Auto Customization 101: How to Express Yourself with Your Vehicle


Auto customization is a niche that only interests a specific group of people. Those who swear by it believe that it keeps their car unique from everyone else. The other side of the spectrum thinks it’s expensive and unnecessary. Some even believe that keeping their cars stock preserves the design language its manufacturers intended for it. 

While all these views are valid, one thing can’t be denied: customizing a car speaks volumes about its owner. Customizing a car shows the owner’s style, ideas, and interests without the need for words. In essence, it makes the vehicle an extension of the owner’s personality. /

So if you’re looking for ways to customize your vehicle to be uniquely you, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed down ways to fully-customize your vehicle and where to get it done. Read on for more!

auto customization car wrap luxury car shiny matte carbon fiber vinyl

Car Wraps

A car wrap is probably the easiest way to get into auto customization. It’s also the one that requires th least amount of commitment because you can decide to peel it off if you get tired of the design. If you’d like to dip your feet into the world of custom cars, it’s definitely the first one to look into.

There are various types of car wraps you can get. The first thing you gotta decide though is how large it’s going to be. Are you planning to wrap the whole kit or would you like to leave certain areas out? Next is the look/material. Usually, there’s a choice of finishes to go for, i.e. Matte, Glossy, Brushed, Print, Chrome, or Carbon. All of these portray different styles to match your personality.

With the advent of print wraps, the possibilities for auto customization are basically endless. Owners can design their wraps to the smallest detail. With a bit more of time (and money as well), one can really own the look of their auto. 

One shop we recommend that’s great at auto wraps is Auto Wrap PH in Biñan. With over 4 years in the business now, they’ve proven that they are more than capable of the job. They cater to a wide array of styles and designs that would surely satisfy any customer who comes by their shop. They also post a lot of their works on their Facebook page, all of which look astonishingly well-made. All this and more are why we recommend them if you want to get into auto customization.

leather seats heated upholstery luxury premium comfortable

Car Seats and Covers

Who’s to say that auto customization is limited to a car’s externals, right? After all, it’s the car’s seats that we physically touch whenever we use our vehicles. If it’s comfort on the line, then it’s probably worth splurging a bit of money into, if you get our drift. 

Now let’s start with the less expensive option in this department: custom seat covers. Compared to buying a whole set of new car seats, seat covers are specifically made to replace the ones that come stock with your car. Like wraps, the main decision here is choosing which material you’d go for. Nowadays, there are tons of options, from leather, canvas, neoprene, and even velour. All of which differ in comfort, durability, and price.

The bigger investment would be the actual seats themselves. Let’s admit: stock seats are a pain (literally) to live with. They’re not built for any one individual. It’s a one-size-fits-all design. So if you feel really uncomfortable about the stock seats, you really have no choice but to go for an alternative that fits you better. Might as well too, if you want the full auto customization experience.

This is where these two shops called Seat Zone, (of different owners, mind you!) come into the mix! JCJ Seat Zone General Upholstery in QC and Seat Zone Car Care Center in Tarlac have what it takes for those who need custom seats and covers. Let’s first talk about JCJ in QC.

Operating for 5 years now, JCJ has been offering upholstery services to a wide variety of customers. Interestingly, they don’t just do work for car interiors. Some of their clients also commission them to make sofas, carpets, and office chairs, all made inside their workshop. Their work in car seats and seat covers has been the focus of their shop though, offering distinct choices for those doing auto customization. 

They offer racing-style seats, ergonomic designs, and even luxurious implementations to cater to anything a client might look for. They’re one of the few options available in QC that’s worth a visit if ever you’re nearby.

Seat Zone Car Care Center in Tarlac on the other hand is an even more established upholstery shop. With 13 good years under their belt, they’ve definitely come a long way from where they are now. Compared to JCJ in QC, Seat Zone pride themselves more in creating top-quality seat covers, specifically those made out of leather.

What’s more is that apart from crafting seat covers and installing them to your seats, they are also capable of doing a deep clean of your car’s interior. Apart from upholstery works, they also do interior detailing, making sure that every nook, corner, and inch inside your vehicle is clean and looking fresh. Combine all that with their friendly price and you’ve got a winner, especially if you’re near Tarlac.

car paint shiny primer customization automotive vehicle spray

Detailing, Ceramic Coating, and Paint

Now that the interior of the vehicle’s all decorated and comfy, let’s do some final touches to wrap up the auto customization process. And well, what better way to do it than getting a car wash / detailing job right? While that might be the natural final step, we’d like to recommend some extras to really take your car to the next level.

First is getting a ceramic coat. Now while ceramic coating is usually colorless and doesn’t add anything to your vehicle apart from some extra shine, it does protect your vehicle from the elements that can make your car looking dirty again. Definitely handy if you’ve just done extensive auto customization i.e. new body kits, upgraded chassis, or even just a paintjob.

Speaking of paintjobs, what better way to commit to customizing your vehicle than getting a new paint finish applied? Compared to a car wrap, paintjobs are more committal. It’s harder to remove or repaint, as a new finishes goes on top of the original coat applied. However, it also has its upsides. If done properly with quality materials, a car’s paint can last without fading or getting stripped throughout its lifetime. 

The shops we recommend to do a great job at detailing and painting your car are Jass Carwash and Detailing in Biñan and CleanLab Auto Detailing in Las Piñas.

Now nothing says brand-new than a shiny car— and nothing comes close to getting that than a well-done detailing job. Jass Carwash and Detailing promises that for their customers in a decade of operation. With seasoned staff adept at car wash and detailing, a visit at Jass is as worry-free an experience you can get.

On the other hand, CleanLab knows that a good wash can easily become a waste when rain suddenly pours. Their idea: protecting your car from the elements with ceramic coating. This, along with their expertise in detailing are available at CleanLab’s shop in Las Piñas. With 10 years of service on their CV, they’re one of the best places to finish your auto customization journey on.

car stickers auto customization bumper rear

Auto customization IS part of owning a car.

Believe it or not, auto customization is something every car owner does for their vehicle. While there are purists who want to keep everything to stock configurations, there’s always something — no matter how small — tthat makes a car indentifiably your own.

Whether it be a full audio setup, different window tint, or a small window sticker, there’s lots of ways to customize your car. Some won’t admit it, but no matter how purist they are, there’s always something in a vehicle that’s different from everybody else who owns the same model as yours.

So don’t stress it; get out there and make your car your very own! Check out beepbeep.ph for more of these shops in the Metro and across the country.


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