CRUVEN: The Suspension Specialist


One of the things that are usually the first to break down in a newly bought vehicle due to normal wear and tear would be its suspension system. Worry no more, CRUVEN is proven as a suspension specialist in the Philippines.

Mainly comprised of ball joints, rack end, tie rod end, pitman arm, drag links, and stab links, the system serves as the motion control of the whole vehicle, subjecting it to stress each and every time we drive our vehicles.

In order to ensure a safe and convenient journey on the road, it is important to keep your car’s suspension system in tip-top shape. The question is how to do it without spending a fortune.

Lucky for all motorists and car owners, Cruven’s founder, Claro Cruz, has the answer.

CRUVEN Patented Suspension Restoration Technology

As a young man, Cruz’s hobby involved reconditioning and reselling of old and cars.

While working on a certain project, he ended up inventing the CRUVEN Injectable Repair Methodology for suspension spare parts and shock absorbers as a way to avoid spending all his projected profit margin from the car resale on a brand new suspension system.

Although it is a simple process, the innovation and creativity imbued into this method has enabled an increasing number of car owners and motorists to generate savings with regard to the restoration of their vehicle’s suspension system.

Using the CRUVEN Injectable System, car owners are guaranteed to save up to 70% compared to buying brand new spare parts.

This revolutionary CRUVEN injectable suspension rebuilding method not only promises huge savings to car owners.

It also ensures, and more importantly, delivers relatively the same quality, results, and performance that one would get when using brand new spare parts.

Best of all, CRUVEN provides 6 months warranty for the Injectable shock absorber repairs, and a warranty for 1 full year for the injectable suspension rebuilding system to give you the peace of mind while on the road.

Other Services Offered

Aside from being suspension experts, CRUVEN also provides other automotive-related services.

Also, their technicians are expertly trained in diagnosis, as well as modifications, cleaning, adjustments, and repairs for the various car systems. The services offered per system are listed below.

Suspension and Steering

• Underchassis Repairs
• Bushings Replacements
• Suspension Modifications
• Other Services


• Brake Cleaning
• Brake Master and Caliper
• ABS System Brake Repair
• Brake Adjustment
• Brake Bleeding
• Brake Fluid Change
• Brake Inspection
• Brake Kits
• Brake Line Repair
• Brake Pads Replacement
• Brake Replacement Service
• Brake Repacking (Bearings)
• Brake Rotor / Drums Replacement
• Disc Brake Repair
• Front / Rear Brake Repair
• Parking – Emergency Brake


• Adjustment
• Kit Installation
• Slave Cylinder
• Change Clutch
• Transmission Overhaul


• Engine Overhaul
• Transmission Overhaul
• Aircon Repair
• Tune – Up
• Change Oil


CRUVEN Automotive Shop prides themselves as Manila’s Suspension Specialist. With over 1000 cars fixed, CRUVEN has definitely established a name in the industry.

Moreover, they provide free diagnosis and brake checks, as well as a 1-year warranty on serviceable parts! Isn’t that great? Book your appointment with CRUVEN today!


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