Car Preparation For the Holidays Done Right Outside Metro Manila


Car preparation is a must for any car owner. They know how important it is to have their vehicles ready for the road whenever and wherever they need to. This is highlighted even more today, with many planning out their holiday escapes to GCQ areas that allow for travels and visits. There are some instances however of road mishaps that just happen due to unforeseen internal problems.

This is why knowing a car shop nearby, outside of Metro Manila comes in quite handy. You’ll never know if you encounter a hitch while cruising through our expressways.

If you’re looking for a car shop that you can entrust your vehicle to outside of Metro Manila, then here are some of the shops that you could take note of if the need ever arises!

color lab autosalon cebu branch paint do it colorlab steam wash auto detailing

Color Lab Autosalon

7946 C. Padilla Street, Mambaling 6000 Cebu City

Whether you have gone on a trip recently or if you’ve mostly stayed home, the body of your vehicle is exposed to lots of external stuff, including infamous ones like bird droppings, scratches, or even, small dents. As a result, your car’s appearance takes a big hit (literally) and the overall condition of your car’s paint deteriorates.

If you are having problems with keeping your car looking clean as you drive down to your various holiday destinations (and if you’re in Cebu), there are numerous automobile shops which offer painting and spot repairs none of which do the same type of work as Color Lab Autosalon.

holiday preparation color lab autosalon interior detailing cebu paint

Specializing in car paint retouching for 5 years now, this car shop has attracted a good number of customers because of their superb services and great customer service. The owner started this business mainly because there is a huge demand in the market for this kind of car service, and we can’t agree more.

Why You Need Paint and How They Do It

Everyone needs a bit of color in their lives, and that color doesn’t have to be brown. Because come on; it’d be nice to show your car’s true colors for at least once this year. And dare we say it’s a good item on your “car preparation” list, if you do have one.

do it colorlab logo autosalon cebu brand paint aerosol caoting auto car steam wash

What makes this shop stand out among other paint shops is that they carry the Do It Colorlab brand, which manufactures and supplies custom-made touch-up aerosol paints used in industries like aluminum, coating, furniture, and automotive sectors.

Aside from being a retailer of paint products, they also offer a wide breadth of service packages, namely:

  • Steam Wash
  • Detailing
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Car Painting and Retouching

All their services and packages come at a very competitive price, as the cost per visit starts at just Php 1,000!

Interested in visiting their Color Lab Cebu branch? You can check their schedule here or contact them at (032) 262-8073 or via mobile at (0917) 329-7381 to book an appointment 

holiday preparation cruisers crib auto care body collision restoration

Cruisers Crib Auto Care Center

124 Fabian Street, New Niog Village, Niog 2, Bacoor, Cavite 4102 Bacoor

These days, getting your car fixed immediately is one of the smartest things you can do, especially if you get in a minor road accident. No matter the size of the damage, it’s important to get them plugged up and repaired to as part of your car preparation for the holidays. For this reason alone, you should seek immediate help from a trusted restoration shop to do the job.

When it comes to body and paint restoration, there’s a few good choices down south like Cruisers Crib Auto Care Center. Aside from being a collision repair and restoration in Cavite, they are also one of the few shops in town that accept auto insurance claims from various providers. This means that you can request for financial compensation if your car gets damaged or wrecked in an accident. Just make sure that you only deal with their authorized personnel with regards to that matter.

body restoration nissan car in cavite toyota ford honda mitsubishi

Wide Range of Services

Here’s a list of all their services, for your convenience: 

  • Auto Body Paint
  • Collision Repair
  • Auto Insurance Claim
  • Auto Insurance Renewal

Because of the helpful feedback their shop has received in recent years for their excellent service, Cruisers Crib Auto Care Center is currently developing a new package that they will offer soon to their customers — Auto Paint Correction. This innovation allows them to remove those nasty swirl marks and very hard-to-remove mini-scratches that your car may get even with only normal wear and tear.

In addition to this, they also have plans to expand their shop physically and operationally to appeal to a wider range of customers and be able to accommodate more clients at any given time.

For more information, you can check their official page here or contact them at 0927 370 4947!

holiday preparation justpaul car wash and auto grooming cavite car wash detailing

JustPaul Car Wash and Auto Grooming

Barangay Sampaloc 1, Old Pala-Pala Road, Dasmariñas, Cavite

Maintaining that “new car” look for a long period of time is, with no doubt, what every car owner dreams of. However, we all know that this can be very difficult — especially if your vehicle has been stagnant for a while or is more than a couple years old already.

This is where car detailing comes into the picture.

Though some may think of car detailing as just an overpriced car wash, that can give your car a bit of an extra shine, this isn’t what car detailing does entirely. In fact, it’s just a small result that comes out as servicers provide that “new car” look to your vehicle. Most of the time, shops do a lot of work too applying chemicals that protect your car from the elements — a valuable part of the carp reparation process so that it doesn’t age too quickly in sweltering heat or torrential rain.

Now, if you are actively looking for the perfect car shop that can both a s spotless body detailing job, and a premium car wash at the same time — then JustPaul Car Wash and Auto Grooming is your best bet!

Flexibility and Proficiency

Equipped with ample knowledge about detailing going for 6 years now, they have been serving their customers with only the best packages in making sure that your car is squeaky clean inside and out. As mentioned, some car washes also provide protection for your vehicle — JustPaul does precisely that. They also apply Ceramic Coating to protect your car from external threats. That’s a sign that they care about how your car looks, even if it means that you’ll have to visit them less frequently.

paint correction enhancement stewards protection servicemen premium car wash bac-to-zero

The full list of their services includes the following:

  • Paint Correction and Enhancement
  • Paint Protection and Sealant
  • Engine Wash and Detailing
  • Premium Car Wash
  • Interior Sanitization and Disinfection
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Glass Detailing
  • Steam Cleaning Services
  • Bac-To-Zero
  • Ceramic Coating

Interested in availing their services? Check them out here or call them at 0997 378 8938 now!

RJMS Battery Tires & Mag Wheels

#2 R&S Building, McArthur Highway, Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga 2009, Mabalacat

When it comes to your car’s battery and electrical system, you don’t have to know everything. However, it IS important to know at least the basics of how it works. The gist: it’s the battery that starts the whole car up, and when it’s low on juice, there’s no choice but to replace it, pronto.

In fact, if there’s anything you need to check often, it’s your car battery’s health / condition. For your car preparation, we recommend that you check if the car doesn’t have trouble starting before every drive. You don’t want to be left stranded on a long drive with your car refusing to start up, right?

However, if in case that happens, and you happen to be up north in Pampanga already, then there is only one car shop to call — RJMS Battery Tires & Mag Wheels.

Charging Beyond Tires

Aside from being a vulcanizing and tire balancing shop for more than 10 years already, they also do battery deliveries in Pampanga and nearby areas. This means that you can always rely on them if you suddenly need a battery replacement — whether it be for cars, trucks, buses, or motorcycles! Some of the notable battery brands that they have are Motolite, Amaron, and Emtrac.

rjms facade battery and tires delivery

RJMS also offers mags installation and repair. They provide the whole lot, as evidenced in their full list of services:

  • Air Nitrogen
  • Battery Charging and Replacement
  • Mags Installation
  • Reposting & Service
  • Tire Services
  • Vulcanizing
  • Wheel Balancing

In terms of payment, they accept various modes such as cash on delivery, GCash, credit card, and bank transfer!

Want to book a schedule with them? Check their official page here to see their available schedules. You can also contact them via mobile at (0918) 208-7780 or send an email at [email protected].

In summary

Doing your car preparation will definitely make your vehicle stay in tip-top condition to last longer, beyond your holiday trip. The last thing you really want on a relaxing getaway is a malfunctioning car. Getting it checked before a trip is a good first step so that you enjoy your time with your family. 

Doing these maintenance checks will save you from buying a new car. Some owners have gotten to their vehicle’s 10th year without a hitch. Your drives will feel smooth, your passengers will thank you, and you get to save lots of money. We’ll call that a win on all fronts.

All that in mind, I guess our recommendation can’t be clearer. Check out the shops we recommend above if you’re interested in getting your car preparation done before your trip! Safe travels and enjoy the holidays, everyone!


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