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Finding open car shops right now is pretty tricky if you’re a car owner. With the COVID pandemic in full-swing, some third-party repair centers and even manufacturer service centers have opted to limit their operations or altogether close down to manage costs. We say it’s tricky because what if something suddenly fails in your vehicle, and you have no alternate means to get to work or buy groceries for the family?

That said, we think that the task of vehicle maintenance will fall on smaller shops for the coming months. To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled a list of 5 talyers ready to service your vehicle right now. Read about them below:

roqson industrial sales car shop risers professional repair

1. Roqson Industrial Sales Inc.

Need a car shop that’s an all-rounder? A shop that can do almost anything your car requires? Well, not all car shops can claim to be a one-stop shop but Roqson Industrial Sales Inc. definitely can. With about 2 decades of experience in the auto service industry, Roqson has proven its capabilities to many, offering the full range of automotive services. 

Their services include Greasing, Computerized Wheel Alignment, Under Chassis Repair, Engine Tune-up and Overhaul, Car Aircon, the usual Change Oil, Vulcanizing, as well as Car Tires and Batteries. With such an expansive list, no wonder Roqson can truly say that they can do anything you need them to.

Roqson is also an official partner of Petron Lubricants, which has provided them with a good selection of car lubricants. Roqson has proven itself to be a benchmark for other car shops to emulate. Check them out here!

c7 autozone tires dunlop toyo goodyear bridgestone mags long lasting

2. C7 Autozone Inc.

Did you know that your car’s tires can get brittle if you don’t drive the car around and it’s exposed all day long to the sun? I sure didn’t know that when I started out with cars, but it’s just one of the many things that can go wrong that can be easily prevented.

Now don’t get us wrong– car tires are built to last, and C7 Autozone Inc. signifies that. Operating for 28 years now, C7 specializes in Mags and Tires, selling renowned brands like Goodyear and Dunlop. For those looking to replace their tires or have observed their tires getting brittle, C7 Autozone is open right now to cater to your needs.

A family business now being handled by a 2nd generation of owners, C7 promises products and services that will last your vehicle a long time before needing replacement. Check them out here!

jvl upholstery service seats leather interior car vehicle
Photo form JVL Auto Interior Upholstery Facebook Page

3. JVL Auto Interior Upholstery Services

Many say that what matters most is the inside. And let’s face it, what good is a drive in your car if the seats aren’t comfortable? If you own the car, wouldn’t it be nice to feel good sitting down on the driver’s seat?

To that end, JVL ensures that car owners get the best experience possible out of riding their vehicles. JVL provides top-quality seat covers, carpets, and other upholstery products to make every trip comfortable. Owners have full control over what gets added, too. You can also customize the interior of your car to your liking, as they really take the client’s taste and preference into account seriously. 

JVL is open NOW and takes in customers on a daily basis! Check them out here!

van's autohaus old school new car wrap detailing paint
Photo from Van’s Autohaus Facebook Page

4. Van’s Autohaus

Now who’s to say that your car’s aesthetics should take a back seat because of today’s current environment? Our fourth entry is a treat to those in Laguna as they bring out the best looks in every vehicle they work on.

Van’s Autohaus helps with anything aesthetics-related by providing car painting and detailing to your vehicle. Their previous works speak for themselves too! Check out one of their projects recently:

vintage car detailing ceramic coat shiny old
Photo from Van’s Autohaus Facebook Page

Isn’t that neat? Catering various car types from vintage-old cars to modern SUVs, Van’s Autohaus can make your vehicle looking brand-spanking new once again. Check them out here!

reynaldo's car care center enthusiast auto repair hands on

5. Reynaldo’s Car Care Center

Now we have lots of respect for Reynaldo’s. Despite being the newest car shop on this list, it’s already gained a lot of favorable reviews because of the quality hands-on service they provide for their customers. Seriously, you won’t feel neglected in this one.

Reynaldo’s is owned by a car enthusiast looking to impart his knowledge and skill in the field for other car owners to learn from. Providing a wide range of services from body repairs to paint restorations, Reynaldo’s competitive edge is clearly the undivided attention your vehicle gets in every visit to its Antipolo branch.

Sometimes, that’s all you really need: a person who’s really passionate about cars and is willing to help you fix its problems transparently. You can check Reynaldo’s Car Care Center out here!

A Final Word

And that’s it for our list! Have any car shops you’re aware is open right now? Comment them down on our Facebook post! Maybe we can feature them in our next blog. 

As for the shops listed here, feel free to check out each one of them in the links we’ve provided! As mentioned, all of these car shops are open to serve you, umulan man o umaraw! After all, we’re all in this together, and before you know it, we’ll be back right where we started.

For more car care tips, check out our other blogs below! 


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