Car Upgrades in 2022 that You Don’t Want to Miss Out On


The new year calls for resolutions, whether in life or for your ride. Thinking of car upgrades in 2022 but worried about the service quality and total cost? Become a FastLane member to enjoy special perks and expert services from our growing network of partner shops and garages. Here’s a guide of some car improvements you might want to consider getting with your membership: 

1. Auto Detailing Garages

Invest in paint protection services and car washes. Throw in a nice tint job and ceramic coating and your vehicle will be set for the coming years. And to help you, one of the FastLane membership perks is you get a free car wash!

Auto Detailing Garages

2. Wheel Dealers

If you’re looking for awesome-looking mags or planning to replace your wheels, the Concierge service at FastLane can help point you in the right direction. You’ll be surprised when you see their inventory of rare and sought-after wheels.

wheels and tires

3. Performance Garages

Car upgrades in 2022 should not only be aesthetic, but the right performance parts should also be part of the mix. Make sure you consult professional garages for this. After all, owning a car is more than just driving it, it’s also ensuring that all parts run smoothly and safely. 

Performance Garages

4. Accessories and Safety Devices

It’s always a good idea to purchase parts and even trinkets from car improvement shops to upgrade your ride’s looks, performance, and safety. Buying from our partner shops means they’re legit and high-quality. Whenever you’re ready, just present your FastLane card to enjoy discounts and you’re good to go! 

Accessories and Safety Devices

Why Go for Car Upgrades in 2022?

2022 is the perfect opportunity to build your dream car and make your rides worthwhile. With a FastLane membership, we can help you make this happen! 

Find the FastLane membership card at our Shopee and Lazada storefronts to get these exclusive perks and more!


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