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Car shops in Laguna have simply sprouted all over the province. Why? Mainly because Manila residents want to leave the noise and traffic behind for something more peaceful and clean down south. Can’t blame ‘em too, since Laguna isn’t that far from the city centres. Meaning, you can still get to work in the city and go home to a much serene place.

For car owners however, it’s not that simple. Maybe your mechanic is all the way in Manila Bay, or your spare parts retailer is in Banawe. Driving to these spots in the Metro isn’t a joke especially if you’re driving in the city’s most congested roads.

That’s why we came up with a list of car shops in Laguna that might be perfect alternatives for you. From car washes, tires, spare parts, and even mechanical repairs, these shops have your back! Learn more about them below:

final touch car care center car shops in laguna guaranteed detailing car wash underchassis

Final Touch Car Care Centre

0917 580 0156
KM30, Old National Highway, Brgy. Nueva, San Pedro, Laguna

Why not start our list with something that’ll make your car shining, shimmering, and splendid again? That’s what Final Touch in San Pedro Laguna can do, with their expertise in premium detailing services. They’ll really make your car look brand new, as if by magic.

Offering an extensive line of cleaning services to their clients, they can ensure that your car is looking fresh from top to bottom. Apart from the usual chassis cleaning, they do paint restoration, mechanical detailing, underwash, and undercoating as well. Pair that with a garage that’s loaded with the best equipment and tools, and you’ve got a big winner.

jaca tires and general merchandise car batteries motolite charging mounting vulcanizing

JACA Tires and General Merchandise

0921 459 6394
Old National Highway, Platero, Biñan, Laguna

Just a few kilometers away from Final Touch is JACA Tires in Biñan City. As the name states, they’ve been selling and installing tires for many-a-motorist passing by for 21 years now. Truly an admirable feat for a humble tire shop.

Their long tenure as a tire shop has also helped them offer the full range of tire services, from automatic mounting/dismounting of tires and batteries, tire vulcanizing, and battery charging. By covering all these, you get the peace of mind that your drive will go smooth after leaving their shop.

mordino spare parts korean brand oem genuine brand new kia hyundai car shops in laguna

Mordino Autoparts and Services

0917 521 7697
160 Cor. San Antonio Village, National Hwy., Paciano Rizal, Calamba, Laguna

People say that Korean car brands like Kia and Hyundai are better-value counterparts of Japanese brands like Toyota. If you were keen enough to see the value provided by these Korean-make autos and have one of your own, then you’re up for a treat at Mordino in Calamba.

Selling both genuine and OEM parts, there’s a very high chance that they have the specific part you’re looking for. One of the better places to get spare parts in the area, Mordino is one of those car shops in Laguna that’s worth a visit if you’re canvassing for great deals. 

car shops in laguna all around ap auto works calamba mechanical body electrical engine repair

AP Auto Works

National Hwy., Brgy. Bucal, Calamba, Laguna

To wrap up the list, we’ve got a banger. AP Auto Works in Calamba is one of the best all-around places to get your car serviced, be it for mechanical repairs or an aesthetic upgrade. Their long list of services means that they’re worth giving your attention to.

One of the more flexible car shops in Laguna, visiting AP is an easy way to save time. Imagine: instead of driving all over the place looking for shops that specialize in just one thing, there’s more convenient options like AP that can do almost any car service you might require.

Other Car Shops in Laguna Worth Your Attention

Now of course, we can’t include other car shops in Laguna that come to mind — that would simply require too much time for us to make and too long of an article for you to read. Believe us when we say though that there are lots more where this came from. The best thing about it? They’re not particularly hard to find, too.

In fact, Laguna in itself has become sort of an extension of Metro Manila. With many people moving from the highly-dense urban jungle to the more manageable, suburb-like area down South, establishments like car shops and talyers will almost surely increase in number further.

Now of course, it’d be really bad if you just drove around Laguna looking for good car shops, right? Well don’t worry because you can make the search easier by visiting beepbeep.ph and browsing for shops in the area! Visit the beepbeep.ph website now.


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