Four Car Shops in the South with Excellent Services


If you want to take care of your car, you want to ensure that your go-to auto shop provides excellent services. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that’s not worth it.

With that in mind, we decided to list four reliable car shops in the South (of Metro Manila!) that you can go to depending on your needs. These auto shops offer repair and maintenance, provide battery delivery and installation services, and sell OEM and high-quality aftermarket products. These shops will cover most of your car needs.

Rosun Car Center

Cars in Rosun Car Center, A Car Shop in the South

Specializes in: Under Chassis Repair and Overhaul

Location: CAA Road, Pulang Lupa Dos, Las Piñas

Contact number: 09156675590

With over 14 years under its belt, Rosun Car Center has proven to be a reliable car shop in the South. This shop is perfect for owners who are looking for casa-quality car services at an affordable price.

Rosun’s expert mechanics can do beyond routine vehicle maintenance such as changing oil, car parts replacement, and minor repairs. For instance, if your vehicle has a problem with its steering or suspension system, this service center alternative can also do under-chassis repair. It can also repaint and remove dents and scratches on your vehicle to make it look brand new again.

So, if you’re looking for a car shop that will take care of your maintenance needs, Rosun Car Center won’t disappoint. 

Tiujongco’s Trading

Car Battery

Specializes in: Amaron Battery Delivery

Location: Bennet Road cor. Melanie Marquez Street, Talon Dos, Las Piñas

Contact number: 09283941196

Here’s another car shop in the South that’s trusted by vehicle owners in its area. Established in 1989, Tiujongco’s Trading carries various battery types and sizes at competitive prices. It’s an authorized distributor of long-lasting car battery Amaron. Aside from Amaron, the shop also sells other trusted brands like INCOE batteries. In case you find yourself in emergencies, the shop can deliver and install the right battery to your battery ASAP.

If you’re, for some reason, still not convinced of how reliable Tiujongco’s services are. Just look at some of the clients that they have delivered car batteries for: 

  • Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. in San Juan City
  • The Rigging Corporation in Pasay City
  • PLDT warehouse in Sta. Rosa

The shop is also looking to expand its clientele outside of Metro Manila by expanding in Visayas and Mindanao. A Tiujonco outlet is set to open in Surigao very soon. 

Given the shop’s track record of satisfying customers with its prompt service, it should be a good idea for car owners in Las Piñas City to save Tiujonco’s contact details on their phone. After all, dead batteries can be such a hassle. 

Angel Tire Supply & Vulcanizing Shop

Angel Tire Supply, A Car Shop in the South

Specializes in: Tires and Vulcanizing

Location: Block 8 Lot 2 Marcos Alvarez Avenue, Manuela Homes, Talon Singko, Las Piñas City

Contact number: 09194430089

Part of taking care of your car and being safe on the road is regularly checking your tires and getting them changed when needed. This includes choosing the right tire, maintaining proper air pressure, and patching your tire to seal a puncture. 

Fortunately, many traditional vulcanizing shops like Angel Tire Supply offer wheels and tire replacement and other related services. Angel Tire Supply, in particular, has been in the industry for 14 years already. The shop can do mags repair, vulcanizing, and tire installation. Interestingly, it also does battery charging, which is quite handy if you get stuck on the road. So, whether you need a simple tire inspection or emergency roadside assistance, Angel Tire Supply has got you covered. 

AAE Auto Supply

Car getting services in AAE Auto Supply

Specializes in: Mufflers and Car Parts

Location: 1770 Sto. Niño, Muntinlupa City

Contact number: 09189237964

Many car enthusiasts also love to replace stock mufflers with better ones for two main reasons: style upgrade and improved engine performance. If you’re one of these people, AAE Auto Supply is a good place to visit.

This car shop carries high-quality OEM and third-party auto parts including racing mufflers made of stainless steel and brass. When you visit the shop, you can talk to AAE’s mechanics and tell them what you need. They will suggest the type of muffler that will give you your preferred sound. Since AAE carries premium mufflers, you’ll also be getting one that will help get rid of exhaust gases faster, which will help improve engine performance. 

Given the shop’s expertise and its extensive catalog of premium car parts, any car enthusiast will be satisfied with their service. In fact, AAE has been doing so well with its services that it’s already planning to set up another shop very soon despite it being just two years in the business. 

More Car Shops in the South

If you want to find more reliable car shops in the South, visit our website at www.beepbeep.ph. Browse our directory of over 14,000 establishments for all your vehicle needs including car wash and detailing, repair and maintenance, and insurance. Whether you live in Parañaque, Las Piñas, or other places in the South, you’re guaranteed to find an establishment that’s right for you. 


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