.
  3. Our drivers also go through regular drug testing and physical examinations.
  4. The drivers are equipped with body cams and dash cams.
  5. During the ride, we track them via GPS.

Can I apply as a driver?

Yes of course! We are constantly on the lookout for the responsible and professional driver, if you want to be part of our team, please send your resume to [email protected].

Well, there you have it, our Driver on Demand FAQs. All your most asked questions answered. So, we hope you give this service a try. Just book through the website or give us a call via the hotline and see how Driver on Demand can help you start your amazing journey.

Book now at https://www.beepbeep.ph/driver-on-demand or call our hotline at (02) 8541- 9999!

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