Car Interior Detailing Shops and More: The Best in Metro Manila’s Auto Industry


Northern Metro Manila is the place to be for almost anything automotive. Whether you need car interior detailing shops, mechanical repairs, or anything in between, you’ll likely find a matching business. Automotive repairs in Pasig are always a welcome sight because of the necessity of fixing wear and tear in vehicles. Additionally, if you’re looking for a detailing garage in Mandaluyong, there is also something that will fit the bill. Here are two affordable and top of the line businesses in both Mandaluyong and Pasig that you will love:

Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

Any cleaning service is in demand in 2021, with the pandemic on the rise. The nature of the virus is constantly evolving, and it’s definitely scary to be left without safety measures. One might argue that visiting a detailing garage in Mandaluyong is crucial for your car’s paint job and finish. However, not cleaning your interior will leave plenty of bacteria and viral loads floating around inside. It’s challenging to get sick in this day and age because of the lack of room in hospitals, so you’ll want to take the necessary precautions. Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is here to sanitize your car’s interior so that you don’t breathe in harmful particles that can give you COVID-19. 

Not many people invest in the services of car interior detailing shops. It might not have been as necessary pre-pandemic, but it’s become crucial with the risks of catching the virus today. In fact, the services of Busy Bee Cleaning Co. go all the way into home cleaning because of how people fear the virus’ transmission. Either way, whether you believe in the effects of COVID-19 or are still on the fence about it, a cleaner house or car is always a good thing. Besides, why risk it when all the tools and services are at your disposal already? 

You might think that Busy Bee Cleaning Co. only does sanitization for your car, but that isn’t the case. They do full-service interior detailing as one of the best car interior detailing shops in the Metro. The best part is that they can make their way to you, not the other way around. If you want detailing services from the comforts of your own home, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is who you want to be booking. 

Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop

Car parts come and go as a result of regular wear and tear due to use. Additionally, it pays to know that a car starts its wear process when it rolls out of the dealership. Not only do parts receive damage, but the exterior and interior also begin to deteriorate due to the harsh Philippine weather. Fortunately, car owners are never left alone, as many garages that do automotive repairs in Pasig and the north are ready to assist. If you’re looking for a garage that will take care of everything from mechanical repairs to exterior maintenance, Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop is ready for you. 

Automotive repairs in Pasig are a quick job for Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop. They serve various vehicles, starting from daily drivers to weekend cars. One way to know if a business knows the industry is when the luxury markets invest money into their services. In Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop’s case, they definitely do great work to restore cars to their best shape. Whether you need internal repairs or other car care services, this garage is one of your top options in Pasig. 

The north has many options for automotive businesses, but Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop is trustworthy and affordable to most. Additionally, If you need automotive repairs in Pasig, visit this garage at 52 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagong Ilog. They are ready to serve any vehicle that rolls into their bays, so contact them using their beepbeep.ph page for easy bookings. You may even call their landline directly at +63 917 146 8282 for quick access to their services list. 


Car interior detailing shops are just as crucial nowadays as garages that do mechanical repairs. In times of a pandemic, sanitization services and interior detailing is essential for safety. Busy Bee Cleaning Co. can visit you for quality interior detailing services. Additionally, Jim Auto Care & Machine Shop is ready to assist if you need a full-service garage. 


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