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A well-oiled vehicle is a key to one that lasts decades and more. Many will say that taking care of your cars will always yield positive results tenfold, and it’s always true. Buying a new one isn’t always an option, which is why you’ll need various auto performance upgrade services in Manila. Regular maintenance and other performance upgrades are crucial to surviving Manila’s roads, so here are five garages in the Metro that will help you out:

Brake Booster Auto Services

Preventive maintenance services are always going to be in demand. Drivers always have to be mindful of any potential underlying issues with their mechanical components. This maintenance is where Brake Booster Auto Services can flex their offerings of PMS services and more. They even work on underchassis repairs for those who have damage or rusting. The Marikina-based garage specializes in all Korean car brands, so it doesn’t matter whether you own a Kia or a Hyundai. However, if you own any other car brand, they’ll still be able to perform routine PMS services at the fundamental level. 

Brake Booster Auto Services is a garage that does more than just the standard operating procedures. They further offer electrical diagnostics, air conditioning fixes, suspension and brake servicing, and more. Underchassis repairs in Manila are also the most arduous jobs, yet they offer them for most car models. Knowing how dangerous the Philippine weather conditions are, it’s vital to know where to get car preventive maintenance services. Additionally, many drivers fail to consider tune-ups when driving their cars, which often causes functionality issues as time progresses. 

This humble garage is owned by a man who has a passion for automobiles, and it shows in the satisfaction ratings from his clients. Brake Booster Auto Services technicians provide some of the best auto PMS services in Manila, among many others. Visit them at #5 Yale St. Provident Village, Jesus Dela Pena, 1800 Marikina. You can call them at +63 915 041 2434 if you want to learn more about their full range of services. 

Miller General Merchandise

The home to a significant chunk of Manila’s auto supply companies is in the north. However, if not in the mechanical heart of Banawe, there are tons of car performance garages in Quezon City. In fact, various roads lead to different parts of this area, which always gives car owners pleasant surprises. One of these fantastic all-around garages is Miller General Merchandise. This shop has been providing auto performance upgrade services and components at competitive rates with quality to match. In addition, your car will enjoy the amount of care the technicians put into their services, which is excellent considering how quickly they operate. 

Thanks to their great success as one of the premium car performance garages, Miller General Merchandise has two branches. Their Cubao branch is the main one, with wheel alignment and camber correction available for all kinds of cars. Not only do they have fantastic services, but their collection of tires and rims will surprise you. PMS jobs are a staple for their shop, and the fact that you can shop for other components is something you didn’t know you wanted. You’ll also appreciate them as one of the top shops for underchassis repairs in Manila. 

You can visit their main branch at 288 P. Tuazon Blvd. in Cubao, Quezon City, for their complete list of auto performance upgrade services. Call them at +63 28 421 7651 to learn more about what they can do for your car. Additionally, they have a smaller branch at 24-A Rodriguez Ave. Dela Paz, Pasig, if you’re closer to that area. Either way, both storefronts provide top-tier services for any vehicle that rolls into their garages. 

Janohan GM Car Care

Your car’s engine is one of the most crucial components. It acts as the heart of your vehicle and allows it to push forward with the power you need. However, an engine is more than just the fuel combustion that occurs. These things rely on the rest of the car to function correctly, as modern variants have tons of wiring and sensors in them. It’s also these same features that can brick a vehicle if something goes wrong. If you ever get caught with a broken engine, you’ll likely need an overhaul to restore it to working condition. However, not anyone can do these services, meaning specialized garages like Janohan GM Car Care are crucial for vehicle owners. 

Janohan GM Car Care does typical PMS services while servicing damaged engines and other problematic electrical issues. So whether you need quick servicing for a new oil filter, brand new fluids, or full-scale engine overhauls, look no further than with this garage. You don’t even need to bring your products because they have many products available on hand. Their products are genuine and will definitely allow your car to live long and without any hiccups. Additionally, they’re equipped with modern tools and servicing equipment, making their repairs and maintenance jobs a breeze. 

If you want to visit their garage, you can find them in Valenzuela City. Their address is 564 McArthur Highway, Malanday, 0144 Valenzuela. Any issues that require troubleshooting are quick for Janohan GM Car Care, and they’ll gladly take your car in for any servicing. Call them at +63 28 9225170 to learn more about what they offer to their clients. 

Lotzkie’s Auto Repair Shop

Manila’s scene of smaller car performance garages keeps the scene alive and thriving. Many people still rely on the services of these garages because of their affordable prices and quality work. In addition, Filipinos are naturally great technicians, which makes us trust in the abilities of those who put their hands on our cars. It’s these garages that keep the local economy booming, so this is good news for any driver that wishes to support the local industry. Lotzkie’s Auto Repair Shop is one small business that works very hard and is a trustworthy player in the industry. 

The technicians who work for Lotzkie’s Auto Repair Shop are not only talented at repairs, but they also learn how to insert some humor in their daily dealings. You’ll feel at home with the boys on their team, which is a good break from the prim and proper-ness of dealerships. Many clients appreciate the light approach to business that Lotzkie’s Auto Repair Shop gives, as their employees will always greet people with a big smile. Don’t let them fool you, though, as they service tons of different brands daily without failure. 

Visit 41 San Diego St. in Grace Park, 1400 Caloocan, to find a shop that will never fail you. The technicians that work there will make you feel welcome and at ease, which is what you’d expect from a Filipino garage. Trusting in the local industry is a great way to support the economy and find affordable rates that fit your budget. Call them at +63 929 897 8217 for more information on their daily scheduling and other services they can offer you. 

RBM Auto Repair Shop

Mechanical repairs are no easy feat, which is why you typically leave this to the professionals. Cars run on various moving parts under the bodyworks, with each piece contributing to the vehicle’s operation. While modern models are more reliable and highly durable, they aren’t invincible. If you experience damages to your car’s exterior or internal components, these are things that mechanics should check as soon as possible. Those in Malabon are lucky to have garages like RBM Auto Repair Shop nearby to assist. This small business has even bigger ambitions, and it’s great to see them put in the work when needed the most. 

The garage of RBM Auto Repair Shop hosts a single car at a time, but this is great because you know their focus is only in one place. They have the necessary sets of tools and nothing too flashy, which is how you know they prioritize true craftsmanship over being too flashy. They do plenty of mechanical repairs and auto performance upgrade services for various cars at affordable rates. Even things like ordering parts for engines and other more meticulous processes are part of their offerings, making them a great all-around garage. Never let their simple facade fool you, as they can offer the same quality of work as some of the other prominent garages out there. 

RBM Auto Repair Shop is located in Malabon, towards the north of Metro Manila. Their address is Lot 7/8 Block 40, LapuLapu Ave. Longos, Malabon. They also have a second garage along A. Mabini Street in Caloocan if you’re in that area. The garages are small and straightforward, but they don’t cut corners and help you with any mechanical issues you may experience. 


Auto performance upgrade services are crucial for Metro Manila’s drivers. They battle the harshest road and climate conditions to get to where they need to go. If you’re one of the many Manila-based drivers, you know the struggles of the daily journeys we have to go through. Encountering issues is a challenge and a setback, which is why you’ll want to know these shops for future reference. 


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