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Auto bodyworks and repairs are crucial aspects of being a car owner in the Philippines. Filipino drivers love to spice up their rides with new parts and accessories as tradition. However, no matter how much of a showroom finish you have, you can’t hide your car from the roads forever. Vehicles are to be driven, and a garage queen ride is something not everyone can afford to keep. Sometimes, we do get unlucky and into contact with other drivers on the road, and this is where Cebu collision repair shops shine:

Fibro Workz

Cebuanos are known for being akin to Metro Manila in many ways. The traffic, the city life, and the noise are something Cebuanos experience, just like the Manileños. As you might expect, the car culture is similar as well! Nothing speaks of a bespoke vehicle like premium body kits for cars, as this turns heads no matter where you are. Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive on four wheels, you’ll definitely want to visit Fibro Workz in Mandaue. It’s surprising to know they do more than just bodykits, as they are a known shop for other services as well. 

If you’re wondering where to get car bodyworks done in Cebu, this is the place to be going. You’ll have fantastic fiberglass parts made to spec, in addition to excellent installation services. They also sell various accessories, such as dashcams and stereo units, for a sweeter ride. Additionally, they can do the essential PMS services just like most car garages can do. If you want a one-stop-shop that has everything from aesthetic parts to accessories, Fibro Workz has your back. 

Those curious to see what the garage has to offer can take a trip to Mandaue. Their address is 810 ML Quezon, Cabancalan, Mandaue City in Cebu. They have a small but efficient space that has great technicians ready to serve various car owners. Fibro Workz does almost everything in terms of aesthetic restoration and installation of products. You’ll enjoy affordable services that are quality. Whether it’s for bodyworks or things like audio upgrades, call them at +63 922 879 9777 for an appointment today! 

Top Auto Shop

As part and parcel of driving in the Philippines, you’ll have to deal with all sorts of crazy license holders. Everyone knows the frustrations of seeing someone who shouldn’t be holding a driver’s license, let alone be behind the wheel. However, there’s nothing we can do about it except expect and prepare for the worst. Auto bodyworks and repairs are essential garage services nowadays due to the risk of nasty road occurrences. In these cases, you’ll want the help of Cebu collision repair shops for a restoration job. Top Auto Shop in Talisay City, Cebu, is an excellent place for repairs and painting services. 

A car with damages from an accident is an eyesore. Nobody wants to be driving a car that looks like it has seen better days. In these cases, you’ll want to fix and repair any dents, scratches, or chips through auto bodyworks and repairs ASAP. Everyone loves to see a well-kept vehicle, as it looks like the owner takes pride in their prized ride. Top Auto Shop does full-scale detailing services along with collision repairs. Whether you need painting or body panel fixing, they can do all these with ease. 

If you’re wondering where to get bodyworks done in Cebu, you’ll find Top Auto Shop in Talisay. Their garage is located at 1 1st Street, 6045 Talisay. You’ll find them servicing various vehicles and even doing full-scale interior detailing. Everything you might need to have a car looking brand new is possible with their services. Call them at +63 905 562 2421 to learn more about their incredible offerings. 

Home Service Cebu Auto Mechanic

Many people dislike maintenance times for their cars due to the long wait times they often experience. If you own a car, you know how much of a hassle it can sometimes be to bring your vehicle in for servicing. Especially now during the pandemic, wherein there are increasing risks of infection. The best way to go about this is to invest in home-based solutions, and this is where Home Service Cebu Auto Mechanic shines. They do what their name spells out: mechanical repairs and PMS services from the safety of your home. Here’s more that you need to know about this incredible mobile repair detail:

Hitting a pothole is normal on Cebu roads, and going on rough passages and shaking something loose often happens. Asides from the arduous body repair processes that may be necessary, it’s crucial to know if there are internal damages. Their technicians will be able to reach you in most areas of Basak San Nicolas, making them a vital aspect of any driver’s phonebook. Home Service Cebu Auto Mechanic takes pride in its abilities to service all kinds of vehicles while its clients stay safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Home Service Cebu Auto Mechanic

Their address is 285 L. Gabuya St. Tagunol, Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City. However, they do travel across Cebu to rescue cars that encounter issues, so you’ll have no trouble as long as you have them on your phonebook. You can call them at +63 935 608 0074 in case your car breaks down, or you require a PMS service schedule for your sweet ride. 


Getting auto bodyworks and repairs is a requirement in the Philippines. No matter where you go, you’ll always run into horrible drivers. In these cases, it’s always great to prepare for the worst and ensure you have the correct phonebook numbers. Find fantastic repair services in Cebu by visiting these shops. 


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