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Batteries and tires have been a common sticking point for us here at beepbeep.ph. In fact, as we continue leading the charge for better convenience in car ownership, we’ve noticed a few things about them. First, that there’s always a motorist on the road who’ll need some sort of emergency assistance. And second, that it’s mostly because of a dead battery or a flat tire.

It’s no surprise then that battery brands and tire centers have stepped up a lot by providing fast deliveries of their products. Most noteworthy perhaps is Motolite, who has pioneered the delivery of batteries 24/7. Quite a feat when you realize that they’ve been doing so for more than a decade now

At the present though, the role of delivering these batteries and tires have fallen into the hands of smaller shops. We’ll explain why later, as we feature one of those notable independent shops: JRYG Autoparts in Pateros. 

Batteries and Tires the JRYG Way

We have a knack for things that don’t cause a lot of fuss. We’d like to think that with all the technology available in the world, the car ownership experience should be hassle-free. JRYG does that, and more. 

jryg autoparts batteries and tires in pateros shop facade

So who (or what) is JRYG? Let’s start first with what’s in a name. JRYG actually stands for the family members of its owners, which as you guessed it, run the business independently. While their branch in Pateros is fairly new, JRYG already has a long legacy, starting from the family’s first running as DSD Battery & Tires Supply in Makati. 

If you’re around Makati, Mandaluyong, or the southern parts of Manila, you’ve most likely encountered DSD Battery & Tires by name or the superior services they provide to customers in the area. With very fast delivery and no additional charges on top of the MSRP, many motorists have found them as one of the most reliable outlets to go for when needing a battery replacement.

That same quality of service carries over now to the family’s second outing as JRYG Autoshop in Pateros. 

First-Party Batteries at the Fairest Price

Like they do in their Makati branch, JRYG promises to price their products according to the MSRP and nothing more. This is the most important thing about JRYG as many battery retailers impose an added cost to cover their capital. Most of these retailers are simply buying their stocks from bigger distributors, after all.

Speaking of distributors, did we mention that JRYG is a partner distributor for Motolite? Yep. Apart from selling to end-users like you and me, they also provide the stocks for dozens of other retailers in the Metro! Here’s some of them, just to name a few:

  1. Quipp Trading in Taguig
  2. J&J The Dreamers General Merchandise in Taguig
  3. Garden of Memories in Pateros
  4. RP Battery Sales in Manila
  5. Oldreach Trading in QC
  6. MEG Car Aircon Services in Mandaluyong
  7. Ric-Car Tires and Batteries in Muntinlupa
  8. JYIN Trading in Pasay
  9. J.H. Car in Makati
  10. Yokohama Express Tires in Makati 

When we found out that such a humble shop was supplying all these retailers, we were quite surprised. A lot of these shops have become quite reputable for many motorists in Manila, so learning that they get their stocks from JRYG is a big plus on their part.

Their far-reaching availability goes beyond the traditional car batteries too! Apart from the usual lead-acid ones found in our cars, they also sell solar batteries, rechargeable lithium batteries, as well as industrial-class ones used for forklifts and other heavy equipment.

batteries tires and other car retail parts available in the jryg shop

What does all this mean for private car owners?

Simple: you get the best prices from JRYG. We’ve already mentioned that the prices at JRYG are exactly what Motolite charges at MSRP, but on top of that, they also provide additional discounts on a case-to-case basis.

As of writing this article, they’re also offering free radiator coolants to come with your order. That’s a nice way to sweeten the deal even further!

On-The-Clock Delivery for Batteries and Tires

The last and perhaps the most important thing we learned about JRYG after talking to them is their commitment to fast delivery. During our conversation, we asked Ms. Rowena, their manager, about the areas they cover for their delivery services. Without second thoughts, she replied, “anywhere in Metro Manila.”

motolite gold being sold by jryg as an official partner and distributor

And after thinking about it for a while, we realized maybe it’s not that wild of a claim. Being conveniently located at the centre of Metro Manila, their riders could freely go wherever they are needed by their customers, and at a fast pace too. We don’t know if this was planned or simply a coincidence, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a genius decision on their part.

Where JRYG is located if you were on an airplane high in the sky.

Because let’s face it: if your shop is all the way up North, or very much down there to the South, you will have difficulty serving customers who might request for your help at either ends of the sprawling metropolis. Placing your shop right at the center of the city lends you an advantage for delivery times over the competition.

And when it comes to emergencies like a drained battery, quickness is the name of the game.

Effectively, you get to solve your customers’ problems quickly and cost-effectively. That’s the perfect one-two punch, the competitive edge that JRYG inherently has.

What we think of JRYG Autoparts

Finding the right balance between providing quality service and the right price for it is tricky. Lots of shops make the mistake of focusing too much on one side, leaving their customers to deal with bad quality works or overly-high pricing. That’s why we’re quite happy to talk about JRYG because they can do both with minimal compromise.

What we see here is business at its most honest: straightforward prices paired with a great focus on quality. Visiting them will feel like a delight every time, as they really consider what you need and meet you halfway to find the best price for you. 

That’s why we highly recommend that you do check out JRYG Autoparts soon! You may give them a text or call right now at 0927 541 4301 to get a quote! You may also give them a visit in #52 M. Alameda Street, Brgy. San Roque, Pateros.


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