Car Care 101: Shops That Can Breathe New Life Into Your Car


For good car care, it’s no secret that car repairs must be done regularly. This will not only help you to maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance but will also aid in the experience you get when you drive your vehicle. However, your own comfort in riding your car doesn’t just depend on its internals, but also the more nuanced aspects: like a car wash or better air conditioning.

That’s why we stand by the mantra that your car should be beautiful, inside and out. And we don’t just mean your usual car wash, but something more! Maybe a detailing job or a better aircon system? If a revamp is what you need, a new car to add in your garage perhaps?

This and many more ways to keep your driving experience feeling fresh every time you leave home! Read about the 6 shops we think can level-up your car-riding experience!

anne's auto detailing car wash wax restoration

Anne’s Auto Detailing

Lot 1 & 2 Lourdes corner, Magdalene Drive, Sta. Teresita Village, Malanday, Marikina City

Most people think that car wash and auto detailing are the same thing, when in fact, it’s not. To differentiate the two, a car wash cleans a vehicle topically, removing surface dirt and gunk that might have stuck onto your car. Auto detailing on the other hand does what you might call a “deep clean”, reaching into every nook and corner in the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Detailing effectively gets your car looking like it just came off the showroom.

Now, if your car needs some car care with a wash, auto detailing, and restoration work all at the same time — then there’s no place to be than Anne’s Auto Detailing.

Operating for more than 3 years already, Anne’s Auto Detailing started its business to provide jobs and a living for the people working in their store. From there, this automobile shop has grown to showcase its superb services to its customers. As a result, they have gained quite a following, with many customers earning their trust and loyalty over the years.

Some of their services and packages include the following:

  • Car, Motor, and Engine Wash
  • Wax
  • Asphalt Removal
  • Seat Cover Removal and Installation
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Car Painting and Body Works (Spot Repair)
  • Full Body Paint
  • Mags Painting
  • Bumper Alignment
  • Truck Painting & Restoration
Car Care before detailing pictures not shiny
after detailing picture anne's auto well done no scratches professional

Other Services

Apart from the given services above, they also offer collision repair and restoration packages. Whether your car needs minor bump fixes or major wreck repairs, they can definitely do the work done — making your car look shiny and new again. 

With lots of cars being affected by the recent floods they also started offering services to fix waterlogged vehicles. Their location in Marikina is quite handy, given that Marikina gets frequently hit by floods, as exemplified by the typhoon Ulysses just last month.

Check them out here to know more about them! You may also give them a call or text at 09178385799. They’re pretty quick in answering inquiries and quotations!

car trading purchasing second hand used cars good quality

BC Cars Trading & Auto Repair

130 Road 20, Project 8, Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila

When it comes to purchasing a car, there are a myriad of choices available to us — from the make and model of the car to its type, and perhaps most importantly, its condition. Most important perhaps is its price bracket. 

Your finances in the coming years are important after all, and that’s where you can decide if you’ll get a new or a used car. Installments on brand new cars can stack up quite a bit if you don’t choose the right financing, so a bit of planning and strategy really is required. Car care is important, but so is your wallet’s care, don’t you think?

If you choose to buy used vehicles however, then BC Cars Trading & Auto Repair offers a lot of flexibility for you not just in the price you have to pay but also match your budget with the perfect vehicle for you!

Car Care audi porsche ferrari bmw mercedes eurocar japanese car luxury car

Now in their 15th year in the business, BC Cars Trading & Auto Repair has been a top choice for car owners in terms of buying and selling good quality used cars. Whether you are looking for a simple sedan, a family SUV, or a luxury car — rest assured that BC Cars Trading & Auto Repair have it all for you!

Jack of All Trades

Aside from buying and selling vehicles, they also have other services — which includes the following:

  • Home Service Detailing
  • Professional Auto Interior Upholstery
  • Interior Restoration
  • Restoration Services
  • Collision Repairs
  • Paint, Upholstery, and Detailing
  • Retouching
  • Headlight Restoration and Cleaning

In addition, they can also help in your purchasing decision by offering:

  • Consignments
  • Car Financing Assistance (fast approval)
  • Indent Order
  • LTO Papers Processing
  • Customs Tax Facilitation

Moreover, they also offer help in getting an auto loan from banks and other financing companies. Now, that is what we call superb customer service!

Interested in visiting them soon? Check their store availability here! You may also call them at 0922 888 8828 for easier inquiries.

berovic aircon repair specialist freon manila jose abad santos

Berovic Car Air-Con Specialist

2102-2106 Jose Abad Santos corner Yuseco Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Whether it may be summertime or not, we always want our vehicle’s aircon to be fully functional — most especially here in the Philippines. Having said this, it is important to ensure that your car’s air conditioning gets some of that car care in order for it to maintain its cool functionality.

Given this, if you are on the hunt for a car shop that can thoroughly fix and clean your vehicle’s air conditioner — then Berovic Car Air-Con Specialist is your best bet!

Car Care internal aircon freon cooling warm broken repair

Experts in Air-Conditioning Services

More than 30 years in their business, what makes Berovic different from other car shops is their expertise in aircon repair and aircon parts, as well as car aircon and compressor cleaning. With this, you are sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning is in good hands. To reiterate, here are the full car aircon services that Berovic Car Air-Con Specialist offers:

  • Installation and Servicing
  • Compressor
  • Compressor Pulley Assembly
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator (Cooling Coil)
  • Hose Discharge
  • Hose Suction
  • Auxilliary Fan Assy.
  • Radiator Fan Assy.
  • Freon 134A

Aside from car air conditioning services, they also offer other package which are as follows:

  • Free Check-up and Estimate
  • Mechanical and Electronic Works
  • Sales
  • Auto Parts

All this while offering their high-quality packages at a very affordable rate! What are you waiting for? Check them here to learn more about their services! You can also message and call them at (0906) 452-5590 to book an appointment with them.

genki car logo spa quezon city car wash professional

Genki Car Spa

Maria Clara St, Sto.Domingo, Quezon City, 1119 Metro Manila

Maintaining a car entails a lot of work. This includes oil changes, brake tests, and spark plug replacements. But have you ever thought that detailing your vehicle is immensely important as well?

Most people perceive car detailing as something that just gives your car that extra shine. What most vehicle owners don’t know is that there are also a lot of benefits when you opt in detailing. Detailing can remove chemicals and contaminants stuck on the body, which can lead to paint damage over time. For the interior, good detailing work means that the leathers don’t crack too quickly after much use.

This is where Genki Car Spa comes into the picture.

Car Care genki car spa short wait time waiting lounge customers

Operating for over 18 years, they have been a go-to for car owners when it comes to vehicle interior and exterior detailing — mainly because of their efficiency and reliability. Another thing that they are known for is their excellent car wash and wax services. They always make sure that any vehicle that comes in their shop is well-taken care of, looking like it just came out of the casa when you first bought it. In fact, they are known to be one of the shops that do the proper preps before cleaning a car — which is evidently seen as more effective in making cars cleaner and lessens the risk of creating further damage by human error.

A Car Wash with You in Mind

In addition to this, they are also known as a car wash with short waiting times. This is because Genki Car Spa has more than enough staff to accommodate customers, which as a result, makes them a car shop that has no waiting customers. In fact, Genki has covered all the bases here by providing a neat little waiting area where you can pass time while your car gets the car care it deserves.

Moreover, you can also do a lot of things while they take diligent care of your vehicle. For one, there are a lot of nearby restaurants that you can eat. Also, you can also opt to stay to eat and drink coffee inside Genki Car Spa. What more can you ask for?

To learn more about the shop and the services that they offer, you can check them out here or call them at 0917 812 0916!

Car Care kintab mobile car wash anywhere metro manila at your doorstep service

Kintab Mobile Car Wash

NCR and Greater Manila Area

Now, we all know the importance of getting your car cleaned regularly and having maintenance check-ups by going to your trusted automobile shop. But, how about all your car care, specifically car wash needs going directly to you anytime and anywhere?

Car Care professional staff anywhere in metro manila car wash mobile

Since they deeply value the convenience of car owners, Kintab Mobile Car Wash was created just last year! Kintab, simply put, is a car wash on wheels. They do home service car washing, sanitation, and disinfection services with only the best quality products. They made sure that all their car groomers are trained to provide customers the best car cleaning service. After all, they are not known for their cleaning and sanitation services for nothing, right?

Services and Availability

Here is the list of Kintab Mobile Car Wash’s affordable services that they offer:

  • PaKINTAB Wash
  • PaKINTAB Wash with Sanitation
  • Steam Wash

Since they are a mobile car wash, they don’t have a physical store. Hence, here is the list of the areas that they can service:

  • Marikina
    • Conception I and II
    • Marikina Heights
    • Malanday
    • Fortune
    • Tumana
  • Antipolo
    • Cupang
    • Mayamot
    • Cainta
    • San Isidro
  • Makati
    • Bel-Air
    • Dasmariñas
    • Urdaneta
    • Forbes Park
  • Quezon City
    • West Avenue
    • Tomas Morato
    • E. Rodriguez
    • Granada & New Manila
  • Parañaque City
    • UPS 1 & 2
    • San Martin de Porres
    • Upper Bicutan
kintab car wash mobile anywhere in metro manila makati quezon city antipolo paranaque marikina

Want to have Kintab do your car cleaning for you? You can contact them via mobile at (0917) 193-6660 or message them here. If you want to learn more about them and what they do, you can visit their official website.

sofia's stop box premium car wash detailing fairview QC

Sofia’s Stopbox Premium Wash & Detailing

11 Pontiac Street, Fairview Park, Quezon City, Metro Manila

One of the reasons as to why a regular visit to your trusted and reliable car shop is important is to make sure that your car is working seamlessly at all times. Additionally, they are also handy as they can help you in a lot of things such as troubleshooting help, advanced repairs, and overall car maintenance.

Now if you’re looking for an automobile shop that offers premium car wash and detailing, then Sofia’s Stopbox Premium Wash & Detailing is your best bet.

riser car wash sofia's stopbox Car Care quezon city interior exterior waxing

Though they may be new in the automobile shop business, what they offer is indeed on an expert level already. They have a wide range of services like:

  • Complete Car Wash
  • Premium Wash and Wax
  • Body Cleaning and Underwash Steam
  • Waterless Engine Wash
  • Buffing Wax
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Paint Correction
  • Exterior Enhancement
  • Paint Services

Innovation in Car Wash Service

Apart from these, they also offer their customers and visitors sunshield, tire lotion, and wax carnauba for their vehicles — making their cars cleaner and more protected from the elements than ever. In addition, you will not have a hard time requesting these services as Sofia’s Stopbox Premium Wash & Detailing has professional staff to help and guide you all the way. They expressly ask you what services you need, find out when your last wash or detailing was, and recommend a service that fits your needs. Given all that, you are assured that you and your car will be well-taken care of.

Planning on scheduling an appointment? Check their shop’s availability here or send a message via mobile at (0917) 148-9832 to reserve a session today!

In summary

Keep in mind that your car deserves all the TLC that it needs. This is why finding a good car shop to give your vehicle that right amount of car care is essential these days. 

It’s not as simple as one might think too — while there are thousands of car shops and car washes all over the city, not all of them are so well-versed in proper techniques. Select the wrong one and you might be in for a world of hurt. But we hope that with these car shops’ affordable packages and professional services, you are ensured that you will not only have your vehicle well-taken care of, but hopefully, your money’s worth as well! 


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