Crucial Parts For Better Gas Consumption


When motorists think about saving fuel, they often think about driving techniques associated with fuel efficiency– like maintaining a steady speed, going easy on the brakes, and avoiding idling. While these behaviors help lessen gas consumption, maintaining essential car parts can contribute a more significant impact to your mileage.

Save money and improve your car’s gas consumption by simply maintaining or replacing these auto parts:

1. Mass Airflow Sensor

This measures the flow of air entering the engine which then adjusts the fuel injection, ignition system, and transmission shifting. While Mass Airflow Sensors don’t fail often, they can get dirty. And if it is damaged or dirty, it sends inaccurate data which can impact your car’s miles per gallon.

Mass Airflow Sensor

If you’re one of the many car owners not familiar with this part, seek the help of professionals. Visit one of the trusted garages in the metro, Kirsten Autoworks. Located at Don Manuel in Quezon City, they are experts when it comes to auto maintenance and mechanical repairs. Don’t miss out on their 10% discount offer on their services. 

2. Oxygen Sensor

A faulty oxygen sensor won’t be able to correctly detect the ideal air-fuel ratio, which could lead to inefficient use of fuel, higher emissions, and damage to other car parts. 

Oxygen Sensor

Have your oxygen sensor checked at Tiomix Auto Care. And while you’re there, why not let your ride undergo a thorough inspection to prevent further car issues from happening. Enjoy up to 5% off on all their services. 

3. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine combustion chamber. And with a fresh set of plugs, your overall engine performance will improve, and so does your fuel economy. 

Spark Plugs

Let your vehicle run cleaner and more efficiently. Check out Janohan GM Car Care Service Center at Valenzuela City for your ride’s maintenance and mechanical repair. Get up to 10% off on their services when you present your FastLane Privilege Card.

4. Air Filter

As the name suggests, this part filters the air coming into the engine. The less debris that enters, the better your mileage will be. So, make sure to have this regularly replaced.

Air Filter

5. Tires

Pay attention to your tires. They’re one of the parts that can help maximize your fuel. Check if they are worn out, out of alignment, or under-inflated. This way, you’ll be able to handle your ride better and in turn, regulate its gas consumption.

car tires

Key Takeaway

In addition to good driving habits, motorists can maximize their gas consumption by maintaining key vehicle parts stated above. Mix and match these suggestions to find what works for your car ride– and wallet!

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