Car Check-up Essentials: 4 Breakthrough Upgrades for Your Car


When was your last car check-up? Has it been a month already, maybe half a month? Actually, have you used your car since the quarantines started? Crazy as it may seem, it’s already December of 2020. Time flew by incredibly fast! In a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll be counting down to 2021, hoping and begging that it be better than the year that preceded it. 

Now while we’re wishing for a better year ahead, we think it’s just fitting to ask: what’s going to change? Are we changing up some stuff as our calendars turn a new leaf? Perhaps more aptly, will our cars be levelling-up with us as we face a new year ahead? 

Well, if you’re looking to get your car repaired or upgraded in the coming year, you’ve come to the right place! Here are four services we think would level up your vehicle for 2021. Check out the list below!

Car Check-up wheels and tires red car mini cooper

Wheels and Tires

First on the list is something we think should be given a bit more love in our cars! We’ve spoken about wheels and tires before, and we think that they’re one of, if not the most crucial parts of our car. True, there are components that might be equally as important, but to us, your wheels and tires aren’t just there to get the car moving on the road. They’re there to keep you safe, too.

Why do we think so? Well, primarily because a bad tire or a dented wheel can lead to accidents on your drive. Notice some vibration in your car or finding it difficult to keep control when you steer? Get a car check-up as soon as possible. There might be something really bad with your wheels or tires, if not the whole suspension system. 

If you’re heading to 2021 with a refreshed outlook, getting those wheels and tires checked on is good, safe first step.

Car Check-up nissan engine preventive maintenance PMS

Mechanical Repairs

Don’t you just love it when something just works? We certainly do, given our knack for things that don’t kick up any fuss. In a car, we mostly owe it to the internals for keeping our cars running smoothly on the road. As usual for complex machines like modern autos, this means that they need to get serviced occasionally, every time you want to go for a car check-up.

One of the most common mechanical repairs or fixes you can do for your car is a simple oil change. Compared to wheels and tires, it’s this oil that keeps the gears and axles running without a hitch for long periods of time. What are the signs that you might need this done? There are a lot, but keep your eyes open for these signs:

  • Excess exhaust 
  • Louder than usual engine
  • Car vibrations while idle
  • Longer start-up times
turbo engine BMW power horsepower RPM speed


Okay, we admit that this is a wildcard. But if you really are taking things up a notch for next year and would want something more from your vehicle, then perhaps adding a turbocharger would make a huge difference. And no, we’re not just talking to the huge gearheads out there. Believe it or not, a turbocharger can help even the more ‘chill’ drivers among us. For a very compelling reason, too.

See, a turbocharger not only makes your car faster, but it also helps with its overall power or drive. How it works is that by using exhaust gases to turn a turbine faster, allowing more air to get pushed to the cylinders and therefore burn more fuel. By doing so, the overall strength of the engine gets multiplied, enabling the car to maximize its peak power.

We say it helps even casual drivers because Philippine roads can get a bit steep or rugged. Places like Antipolo, Taguig, or Baguio are some good examples of places that can give cars (especially those with smaller engines) a difficult time. Getting a bit of turbo on your next car check-up can help in making driving in these places easier, and dare we say, more confidently too.

car wash legit detailing wax carnauba ceramic coat

A Proper Car Wash

As the common saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. We can’t emphasize it more. A clean car brings a huge uplift to your overall demeanor when done right. After all, it’s good to come clean with our own shortcomings this year so that we can do much more for the year ahead. We believe the same thing goes for cars; if we want to have a better experience driving them, we gotta let some old bad habits die.

Our cars take a lot of abuse from the elements. Be it the sweltering heat of the sun or the torrential downpours we always experience in the Philippines, giving a bit of love to our car’s externals can go a long way in giving us better satisfaction when we take our wheels for a spin. Not only do they look impressive in others’ eyes, but it also gives us a bit of confidence for our jobs, too.

So do yourselves a favour: get it done properly. And while you’re at it, go the extra mile too. Giving it a wash at your own garage is fine, but take our word for it and get a full detailing job at a proper car wash. There are lots of new innovations in the field too like ceramic coating and internal detailing that really can bring your driving experience up a noticeable notch.

But wait, where can I get these done?

All of those are well and good, but you might be asking yourself if you know any good places to get all these services from, right? Well, don’t worry because we got you covered in that front too. We prepared a list of shops that do precisely all of the services outlined above. Take a look and see if they’re the right fit for your next car check-up!

For Wheels and Tires: 

joel tire supply and vulcanizing quezon city katipunan trusted noteworthy reliable

Joel Tire Supply and Vulcanizing

277 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

You know a business is going strong when it’s already in its third generation and shows no signs of slowing down. That’s exactly what Joel Tire Supply and Vulcanizing is doing, after being in the business for already 36 years now. Specializing in tires, they offer up a very impressive and streamlined car check-up services tailored to making anything tire-related fixed in a jiffy. From selling, installation, alignment, and vulcanizing, their 3 decades-worth of experience will surely make all of your visits to them worth the travel in QC. Joel might be an oldie — but it sure is a golden find for anyone who needs their services.

For Mechanical Repairs: 

motorserve servitek inc. new manila qc mechanical repair professional attendants servicemen mechanics Car Check-up

Motorserve Sertivek Inc. 

14 Manga Road, Aurora Blvd. Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City


Everyone needs a jack of all trades solution when it comes to their car check-up. Who has the time to visit so many destinations for your vehicle right? It’s this convenience that is always available perhaps in first-party casas and big shops, but is rarely done competently and with good pricing like Motoserve. Despite only being 3 years old, they’ve been at the forefront of making all of a car owner’s repair needs available right at their shop in New Manila. Being in an accessible neighborhood helps too, especially for those who’d just like their cars done without any fuss.

mcm autoworkz quezon city mechanical repair internal electronic electricCar Check-up

MCM Autoworkz 

198 Speaker Perez St., Del Monte Ave., Quezon City


MCM is your run of the mill do-it-all car shop, minus the cost-cutting. Dedicated to serving their customers in the utmost of their car check-up capabilities, this shop has been operating for 10 years now to motorists passing by their shop along Del Monte Ave. in QC. Like all jacks of trade, they do mechanical, suspension, aircon repairs all within their humble shop. What makes them such a gem in the rough is their extremely competitive service packages that despite being prices affordably, still feels so sulit because of how good of a job that they do. Don’t believe our word for it — give them a call or a visit and see what they’re actually capable of yourself.

For Turbochargers:

bert's turbo diesel pasig city pinagbuhatan Car Check-up

Bert’s Turbo Diesel

Block 8 Lot 38 Lawaan st., Phase 5 Greenwoods Executive Village, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City


Your stock engine feeling a bit too underpowered? Always seeing yourself at the back end of the highway even when there’s not much traffic ahead? Well, maybe a car check-up at Bert’s is what you need. Specializing in turbochargers in particular, this shop claims to make any experience with your car much more powerful and satisfying. They cater to a long list of turbo services like turbocharger repair/rebuilding, common rail diesel engine overhaul, and injector cleaning and repair, all of which give you that extra oomph riding off for your next long-haul trip. Give them a visit, maybe a bit of turbo in your life is all you need to complete the experience in the driver’s seat.

For a Proper Car Wash:

h2oto car wash premium car wash quezon city Car Check-up

H2Oto Wash

1 Scout Gandia St., cor. Mother Ignacia St., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City


What’s the difference between your usual sidewalk car wash and a dedicated one with lots more amenities and service-types? We can think of one thing: the attention to detail. Lots of car wash hubs out there claim to provide a cheap and fast wash for your vehicle, but which one of them really gives a deep clean that will stay with your car for months on end? That’s what H2Oto provides, and more. With comprehensive packages that seek to give your car a fresh feel inside and out, they’re definitely one to consider whatever your car type may be on your next car check-up.

wash n' wrap car wash detailing auto good value antipolo

Wash N’ Wrap 

11 C. Lawis Extension, San Isidro, Antipolo City


We all want some choices. For those looking for a good car wash, having the choice between a budget service and a high-end one is all we’re asking for from workshops and talyers. Wash N’ Wrap does precisely that, by allowing car owners of all needs and interests to have something they might be interested in when they go to their shop. From budget washovers to the more premium detailing jobs, they’ve got any car wash need you might have in the bag. Don’t think they do their job half-heartedly too, as their staff are very warm towards their customers. No one gets left behind at Wash N’ Wrap.

Need a Tow?

Cinco Auto Towing Services towing service mandaue cebu

Cinco Auto Towing Services

B. Suico St., Barangay Tingub, Mandaue City, Cebu


Getting to your destination with a broken-down vehicle can be a headache. You’ll want to go to a car shop for a car check-up but it’s just impossible given your car’s condition. How do you get there? Well, there’s pushing your car all the way to a garage, or do the easier choice: get a tow. Cinco Auto Towing provides an easy experience for anyone who needs their car brought to the nearest repair shop in Cebu. They quickly respond to calls and are fast to arrive at the requested location. Their fast response time coupled with affordable pricing is a great way to easily rid yourself of growing pains on the road.

A New Year Ahead

That’s it for our final blog of 2020! This year has been such a wild ride so far, with lots of unexpected turns that really caught us off-guard. Many of us have adapted, changed their overall habits, and even others, a new perspective of life. The new year brings us a new opportunity to make ourselves better as people.

So believe us when we say that we wish every one of you a stronger year ahead! While the road in front of us is still very much uncertain, it’s really our spirit to push forward and drive ahead that makes the journey worthwhile. 

And while you’re at it, make sure to check out the shops above so that you can level up your car on your next check-up, okay?

See you all next year!


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