Two of the Best Car Shops in Iloilo City for Our Visayas Readers


Many of the shops we feature are in Luzon for the time being. However, as time progresses, we pick up information on more garages in other Philippine regions. As we all know, Filipinos are into cars. Naturally, that means there will be automotive businesses all over the country. In the Visayas region, there are two new car shops in Iloilo tying in with beepbeep.ph. If you’re from the area, here are fantastic Iloilo City automotive services for your address book:

Dave Auto Paint

Visayas residents are not spared from the horrors of driving. There are times where drivers might find themselves in a tight spot or a problematic situation. That’s just how it is when you own a car anywhere in the world. The issue now is where to get car repairs in Iloilo City. While the casa will often charge exorbitant rates, Filipino craftsmanship is unparalleled. In fact, Filipinos can take pride in affordable rates for almost any service offered for the automotive industry. Not only are they affordable with Dave Auto Paint, but they’re also quality. When you finish up your car repairs in Iloilo, the vehicle you drive will look brand new. 

Dave Auto Paint typically deals with cars that need bodywork repairs and repainting. Over time, the Philippines’ climate wears down automotive paint. The result is an underwhelming shine that looks quite dull. Couple this with the many dings and marks, and you have a car that might not be for picky people. If you plan on selling a car, it’s crucial to fix all damages and invest in Iloilo City automotive services for a well-maintained machine. Trust us, the care that Filipinos place on their cars is almost always rewarded tenfold!

Car shops in Iloilo are starting to catch on, and not everyone knows how to find them. However, if you want affordable and quality bodyworks done for your vehicle, Dave Auto Paint is a great choice. You’ll find this fantastic garage along Benedicto St., Iloilo City Proper, Iloilo City. Bring your ride in today for a quick and quality finish. 

Fadriga Auto Repair Services

Car shops in Iloilo City are crucial to the daily lives of those who live there. The vehicles we drive are never invincible, and time wears down their components. There are so many times wherein people are unsure about the situation of their cars as they age. After all, not all vehicles age the same. Therefore, car repairs in Iloilo City are always going to be a need. In fact, garages in the south of the Philippines are often more affordable than those in the capital city. That’s not to say that they’re of less quality, as Fadriga Auto Repair Services is home to some of the best in the business. 

Fadriga Auto Repair Services is one of those car shops in Iloilo City with a full set of offerings. Not only do they offer car repairs in Iloilo, but they also provide electrical works, bodyworks, upholstery, and others. Their guarantee is your satisfaction, and they’ve been serving a chunk of Iloilo’s car scene for a long time. Every vehicle that rolls into their garage is well-cared for and given the proper pricing for the job. Now, if you want affordable services that scream “quality and satisfaction guaranteed,” Fadriga Auto Repair Services is for you. 

Their garage is located in Barangay Infante Molo, Iloilo City, in front of the Eco Oil gas station. Widely accessible to most, you won’t find a better shop to do car repairs in Iloilo City. Visayan residents will be glad to know that they have fantastic garages in their very own backyards, and Fadriga Auto Repair Services is one of the best. 


Too often, people associate quality only with the National Capital Region. However, this is usually because not many people stay informed about the business and automotive industry in the southern regions. While we cover a lot of Luzon garages, our ever-growing list of shops is starting to expose the smaller companies in the Visayas region. If you’re one of our readers from the area, you’ll be happy to know about these Iloilo City automotive services for your next repair job. 


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