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The south of Metro Manila is where all the fun starts. You have the fast lanes of the expressways going towards Batangas and Cavite and fun “touge” routes in the mountains. It’s the perfect place for those who want to see new scenes or simply pick up speed. It pays to be aware of the various places you can get auto accessories in Cavite. This southern province is a goldmine for new places and adventures. Here are two Cavite car accessory shops you’ll want to visit for both car performance and aesthetic improvements:

Eurovision Car Accessories and Decals

People typically consider European brands as the peak of luxury products. Most premium designer brands in fashion come from the region, and cars from Europe are of a different league. In the Philippines, people who own Euros own them for various reasons. Some like the appeal and aura of driving an expensive model. Others buy older-spec ones because of their passion for cars. If you’ve seen the aesthetic of a custom plate on Euro cars, they’re likely from Eurovision Car Accessories and Decals. This shop is a premium dealer of auto accessories in Cavite. If you’re looking for European vehicle products, these will add extra aesthetic value to your car. 

Cavite car accessory shops are always ready to provide southerners a unique experience. Eurovision Car Accessories and Decals is one storefront that offers tons of cosmetic upgrades for your BMW, Mercedes Benz, or other famous cars from European auto manufacturers. Everyone wants to look different somehow, and we know that it takes an eternity to get our license plates in the Philippines. This appeal is why Euro owners get conduction plates made to look like they’re straight from the German government. In fact, these plates are from Europe and shipped directly from Germany, isn’t that neat? Pretty soon, you might be wishing that the Philippines could build an Autobahn to showcase your particular car. 

You can find Eurovision Car Accessories and Decals in 9023 CSRC Sitio Alangilan, Pasong Camachile 2, 4107 General Trias, Cavite. They’re usually found producing custom plates and selling other items. However, they do request that they are used responsibly and following the law. Send them a message on their Facebook page to view their extensive collection of Euro wheels, OEM parts, and genuine auto accessories in Cavite. 

YUME Race Autoparts

Life’s too short to be driving stock cars. While some people like their exterior looking clean as a whistle, those who love to stand out will always invest in various auto accessories. Despite what people tell you, you’re not always locked into a “boring” car. All it takes is a few parts and components to breathe life into a rather lifeless vehicle. Additionally, these parts don’t even have to be the most expensive ones, which is why you’ll want to shop for auto accessories in Cavite at YUME Race Autoparts. Whether you need functional or aesthetic improvements to your car, this Cavite-based shop has it all. 

Many people love to keep their cars unassuming on the outside, and they make up for this austere aura by improving things like sounds and comfort. YUME Race Autoparts usually gives people the options for new imported wheels, lowering springs, or even brake kits for daily driver cars. Those who want less performance-driven vehicles can opt for better sound systems, lighting options, and even Android head units for a more pleasant ride. It’s not every day where you come across Cavite car accessory shops that tailor to both the performance and cosmetic sides of the industry. 

If you wish to visit YUME Race Autoparts, you’ll find them at the Phoenix Gas Station along Centennial Road in Kawit, Cavite. Any car owner who has a knack for upgrade parts will surely enjoy the drive to this well-run shop. They also accept all major credit cards and can do shipping via couriers. All you need to do is give them a call at +63 917 155 1979. 


The south is genuinely a fantastic place for both driving and shopping for parts. Cavite car accessory shops are always ready to serve anyone who rolls into their driveways. Whether you drive a base model sedan, a chunky SUV, or a one-off built car, you’ll definitely be in good hands with these artisans. Take a trip down to Cavite for a whole new adventure today!


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