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Seiwa in Banawe is one of those gems in the rough that deserves more exposure. However, it’s difficult to stand out in Banawe. New car enthusiasts and veterans alike flock to this part of the city to find the best parts for their cars at competitive prices. It’s become a landmark of sorts, like how photographers have Hidalgo in Quiapo or how tech-geeks have Gilmore.

For this reason, numerous vendors have set up shop here to capture a part of the market. Understandably, finding which one has the best value and prices can be quite tricky for the unfamiliar.

That’s why we’d like to feature what we think is one of the best places to get those parts. Again, bring it up for Seiwa Automotive! Read more about them below:

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Seiwa = Genuine

If there’s something we’d like for you to remember after reading this article, it’s that Seiwa = Genuine Car Parts. They gets their parts from the most reliable sources, which means a few things for you:

  1. Compatibility. The parts you buy are guaranteed to fit on your vehicle. 
  2. Reliability. They have extensive warranty.
  3. Durability. The parts last longer.

Add that to the fact that they find the best price on the market for the parts you’re looking for, it’s always ‘gonna be a win for you. 

Talking about sourcing parts…

Seiwa finds the best prices for the parts you need

Think about it for a second: if you’re buying parts in Banawe, you’re looking for the best deals. The truth is, shops in Banawe always compete for the best prices vs. their competitors. In turn, for them to give you the best prices, they must find suppliers first that would allow them to undercut the competition.

What’s great about Seiwa is that they have a direct line with their suppliers, namely brands like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, and Chevrolet. 

With such a wide network, you can only imagine how good the prices would be! And that’s without special promos whatsoever.

Now if you’re looking for BIG deals:

sales deal lazada discount shopee discount seiwa genuine parts

They often give sales and discounts

Talk about making the deal EVEN sweeter, no? This, we think, is the shop’s special sauce, their pièce de resistance. Apart from offering the best prices on their products, they often come out with promos as well which coincides with Lazada and Shopee’s double-date sales (9.9, 11.11, 12.12, etc.)

And guess what, they’re in Lazada and Shopee too! They show their prices upfront vs. the traditional “PM for price” tactic sellers use online. As a customer, you get an immediate idea of the value of an item before buying it.

The best thing about being in Lazada and Shopee? They deliver items straight to you! After a few clicks, your order is brought right at your doorstep. Awesome.

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Seiwa is hands-on

We didn’t want to put this here because every car parts shop should provide this. However, it’s become a rarity nowadays, and we felt like we could shout them out for doing so.

A family business now in its 2nd generation of owners, they have made sure to connect with interested customers to gauge their understanding of their car and in turn support them should they need to.

One of their previous customers have mentioned how Seiwa messaged them personally to update them on the availability of the parts they needed. They even educated them about the part’s market price.

customer rare part satisfied good pricing

Doing that alone is already a big positive in our eyes and more reason for us to recommend them to others.

seiwa automotive parts banner poster quality genuine parts

Hassle-Free Car Parts Shop

It’s for the reasons above that we think that they’re among the best when it comes to authentic car parts. For a company now in its 30th year, they’ve stepped up their game first in the quality of their products, and secondly on the convenience side as well.

Out of all the shops in Banawe, it’s hard to find a shop that provides ready availability of stocks, the best prices in the market, guaranteed compatibility with your vehicles, and safe delivery to your home. And it’s our goal to find others like them who could provide the same, if not more.

To conclude, what are you waiting for? Check out Seiwa Automotive Supply, here at beepbeep.ph!


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