Car Repairs You’ll Need to Prevent Breakdowns on the Road


Car repairs will always be a necessity for those who drive daily. After all, there’s only so much that a gear or an axle can take, grinding tirelessly for long periods of time. Now we don’t want to be alarmists here. There’s really no need for any car owner to be overzealous with their maintenance schedule. At the same time however, we don’t want people to unexpectedly encounter problems on the road just because they neglected what seems like a harmless yet actually crucial part of their vehicle.

Now here’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot: prevention is always better than cure. And while we admit that this isn’t the first time we’ve used the quote, it really holds true. In a car, finding the signs of an underlying car issue can  save you a lot of time, and perhaps most importantly, cash.

We prepared a list of car repairs that can be done to prevent all sorts of nasty stuff happening to your vehicle. Read about them below:

car repair oil change top overhaul

Oil Change

Ah, the oil change. Perhaps the most common car repair procedure done by owners and mechanics everywhere; for good reason too. New oil simply makes the gears in a car move more smoothly among each other, instead of the rough cranking and grinding that happens when the oil in between those metal parts become too old and thick.

So what does one do to check if their oil levels are okay? Simple. Pop the hood, find your oil reservoir below the bonnet (or dial), and use the dip-stick that comes with the reservoir to see how much oil is left. Pull the stick out after dipping, and if the oil level is below the bottom line on the stick, then the car needs a new can of oil pronto.

Alternator Repair

Apart from fuel, everything in your car runs off electricity supplied by the battery. To use of that electricity efficiently, today’s cars use an alternator to charge the battery AND power the car’s electrical system with the engine running. Basically, if an alternator goes bad, the vehicle won’t be able to re-use some of the electricity a battery outputs and will drain it rapidly the more a vehicle is used.

The signs? Check the parts of your car that run on electricity. Perhaps the most noticeable are the headlights, as they will start to dim when getting low power delivery. Other electronics like the heads-up display or radio/media player can get affected too. Oh, and, there’s usually a warning indicator light on the car’s dashboard too. You should go for an electrical repair immediately if you notice any of these.

car repairs body restoration paintjob brand new shiny look

Body Repairs and Paintjobs

It’s not the most urgent, but checking your car for body damage can save you from hassle in the future. While the most apparent reason for getting a body repair or a paintjob is for aesthetics, it’s the deeper problems, specifically corrosion, that should get your attention. Car repairs aren’t always for mechanical problems, after all.

Corrosion happens when the metal construction of a vehicle comes in contact with iron. This can happen when your car gets a deep scratch from something that’s made of iron or has deposits of iron on the surface. Once iron latches itself to another metal (in this case, a car’s chassis), rust will come naturally. Left unattended, it’s only a matter of time until the rust spreads or worse, make holes in the chassis. If there are areas of your car that’s stripped of paint due to a deep scratch, get it covered up immediately.

Tires and Magwheels

Compared to an oil change, tires and wheels are heavily neglected when it comes to car repairs. Ironically, the wheels and tires are the most worn-out parts of a car, being in contact with the road every day. With proper inspection however, ensuring that they’re in good condition is quite easy.  You just need a bit of visual inspection and a coin.

For tires: check if they’re soft and lack significant pressure. Put some pressure on the tires with your foot and see if the rubber flexes easily. Next, get a coin. See if the treads in your tires are deep enough by slotting a coin in. Good treads will keep the coin snug; worn ones will allow the coin to wiggle easily. For mags, simply checking if there are any cracks or rust can go a long way to make them last longer. If there is damage, a shop that can fabricate metal alloys can fix it up easily.

Now that we have a general idea of the car repairs you might need to do for your car, where can one get the best services for them? We got your back on that front, alright. We prepared a list of partnered shops which provide great services at very competitive prices. Check them out below!

For basic repairs like oil change or top overhaul: 

dechi com trading basic car repair oil change retail parts

Dechi Com Trading

A. Bonifacio Ave., Brgy. Sto Domingo, Cainta Rizal

A humble shop in Cainta, Rizal, Dechi focuses on all the essential car repairs around. From a simple oil change to a full top overhaul, they can sort everything out for you. The best thing about Dechi is that they’re a family business — meaning you can expect greater attention to be given to you and your car versus bigger and busier repair shops. Definitely a plus if you want to give your car some real TLC.

For electrical and mechanical repairs:

the carshop kasambagan cebu all around repairs full-service

The Carshop

Alchi Compound, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad Rd., Kasambagan, Cebu

Put simply, The Carshop aims to be the ONLY car repair shop their customers will ever need. With a long list of services available, such a strong statement might not be too far-fetched. They cater to various customer needs, from mechanical, electric, air-conditioning, and even body repairs. For those in Cebu, The Carshop isn’t just an impressive car shop, it’s also one of the more convenient options available.

For body repairs and restoration:

KGA Autorestoration

Bypass Rd., Brgy. Bucal, Calamba, Laguna

Dents, wrecks, and scratches are a mainstay in everyday driving. With so many roads in the country being rugged or simply too tight, it’s only a matter of time until a car takes a hit. For those in the Calamba area, visiting KGA Autorestoration might feel like a godsend. With 6 years of experience in body repair and auto restoration, their services are perfect for anyone looking to get their car’s brand new look back.

For tires and magwheels:

jdm tires and magwheels center las piñas repair restoration fabrication

JDM Tires and Magwheels Center

Blk. 1, Lot 37, J. Tionquiao St., BF Manuyo 2, Las Piñas

Perhaps one of the most overlooked car repairs or upgrades are its mag wheels. While a detailing service or paintjob can up a car’s looks, it’s the little things like mag wheels that make owning a car more fulfilling. An expert in magwheel refurbishing and repair for over a decade now, JDM Tires have proven time and again that they can make any magwheel look better and more durable. They should be in anyone’s list when it comes to installing or repairing mags in Las Piñas. 

Car Repairs: Are they really needed? 

Lots of people swear by the need to get their car repair done regularly. It really depends from person to person as to how long they want to keep their cars going. It also varies from vehicle to vehicle, as some are built to withstand more abuse due perhaps to superior build quality and/or materials. If there’s one certainty though, it’s that any material object will break in due time.

It’s from this fact that we stand by the idea that car repairs do prolong the life of any vehicle, if done from time to time. There will be bumps on the road of course, like the occasional bad shop whose only goal is to make money off of you. If you can find the right mechanic or shop to repair your vehicle however, you’re golden. 

At least that’s what we hope we help our readers and users experience. With the help of our website and some of our recommendations, people can hopefully evaluate if a shop or a service provider provides great service. ‘Til our next article, folks!


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