5 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Car Wash in Manila


Let’s be honest here, when was the last time you got your car washed? Is it so covered with dust and convoluted with grime that you can hardly recognize it?

Don’t wait for your precious vehicle to completely deteriorate that you badly need to get a new paint job at the auto shop.

Take it to the best car wash in town near you!

Car wash retailers are one of the most in-demand and common car services in the Philippines.

Here are some things to consider when taking your vehicle to the car wash.

What are essential factors to consider when choosing a car wash?

  1. Location and Accommodation
  2. Package Services
  3. Proper Exterior Cleaning
  4. Proper Interior Cleaning
  5. Finding a Relationship Built On Trust

Car Wash Tip #1: Location and Accommodation

Location and Accommodation

First things first, location. It’s important to always consider what your life demands of you on a daily basis and where you need to be throughout.

It would be utterly ridiculous and absurd to choose a car wash in Quezon City if you reside all the way down in Laguna (unless, of course, you’re always in Quezon City for work).

Just like with any service you choose, accommodation is crucial.

You want to make sure that these people that you pay are people with a real assistive disposition and cater to your requests as a customer and potential regular.

Car Wash Tip #2: Package Services

Package Services

When you’re standing in line at Jollibee and you’ve got a hankering for not just one but numerous orders (sometimes that Chickenjoy needs a side of Jolly Spaghetti or Yum cheeseburger).

It would be the logical thing to order value meals to make sure you just aren’t throwing your money away.

It’s the same with taking your ride to a car wash. In most cases, car wash operations usually offer package deals when you take your car in for their services.

Whether it’s just the regulative good old “Wash, Vacuum” or a complete general cleaning with engine wash, it goes without saying that you need to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by getting the right package deal.

Car Wash Tip #3: Proper Exterior Cleaning

Proper Exterior Cleaning

This is definitely the meat and potatoes of the whole “car wash experience”.

It’s tempting to state that equipment is the most crucial factor that comes into play when washing a car, but it’s actually the applied method.

If your car wash doesn’t have a basic pressure washer, then you know something’s wrong and you’re probably being duped.

Next, soap must be evenly distributed and profusely wiped with an exclusively Kanebo Champois cloth in order to protect your car’s exterior from scratches.

If you have the means, it is highly encouraged that your car would be polished with wax as frequently as possible in order for it to maintain and protect its coating from the harsh tendencies of volatile weather.

If your car isn’t shimmering with a freshly minted glow, then you have the absolute right to be disappointed and take your business elsewhere.

The final step of any general wash procedure should be the application of tire block liquid. Sometimes servicemen tend to forget this step, so don’t forget to remind them!

Finally, be mindful and make sure to monitor servicemen when they’re working on your car. Keep a vigilant eye and make sure they aren’t breaking or damaging anything on your car.

Car Wash Tip #4: Proper Interior Cleaning

Proper Interior Cleaning

Nobody wants the inside of their car stinking and as revolting as an actual pigsty.

It is important that your vehicle’s interior should be regularly vacuumed and the carpet must be rid of even the most minute of dust mites. Germs breed in these when accumulated.

Every car has floor matting and its usually an initial step when you take your car in a car wash and these mats are taken out and hosed down.

Oh, and don’t forget to make sure that they are properly cleaned, most especially the spots where it’s hard to be reached!

Car Wash Tip #5: Finding a Relationship Built On Trust

Finding a Relationship Built On Trust

As corny as this segment’s title sounds, it really is true: you have to trust your car wash and their employees.

Just like with any auto shop or car service, you wouldn’t want just anybody poking in and out of your car.

Around here in the Philippines, it isn’t too taboo to assume that sometimes car wash employees tend to “take things”.

You don’t have to be a car nut exhibiting an obsessive fixation with your car in order to harness the maintenance of your car’s cleanliness.

Truth be told, this is an integral responsibility as a car owner. Spoil your car in its cleanliness like you would do with your own body.

Key Takeaway

Don’t have time to wash your car yourself? Don’t feel irresponsible about it, just go for a ride at the car wash!

There are a number of auto shops that will provide you a superb car wash service that your car needs!


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