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If someone were to make a list of car parts that get replaced quite often, you’d find a car battery somewhere in the top 10. Doing a bit of reading on how car batteries work, you’d know that they drain a lot faster when your vehicle isn’t moving. And guess what; the traffic in our national roads isn’t helping that. 

That’s why it’s important to have a suki car shop you can go to should you need a replacement, fast.

Now don’t worry! We at beepbeep.ph have already found a certain shop to provide you with your car battery needs. Let us introduce you to Maetrix Marketing, located in Las Piñas. Read more about them below!

Power Coupled: Motolite and Amaron

Having connections to help you out with providing better services is never a bad thing. Through it, you get to provide products that are built to last and are innovative in their own right. This is the case for Maetrix as they’ve partnered with two of the largest and most dependable car battery brands in the country, namely Motolite and Amaron.

maetrix marketing car battery las piñas front store

These two brands don’t need any further introduction from us — Motolite has been a name in the field for generations now, that perhaps even our grandparents would recognize it. It’s so iconic that when you mention the name “Motolite”, the term that immediately comes to mind is “pangmatagalan”. And it’s true– Motolite batteries are indeed very reliable, and we expect the name to stick for more decades to come.

On the other hand, there’s Amaron, whose reputation precedes it as well. Despite being newer than Motolite, thousands of car owners today swear by the Amaron brand because of the new technologies they’ve infused in their batteries to ensure better longevity and efficiency. This being their trademark, it’s not hard to see why Amaron is stirring up the competition.

As mentioned, both Motolite and Amaron are available in Maetrix Marketing. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to find the right one yourself in their shop. 

But wait! There’s more to Maetrix than meets the eye…

An Eye for Location

What we found AMAZING about Maetrix is their location! Located just north of Ayala Alabang village and along the Alabang-Zapote road, it’s almost impossible to miss it! They’ve been the mainstay there for years now, and their close proximity to many other car shops makes the area sort of a mini-Banawe, if you think about it. 

Don’t just take our word for it too: there have been lots of customers already going to Maetrix because of their convenient location. Just remember: if you’re having car battery-related problems down South, there’s always Maetrix to call for a quick fix!

Car Battery on Wheels

A big concern for many car owners is the fear of breaking up in the middle of the road because of a drained battery. It’s happened to lots and lots of people before, and perhaps it’s worsened because of the heavy traffic in the city. For this reason alone, car battery brands look to express delivery methods to get stalled motorists that much-needed quick fix.

maetrix marketing car battery delivery metro manila motorbike fast

Maetrix Marketing doesn’t stray away from that philosophy, as they themselves have servicemen who can deliver the battery to their customers nearby. As is the practice with other battery delivery companies, the serviceman will also install the battery for you so that you don’t have to tinker around anymore getting it to fit and work in your car’s hood. 

Based on customer testimonials, their stewards are also as disciplined and professional in their work, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect as well. See this satisfied customers’ review on their Facebook Page

“Good service and the attitudes of the employee are nice.” 

(June 21, 2020)

The Catch

Sounds like a sweet deal, no? Everything we’ve said here is well and good, but you might be asking, is there a catch? Do we have to pay extra fees for delivery, servicing, professional fees? It’s a business after all, and everyone’s trying to get a bit more from the products they sell, right?

Well guess what: Maetrix promises no delivery fees or servicing costs when you buy from them. Isn’t that sweet? 

So give yourselves a favor. Check out Maetrix Marketing now on the beepbeep.ph website: http://bit.ly/BoostMaetrix! You may inquire about their services there by signing up for a free beepbeep.ph account.


Maetrix Marketing photos from the Maetrix Marketing FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/maetrixmarketing/

Cover Stock Photo from Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/photos/jumper-cables-battery-engine-car-926308/


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