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Since its inception, one of beepbeep’s goals is to bring car owners closer to services that can cater to their specific needs. Aside from that, we also want to put a spotlight on reliable car shops that are worth a visit.

For this list, we compiled four auto shops in Metro Manila for owners looking for a place to make their car look good. These shops offer excellent car wash, detailing, paint, and upgrades installation services and have built a solid reputation in the car community. 

N2R Carwash

Clean and shiny red sports car

Specializes in: Car Wash, Interior and Exterior Detailing

Location: 410 P. Tuazon St. Proj. 4 Q.C., Quezon City

Contact number: 09258025060

If you want to make your car look good, the first thing to do is keep it clean and shiny. For this to happen, you need to have a go-to car wash that provides top-notch all-around car cleaning services. One place that fits the bill is N2R Carwash. Operating for more than eight years, the shop offers excellent car wash and external and internal detailing services. Here’s an impressive list of what it can offer:

  • Car wash
  • Headlight stain removal
  • Engine wash and detailing
  • Mirror glaze wax buffing
  • 3-step restoration buffing
  • Glass detailing
  • Interior detailing
  • Mags cleaning and detailing
  • Antibacterial interior cleaning

N2R’s clients, which include owners of sports cars, SUVs, bikes, cruisers, and even bicycles, speak volumes about the quality of its work. The shop also posts videos of its team hard at work often. In these videos, you’ll quickly see why N2R has so many satisfied customers and is looking forward to opening a new outlet soon.

SNY Customs

Mechanic building a car part

Specializes in: Custom Kits and Paint

Location: 27 Sgt Rivera 1115 Quezon City

Contact number: 09175448585

Another car shop that knows how to make your car look good is SNY Customs. The auto shop is well-known in Quezon City as it has been serving car owners in the area for more than two decades already. SNY’s customers swear by the quality of the shop’s works, which include custom molding, car parts, accessories and body kits installations, and all-terrain conversions.

SNY can install OEM TRD honeycomb grilles to SUVs, set up premium sound systems, and make vehicles ready for off-roading activities. The shop can also make your pickup more rugged, by installing roof racks, crossbars, and other accessories, as well as increasing your ride’s ground clearance. Additionally, SNY carries rooftop overlanding kits for drivers who want to go camping.

If you need more convincing about SNY’s works, just visit its Facebook account. You’ll see that it’s frequented by owners of SUVs, pickup trucks, sedans, and even luxury cars. All of which boast a finished project that looks amazing. 

Flash Point AutoHub

Customized blue car that looks good

Specializes in: Body Repair and Paint

Location: 588 Congressional Avenue Extension Quezon City

Contact number: 09178877973

Here’s another auto shop that’s guaranteed to make your car look good. Established by car enthusiasts who actively join car shows, FlashPoint AutoHub knows what’s what in the world of car kits, paint, and upgrades.

This shop is perfect if you want to fully customize your vehicle. For instance, say you want to change your car’s color or make it look fresh. FlashPoint can repaint your vehicle or give it a washover or a wrap to provide it with a shiny car show finish. Say you want aesthetic upgrades. The shop can install spoilers, bumpers, racing chin decals, and OEM body kits. 

Apart from offering these services, FlashPoint is a professional body repair shop. It can remove dents and scratches and make cars look brand new again. So, if you want a reliable auto shop for body repairs, painting, detailing, and customization, SNY Customs is an excellent shop to visit.


Specializes in: Muffler Installation Services

Location: 210 F. Blumentritt St., Barangay Kabayanan 1500 San Juan

Contact number: 09224102984

Mufflers and exhaust systems are an essential part of any vehicle as they help dissipate heat and minimize engine noise. While they’re crucial for engine performance, mufflers and exhaust tips, in particular, are also usually upgraded to make your car stand out on the road. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your exhaust system with premium products, Fremuff is the shop for you. With more than 11 years in operation, this shop has worked on Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Mustangs. It has also worked on custom full exhaust work on vintage cars like the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and has built custom-made buggies. 

Fremuff is proud that it has received certificates of appreciation from car groups like Civic FCbois and Yaris Philippines and is an official partner of VIP Productions, an events management company that holds car and motorbike shows in the country. These are certainly proof that Fremuff is a shop that can satisfy car enthusiasts. 

Find the Right Car Shop for You at BeepBeep

This list has covered auto shops in QC and San Juan that are guaranteed to make your car look good. While it’s a short list, it shines a spotlight on car shops that have built a reputation for satisfying car enthusiasts for years. 

However, if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can check out our blog, where we highlighted other car parts retailers and repair shops that are worthy of your time. You can also browse our auto service directory that boasts of over 14,000 listings to find the car shop that is right for you. 


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