Car Mags and Tires: Building a Whole New Cruiser


The wheel has gone a long way from just pulling carts and horse-drawn carriages. The earliest versions of this historical component were simply made from wood and were quick to replace. Nowadays, you have car mags and tires, which are a mixture of metals and rubber to carry the vehicle’s weight. From the cheaper steelies to expensive alloys, there’s always a healthy selection for car enthusiasts. If you’re wondering where to get your wheel fix in Metro Manila, you’ve come to the right article:

ALP Mags and Tires Shop

Car mags and tires are a definite requirement for a running vehicle. People invest money into their wheels because these are what keeps them on the road. Bald tires and mags with cracks are a safety hazard during fast speeds or rainy conditions. As they say in racing, “grip is everything!” ALP Mags and Tires Shop has a nice collection of luxury alloy wheels and various slick-looking mags. They also carry stock mags for some cars, like the common Toyota variants for those who need a new set. 

If you want your car to look sporty and quick, the alloy wheel collection of ALP is diverse. There are tons of quality products they carry, and these will be an immediate fit for most vehicles. In fact, many luxury car owners visit the shop for these high-quality products. Other enthusiasts like those who love off-roading can benefit from a trip to this candy shop, as well. ALP is your one-stop shop as the premium car mags supplier in Quezon City. You can even make your daily driver look sporty with some of their more unique options, provided the holes fit!

Whether you’re looking for stocks of mags or where to buy tires in Metro Manila, ALP Mags and Tires Shop will help you out. Located in Novaliches, Quezon City, they are quite accessible to most Manila residents. Their great prices will draw you even closer, and they offer installation services for your new tires and mags. While their two-car garage capacity may seem small, their turnaround rates are quite quick. Visit them at Block 23 Lot 6, Regalado Hwy., North Fairview, 1121 Novaliches, Quezon City. You can also check their Facebook or call them at +63 908 872 0827 before making a long journey to the north.

RJM Vulcanizing Shop

Getting a flat tire is inevitable in Metro Manila. All the construction, road works, and troublemakers around typically leave sharp objects around. If these come into contact with your tires, you could experience flat tires due to holes in the rubber. A flat means an undrivable car, which is where vulcanizing shops shine. The Philippines is blessed to have tons of vulcanizing shops available to service drivers who get unlucky. If you’re looking for fast vulcanizing services in Paco, Manila, try RJM Vulcanizing Shop

Dealing with flat tires isn’t a fun endeavor at all. Nobody wants to deal with getting their hands dirty at the wrong times. Replacing the flat to the donut tire is a skill all people must know, but repairing it requires the help of vulcanizing shops. They have the necessary tools and can often do it at affordable rates. They do repairs for all kinds of rubber tires. Whether you have a motorcycle, car, or bicycle, these guys can definitely fix your flat. RJM’s stockroom also has various components like valves, rubber tubes, and even motor oils. 

If you need to fix your car mags and tires, RJM Vulcanizing Shop is the premier place for fast vulcanizing services in Paco, Manila. Before heading out any further, ensure that your wheels are in good condition. Ruining your mags is the last thing you want, as these are expensive replacements. Visit RJM at 1475 General Luna St. corner Escoda St., 1007 Paco, Manila. If you want to learn more about their operating hours, call them at +63 995 081 6691 or check their Facebook here

MV Angeles Trading & Tire Supply

Tires are crucial elements in the operation of any vehicle. Whether you’re riding a motorcycle or driving a four-wheel vehicle, wheels allow them to move. Those looking for where to buy wheels in Manila are fortunate, as there are plenty of shops available. Specialty stores exist in every corner of the Metro, such as the best shop for tires in Tondo, Manila. If you’re in the area, visit MV Angeles Trading & Tire Supply for all your tire and component needs. They are also purveyors of car batteries in Tondo, so anything under the mechanical sun is available with them. 

Tires come and go, and a few years of driving will cause them to go bald. Once this wear and tear occurs and affects driving performance, it’s time for a change. The best shop for tires in Tondo, Manila, will help bring your grip back to life in no time. Since car mags and tires work hand in hand, there’s a need for a proper fit and compatibility. Fortunately, MV Angeles’ years of service allow them to deal with various clients and their needs. After all, car technologies evolve annually, so it’s good that they keep up with the times. 

The best course of action for worn tires is to change them through a garage specializing in wheel components. Your tires dictate the safety of your ride, and it’s a standard recommendation that you run routine checks each month. If you notice that your car isn’t handling braking well, you know where to buy wheels in Manila. You can find MV Angeles Trading & Tire Supply at 2460 Abad Santos Ave., Tondo, Manila. Additionally, check their Facebook page or call them at +63 2 254 9680 for more information on their operations during COVID-19 times. 

E. Rosales Tire Supply and Vulcanizing Shop

Tire and wheel shops are endless in the Philippines. Filipinos love their cars so much that they invest tons of resources into ensuring that they run well. In fact, one of the fan-favorite mods that anyone can do to beautify their car is new car mags and tires. Basically, new car mags cannot function without a brand new set of rubbers to go along with them. The aesthetic appeal a new wheelset can bring to a car makes the purchase worth the money. With E. Rosales Tire Supply and Vulcanizing Shop, this is where to have flat tires vulcanized in Antipolo. 

This car mags and tires shop is also one of the best vulcanizing shops in Antipolo. The east is home to tons of garages, and it’s always a pleasant drive provided traffic isn’t crawling. You get a good view of Metro Manila in some areas, which can be your post-repair journey. E, Rosales Tire Supply and Vulcanizing Shop looks like a humble garage upfront, but it hosts tons of various products. Whether you like the off-road or the luxurious aesthetic for your car, they likely have a set of mags and tires ready for purchasing. 

The technicians are also well-versed in car washing for a squeaky-clean ride. Not only will you drive out of the E. Rosales garage with a working set of wheels, but it’ll also look good! If you wish to visit the shop, you can find them at 1 Sumulong Highway, Mayamot, Antipolo. They have a two-car bay that services vehicles of all sizes. Give them a call at +63 961 725 6490 or check their social page before you take an adventure to the east, though!


Car mags and tires are crucial upgrades to a driver’s ride. People go around every day, and there’s always a possibility that flat tires will occur. Either that or some outgrow the stock look of their cars and want something new. Whether it’s to fix their tires or upgrade the vehicle’s aesthetics, these shops will bring something to the table. 


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