Auto Detailing Shops to Make Your Car Shine!


Filipinos place substantial importance on the cleanliness and presentability of their cars. This reason is why almost all auto detailing shops survive and thrive around the Metro.

Couple this with tons of pollution and a harsh climate, you then have demands for these services. Many poke fun at those who don’t give their vehicles tender loving care, and it’s for a good reason.

Car owners do not pay hundreds of thousands to have a ride looking like it has seen better days. In most cases, you’ll want to schedule visits to your local car wash or detailing shop for a slick-looking car.

Here are three of the best garages in and near Metro Manila to have your ride looking brand new:

Carl Wash Empire

Drivers from all over always appreciate a car wash near Metro Manila. You’ll never know when your car needs a dash of style. If you’re heading out of town and your car hits a puddle, the best car wash in Rizal can assist.

The roads leading up to Rizal are a trek for most Manila-based people. Fortunately, Carl Wash Empire offers an excellent premium car wash package in Taytay. At a price you cannot beat, there’s definitely something for everyone who chances upon this detailing garage. 

Their services include a 3-in-1 package with rain stain removal, a hydrophobic wax coating, and a premium wash service. This package is also affordable for all car sizes, and it doesn’t take that long to produce results.

Carl Wash Empire often runs promos for their offerings, with their recent New Year’s deal a great success. Furthermore, if you plan to keep going back repeatedly, they’ll give you a loyalty stamp card.

If you have your car washed enough, they’ll give you free services to pamper your ride. We don’t know if any car wash near Metro Manila can provide a deal as great as Carl Wash Empire!

Your car deserves only the best, and a premium car wash package in Rizal is the solution. The dedication of the Empire’s crew makes them unafraid to get their hands dirty when accommodating all kinds of cars.

Find them at #1 Meadow View Plain L. Wood Street, 1920 Taytay, Rizal. You can also call them at +63 995 159 1499 to see their operating hours during the current COVID-19 situation. Auto detailing shops and car wash garages are here to make your vehicle shine throughout the pandemic, but do stay safe!

Aerodynamix Enterprise

All drivers will have their days, and some days are more unfortunate than others. Whether a reckless driver swipes you or you back up into a hard object, these leave permanent marks.

The Filipinos love to say, “just use rubbing compound!” While it works in certain instances, some accidents cause deep dents or even holes in the sheet metal.

In these cases, there’s nothing much you can do except take your car to your local car body repair shop. 

Aerodynamix Enterprise is one place to go for car body repair in Pasig, perfect for people in the Metro. They offer a wide variety of services like body kit installations and paint jobs for car body repairs.

If you want your ride looking slick and brand new, look no further. The drive isn’t that far for most, and you get unparalleled services from the tradespeople. Those who need to upgrade to new trims or go for a new paint job will love this shop.

Body kit repairs and other modifications might be costly, but this is what car owners sign up for when they purchase a vehicle. You’ll definitely want your car looking fresh each time you head out, so why delay repairs for long? 

Those interested in keeping their daily drivers or weekend warriors looking great will love a visit to the Aerodynamix garage. Aerodynamix can do repairs or custom body kit installation in Pasig, Metro Manila with their great services.

With a well-designed pricing scheme and top-notch attention to detail, you can’t go wrong. You can find their great workshop at 612 Glorietta Street, corner C. Raymundo Ave, Caniogan, Pasig. Their landline is +63 2 414 5127, so you can reach them quicker. 

Ye’s Carwash

The summer season is fast approaching, which means roads will get dustier, and the heat will become an issue. Additionally, you have the rains showering on some days. These leave nasty rain marks, with the mud and grime from the roads sticking onto car paint jobs.

To keep your car from developing nasty stains and damages, you’ll want to visit your local auto detailing garages. These professionals have all the equipment and products to keep your vehicle looking spotless and brand new.

If that sounds good to you, you’ll want to visit the best auto detailing garage in Caloocan called Ye’s Carwash

Ye’s Carwash garage is a fantastic open-air wash that uses hand cleaning methods that won’t harm your vehicle. The shop technicians use non-abrasive materials to clean your vehicle and scrub to the deeper ends of the bodywork.

Additionally, it’s a fact that drive-through washes are not as good as hand washing. All sorts of vehicles find their way into Ye’s, and they all leave happily.

This business is one of the best auto detailing shops in Manila. Whether you’re driving an SUV or a sedan, you’ll receive the same treatment from the friendly and hardworking staff. 

Filipino car owners love the services of car wash and auto detailing in Metro Manila. It’s part of the local automotive culture to keep cars spotless because a clean car says a lot about its owner.

If your car looks like it has seen better days, take it for a deep cleanse. Visit Ye’s Carwash for auto detailing services at Block 5 Lot 33 Malapitan Rd. 1421 Saranay, Caloocan. You can even call them at +63 945 308 4212 for more information on their operating hours nowadays. 


Keeping your car spotless and looking fresh out of the dealership is one way to feel good about driving it. Many people appreciate a well-cleaned vehicle in and out.

Additionally, you’ll often attract “dust artists” that can ruin your paint if you keep it dirty. It’s always lovely to see the beautiful paint shine, especially if it’s one of the more premium paint job options you’ve chosen from the dealership.

Either way, if a deep clean won’t fix things, maybe a new paint job overhaul will do the trick! Visit your local auto detailing shops today to pamper your car.


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