Las Piñas and Cavite Car Shops Worth Checking Out in the Year of the Ox


Las Piñas and Cavite car shops are very varied and are rarely in close proximity with each other. Unlike Quezon City, the South doesn’t have a designated “car repair” capital equivalent like Banawe. It’s a bit difficult to find shops that you would get your money’s worth on down South.

With the Year of the Ox coming soon, we prepared a list of car shops in Las Piñas and Cavite that an make your car auspicious for the Chinese New Year. We tried to vary the services being offered so that you guys can find what you’re looking for.

Looking for Las Piñas and Cavite car shops to service your vehicle? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of shops worth visiting in the Year of the Ox.

pro monkey auto works performance boost las piñas and cavite car shops

Pro Monkey Auto Works

0917 132 1381
F. Ocampo Ave. Cor. Acacia St., Pamplona Tres, Las Piñas

Pro Monkey Auto Works in Pamplona Tres, Las Piñas has been a staple in the area for some time now. Now on their 6th year, they’ve strongly proven that their expertise in engine rebuilding is at its all-time high.

Engine rebuilding isn’t a walk in the park too. With hundreds of parts just moving about in an engine, taking on such an arduous process would require knowledgeable mechanics who enough skill in replacing old parts with new ones. Well guess what; they’ve got those types of mechanics. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for Las Piñas and Cavite car shops who can do the job.

d’ europlus car shop las pinas cavite euro car accessories

D’ Europlus Auto Shop 

(02) 8513 6272
Block 33 Lot 16, Jasmin St., T.S. Cruz Subdivision, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas

Euro cars are a different type of beast. They’re a bit harder to tame, being they don’t feel at home in Manila’s cramped and often broken roads. That isn’t to say however that they aren’t pretty— opposite of that. They look absolutely gorgeous when they get driven out.

They’re still not immune from damage though. It does cost a lot to service Euro cars, too. Thankfully there are Las Piñas and Cavite car shops like D’ Europlus which provide top-notch service, from mechanical, suspension, and even underchassis works. With extensive support for various Euro brands, they’re a seriously good option if you own a Euro car.

eurospec motors las piñas and cavite car shops euro car BMW repair

Eurospec Motors

0932 844 0044
Warehouse 3 Unit 2, Pilar Development Compound, Pilar Road, Pilar Village, Brgy. Almanza, Las Piñas

Looking for Las Piñas & Cavite car shops, we discovered a few wild cards here and there that offer very interesting or niche services. One of which is Eurospec Motors, in Almanza Las Piñas. Why they’re so special? Simple: BMW car owners swear by their service.

That’s right— Eurospec specializes in Euro cars, but more often than not, they’re preferred by owners of BMW vehicles, because of their expertise in the German manufacturer’s components. And if indeed you visit their shop, you’ll find that there are several customers all lining up their cars so that they can get serviced here. Truly a gem in the industry, if you ask us.

Tzun’s Autocare

0917 586 0223
Block 1 Lot 3, Molino Road, Lynville Subdivision, Bacoor, Cavite

Sometimes, stock just doesn’t cut it for a lot of people. For carheads, nothing could feel as boring as rocking stock body configurations when so much of a car’s internals have been swapped in already by higher-performance components.

It’s only good news then that Las Piñas & Cavite car shops like Tzun’s have turned to more enthusiast products like custom body kits. Spoiler alert: they do a heck of a job on their projects. From something as simple as a spoiler, to body repairs, and even a full-on body kit replacement, they’ve got what it takes to satisfy anyone who’d like to spice up their auto.

dremzie battery las piñas and cavite car shops amaron delivery fast

Dremzie Battery

0917 315 4826
Centennial Road, R-1 4104 Kawit, Cavite

We personally believe that knowing Las Piñas and Cavite car shops that deliver batteries quickly to nearby areas is a must for anyone driving south. The simple fact is that you never really know when your battery would die. Sure, one can count the number of years it’s been since their last replacement, but no one can predict which exact day it will give out.

Dremzie in Kawit is perhaps one of the best options in the area due to their extremely-fast delivery time. With delivery bikers always on-standby, you’ll never have to wait long to get a fresh Amaron battery installed to your auto. Remember their name when you’re in the South.

Found the car shop you were looking for?

Well, have you decided to visit one of the shops we shared above? Let us know! We understand that the selection process for a car shop can be a tedious one, as you have to ensure that they’re providing you with only the best prices and quality of service for your money.

With the Chinese New Year just coming up in a few weeks’ time, it’s really a good decision to make all the necessary repairs and changes done to your car to make it more auspicious. Besides, nothing feels as great as driving a fully-serviced vehicle as the year of the Ox begins.

So go out there and visit the shops we listed above and see how you can make your auto feeling extra special in the new year!


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