Complete Makeover: Shops in NCR to Liven Up Your Car


Getting a complete makeover for your car these days simply requires a lot of car checkups and periodic maintenance. Though some may choose to go to official dealership service centers, most people still opt to try out third party automobile shops for their better value overall. Not only do they provide cheaper pricing, but sometimes the quality of their services is of similar, if not better quality than first-party options.

So for those looking to keep their car looking fresh before the year ends, here are 5 car shops in the South of NCR that can help in retaining that sleekness in your car, inside-out! Read more about each of them below:

dsd tires and battery supply makati logo

DSD Battery and Tires Supply

457-A Dr. Jose P. Rizal Avenue, corner Kakarong, Makati, 1207 Metro Manila

Replacing your car’s battery is a requirement if you are a car owner — most especially if you are getting back to the office already. Without it, your car cannot start, and if left unattended, will lead to frustration eventually. If you are looking for a car shop that can deliver and install automobile batteries to anywhere, then DSD Battery and Tires Supply is the shop for you!

motolite dsd battery delivery 24/7 fast amaron emtrac car

Running for 29 years now, DSD Battery and Tires Supply has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The family-run business has only gotten more committed to providing quick and quality service to many of their retail customers. They have also diversified their products and services’ range for it to be suitable and enticing for their target audience. Just look at the number of battery models they have available!

motolite batteries catalog products available dsd

Full Metro Manila Delivery

They have expanded their services to more car repair facilities such as auto electrical services, vulcanizing, wheel balancing, and tire mounting. In addition to being a partnered distributor for Motolite Batteries in Metro Manila, they have become one of the best car shops when it comes to motorcycle and car batteries due to their NCR-wide free delivery service. 

And did we say that their delivery was fast, too? That’s one of the benefits for being so conveniently placed at the center of Metro Manila. This makes them one of the better options if you want to give a complete makeover for your vehicle.

If you’re interested in having your car checked and battery replaced, you can check their rates here or go directly to their website to learn more about the company. You can also contact them via these hotlines:

(63) (2) 579-5180, (63) (2) 896-1203, (63) (2) 478-3811, (0927) 541-4301

euroshop motors corporation complete makeover euro cars japanese jdm eurocar

Euroshop Motors Corporation

Block 20, Lot 5, 6, and 7, TS Cruz Subdivision, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas City

Are you one of those car owners looking for an auto shop that caters to European car repairs in particular? Then this is your lucky day as Euroshop Motors Corporation has your back in anything your Eurocar would need! 

porsche bmw audi alfa romeo complete makeover

A full-service car shop specializing in mechanical and electrical repair for half a decade now, Euroshop Motors Corporation is the place to go if your Euro car needs the complete tender love and care that it requires at, might we say, an incredibly competitive price. If you want those Porches and Mercedes cars looking fresh, we really think you can get quite a bargain here, especially for the prices they charge.

Why? Because we know that going to the first-party casas of European vehicles to get a complete makeover can get pricey. So, when Euroshop makes sure that all their customers’ vehicles are well-taken care of without any compromise at all — we think they’ve got something special here.

Some of their services are as follows:

  • Periodic Maintenance Services
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Wheels and Tires Services
  • Body Repair and Painting Services
  • Full Car Detailing
  • Car Wash
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Sticker Wrap and Decals
  • Towing Services

A Cashless Future

In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about their payment methods, as they accept cashless payment from all major credit cards.

underchassis cars mercedes benz repair mechanical electric maintenance

Aside from providing one of the best car repairs for European cars in Las Piñas, they also cater to Japanese cars. Coupled this with a responsive staff and a commitment to fast repairs and wide capabilities, they really stand out among others in the South.

Want to schedule a maintenance check up? Visit them here or contact them at (0945) 27-9475 and (0961) 098-3496 to book a schedule now.

liwanag magwheels restoration manila mags wheels complete makeover

Liwanag Magwheels Restoration

2313 Calderon street, Santa Ana, Manila, 1009 Metro Manila

Sometimes, one’s dream car doesn’t come as its model’s stock configuration.  To get one that’s identifiably yours, you must do some modifications to it. Sometimes though, it’s not a matter of simply swapping out everything, as that removes the distinctive look its manufacturers designed for it.

This is where Liwanag Magwheels Restoration comes in. They do just that, and even more by giving mags a hidden shine. Way to keep your car looking fresh, no?

new magwheels chrome restored liwanag complete makeover

Situated in the heart of Manila, this one-of-a-kind shop has become the go-to for car owners who want their vehicle to get a complete makeover. They know that mags and wheels aren’t built to last forever, so they take the restoration process seriously. It really is a niche service, but if you have the knack for restoring those classic-looking Mercedes mags from the 80s, it’s a whole new world of customization.

restores magwheels mags chrome silver steel titanium complete makeover

What Else They’re Known For

Other than mags restoration, Liwanag is a known spot for magwheel enthusiasts for their expertise in machining. Their extensive knowledge and experience in alloy magwheels restoration has helped them to not only acquire the trust and loyalty of their customers, but also be a top choice when it comes to treating and repairing delicate alloy metals in mags.

It’s no surprise that their services are completely dedicated to making those mags just the way you imagined them for your complete makeover. See the full stack below:

  • Dechroming
  • Zinc Chromation
  • Metal Treatments
  • Plastic Center Caps Fabrication
  • Stickers and Decals for Magwheels
  • Magwheels and Rims Repair, Restoration, and Repaint
  • Custom Mags

You can check them out here to see their restoration works. Want to book a visit at their shop? Contact them via these numbers at (63) (2) 925-1296 or (0917) 844-6959 to secure a spot today!

rudz motorworks logo pateros all rounder shop complete repair complete makeover

Rudz Motorworks

246 M. Almeda Street, Barangay Magtanggol, 1600 Pateros

You will know that an automobile shop is a good one when it doesn’t just give you quality car services, but also peace of mind. This comes in the form of mechanics who perform their craft with honesty and integrity, and at the same time, staff that are focused and highly professional with their work.

rudz motorworks engine repair overhaul detailing interior complete makeover

If you are looking for an all-rounder car shop that can help you with your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical issues, then Rudz Motorworks is the perfect place for you! I mean, just look at that fresh-looking hood, right?! Nothing says “complete makeover” more than that.

Started as a personal hobby and interest, Rudz Motorworks has now become a reliable automobile shop for car owners for 8 years now. Their vast knowledge on mechanical work and electrical maintenance have attracted a lot of car owners to flock to their store in Manila on a frequent basis. Therefore, we mention our point earlier about having peace of mind, because Rudz Motorworks has proven quite a name in the field for their work ethic and skill.

rudz motorworks awards car overhaul complete makeover pateros

Moreover, they also have a wide range of services and packages which makes a complete makeover easier, which includes body repair and work, paint work, air conditioning, underchassis, as well as interior, exterior, and engine detailing. They have on lockdown about any fix for issues your car might encounter, or any upgrade you’d want to add to it.

Future Upgrades

In the future, they are also planning to have their shop upgraded with more equipment and a bigger space to cater to the growing needs of their suki customers. It’s easy to see that Rudz Motorworks have their whole future ahead of them. That just tells you how dedicated they are to their craft.

Want to experience a car fix the Rudz Motorworks way? Book an appointment now by reaching them here or contacting them at (0915) 992-6755.

tagasouth garage las pinas logo paint and collision repair scratches dents complete makeover

TagaSouth Garage

B-4 L-22, Pili Street, Talon Singko, Las Piñas, 1747 Metro Manila

Aside from keeping your car perfectly working, maintaining your car’s looks is equally important as well. Though car damages are inconvenient, they are very inevitable especially if you’re living in Manila. Every car owner knows how frustrating it is to deal with all the hassle of having to get those dents and scratches buffed out, most especially if it takes a huge chunk of your money. A complete makeover won’t be complete if there are damages visible in your vehicle.

However, there are still automobile shops that offer high quality car repair and paint at an affordable rate — one of which is TagaSouth Garage.

scratch dent repair vios collision like new overhaul complete makeover

Based in Las Piñas, TagaSouth Garage started operating the business mainly because of the growing demand for paint and body repairs. From then on, they have been serving customers for 3 years now. Now, what really makes them one of the best car shops is because of their top-notch collision repair services — be it a simple bump or an extreme dent, you bet they can do it. 

And believe us, nothing keeps a car looking more factory-condition or having a complete makeover done than removing those scratches or dents in its body removed.

Other Services

Aside from their outstanding car paint packages, they also specialize in more extreme collision repairs. They make sure to restore your vehicles from any collision marks and even severe damages — from detached bumpers to dented chassis. On top of that, they are also developing DetailKing — an upcoming new product for detailing, which can really help if you want your damaged vehicle looking new again.

restoration collision repair like new front chassis body complete makeover

What are you waiting for? Contact them here to book a schedule with them now! You can also message or call them at (0995) 986-2262 to know their shop’s availability.

In summary

That’s our first list for November, but we’ve got more recommendations to come this month featuring equally as good shops that can bring a complete makeover for your car with their high-quality services that can give others a run for their money. Finding these shops isn’t an easy task, so being able to bring you lots more within a month is really something that we hope can make your next car servicing experience more convenient.

We do this because we believe that finding an excellent and reliable car shop can aid you in maintaining your car, and at the same time, ensuring your safety on the road. After all, we simply want a smooth and enjoyable ride, right?

Make sure to visit the given car shops above on your next maintenance check and look out for our next blog installments!


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