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Filipinos love their cars and vehicles a lot. In fact, you might hear local enthusiasts say that you can tell a lot about a person through their car. Many drivers tend to get lazy and leave cleaning their cars out of their weekly agendas. However, auto detailing services are an investment that can significantly improve how your ride looks. What might seem like an expensive job can save you a lot of time, and time is money. Here are four garages that do auto detailing and bodyworks in northern Metro Manila: 


Marikina is infamous for its flood zones due to the bodies of water in the area. The rainy season is fast approaching in the Philippines. It might be a good idea to have a local car exterior and interior detailing shop on standby. Not only are floodwaters filthy, but they also carry tons of bacteria that will ruin your car’s interior and components. If you live in Marikina, CarWorks is a garage you’ll want in your phonebook nowadays. Sans the flood risks, the roads we drive around in are dusty and dirty. Auto detailing services are a must-have and shine all year round because of this. 

CarWorks does the usual detailing job, along with a mix of other services. Many drivers go to them for affordable car bodyworks, which are essential after any accident. Others love to go to this garage for a paint job change. The technicians of CarWorks do fantastic work. They ensure that everything looks as if the car has just come out of the showroom. They also do fantastic metalworks for other enterprise vehicle projects, such as lining truck cabins with metal sheets. Anything that needs detailing and quality aesthetics is a sure deal with this incredible garage. 

You’ll be able to find CarWorks’ garage in Marikina, which is going to be an essential phonebook detail for residents. Their address is 442 J.P. Rizal Street, 1800 Marikina, and they will be able to service vehicles of any size. Call them at +63 915 292 0414 to discover any updates to their operating hours. 

Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services

Manila’s northern reaches are home to some of the finest car services and garages. Many know Banawe in the Quezon City area as the mechanical heart of Metro Manila. However, the surrounding cities have plenty to offer. You’ll definitely enjoy being an auto enthusiast if you live in the north. Whether you need mechanical repairs, auto detailing services, or more, there is always a shop that has your back. In fact, one of the top auto detailing garages that additionally do mechanical repairs is Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services. 

If you want repairs with car exterior and interior detailing, Auto Refined’s shop is your best bet. They are your “one-stop shop for all car maintenance needs,” and this statement is absolutely true. Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services has an almost endless list of offerings, and they do everything at affordable rates. In terms of auto detailing services, they don’t skimp out either, as they can do a complete clean. This cleaning job gets into the deepest crevices of your car, and the dirt removal will surprise you. If you think car washes are great, wait until you see what a complete auto detailing shop can do. 

If you’re planning to do everything in one go, Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services is your go-to shop. They have an excellent location and offer a multitude of services all in one area. Visit them at 101 Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, 1800 Marikina City, for the best experience possible. If you want to learn more about what they offer, it’s best to ring them up. Call +63 917 927 5990 before heading over. 

Pro Street Car Care

Going to the casa for bodyworks is a good idea if your vehicle is still under the warranty period. However, time definitely flies by. Eventually, your brand new car will already be a couple of years past its purchase date. By then, it’s likely a better idea to start going to various garages around the metro. A professional who has the right tools must do your car’s aesthetic detailing and paint jobs. Otherwise, your vehicle may end up looking worse than it rolled into the shop. If you want quality and affordable car bodyworks in San Juan, you’ll likely want to visit Pro Street Car Care. 

A spotless car is what you want, especially when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details. You’ll want to clean up messy paint jobs or nasty rain marks as soon as possible. This is vital if you plan to sell your vehicle eventually. Any well-maintained automobile will sell better than one that has seen better days. You’ll appreciate Pro Street Car Care’s assurance to ensure yours shines bright. With all the cleaning products and equipment available at their disposal, they will provide you quality services. 

If you’re driving around San Juan and want a deep clean and detailing job, visit Pro Street Car Care. You’ll find them at 826 F. Blumentritt Street, Kabayanan, San Juan. They’re typically ready to take action and start on auto detailing and bodyworks for a better-looking vehicle. Pro Street Car Care serves all kinds of cars from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Be sure to plan your visits accordingly. 


Many car enthusiasts enjoy kitting out their cars and dressing them up for events and gatherings. Nothing looks better than a car that has a great paint job and excellent bodywork. It’s never a great idea to show up to a meet or car show with a dirty car. Many enthusiasts will definitely eyeball things about the one driving it. You’ll want to be ready for any event that’ll have cameras around. This picture-perfect image is possible by visiting an auto detailing and bodyworks garage like U2Y’Z. This garage in Quezon City has given all kinds of vehicles an aesthetic boost, and it’s ready to serve you. 

U2Y’Z is known for their insane car show finishes. They offer fantastic paint job services that will make any vehicle stand out and create seamless bodywork finishes. If you plan to enter any event and want to win awards, you should visit U2Y’Z’s auto spa. Even if you don’t intend to enter a show and turn heads, your daily driver will thank you. Inside the garage is a car bay with fantastic lighting. This bay is for you to see just how brightly your prized possession will shine. Trust us, looking great in your freshly-detailed car is an incredible feeling.

Quezon City is full of great auto shops and garages, and you’ll find U2Y’Z on 21 Regalado Highway, Quezon City. Their shop has an amazingly lit bay to test out the shimmer and shine of a newly-detailed car. They also have other bays to service cars simultaneously. Any car body repairs, auto detailing, and paint jobs you need are their specialty. Additionally, they offer assistance with getting the right insurance policies for a safer journey on the road. Call them at +63 2 373 3438 to get more information about their range of services. 


Car aesthetics are something Filipinos take to heart. Everyone loves to take their car in for a good clean, especially knowing how dirty our city roads are. If you’re wondering where to go for damage repairs or other auto detailing services, look no further than with these four garages in the Metro. 


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