6 Important Procedures Every Car Owner Should Do


Having a vehicle of your own entails a lot of effort, specifically in maintaining to keep it in excellent condition. For this reason, having your car serviced is indeed an important task for car owners — especially when a vehicle is used daily. Though it can be tempting to ignore any type of car maintenance, this should not be the case as it is always better to have preventive maintenance than to wait for your vehicle to be damaged.

This being said, here are 6 of the most important car procedures to ensure that your vehicle’s state is always in tip-top condition. (See also: Be an Awesome Car Owner in 2020)

Read and be acquainted with your car owner’s manual

Familiarizing yourself with your owner’s manual is one of the first things that any car owner should do. Following the owner’s manual will definitely help in determining which car servicing you need to avail of first— from changing your oil every 3,000 miles to altering your filters and timing belts. Simply put, you will never go wrong when you read and understand your manual just to make sure that you know what you are doing.

Do your own car inspection

After checking out your owner’s manual, the next thing to do is to inspect the vehicle yourself. This will greatly help you in catching anything that looks wrong with your vehicle so that you don’t encounter unwanted problems on the road. You can start by making sure that all your lights are working, checking the air pressure in your tires, listening if there are any strange sounds inside and out, and ensuring that all your tires have enough treads in them. By doing this, you can determine if there are some minor and major car repairs to be done.

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Change your oil and oil filter at the right time

It is no great secret that oil is your engine’s lifeblood. This is because it serves as lubricant that intactly keeps your engine’s gears from grinding against each other which can lead to engine failure.

With this in mind, it is very important to change your oil on a regular basis. This will immensely aid in preventing any engine damage. In addition, always make sure that you check your oil’s color and oil level. Know the difference between clean oil and muddy oil as this will save you a lot of unnecessary changes and give you an idea if something is wrong with your engine.

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Don’t forget to check your car fluids, too!

Aside from your vehicle’s motor oil, there are also other fluids that you should keep in mind. It is essential that you check your vehicle’s brake, coolant, transmission, and washer fluids. Similar to motor oil, you can examine these fluids by removing their corresponding covers. This will give you a clearer view of the fluid’s condition, which in turn, makes it easier to know if they need replacing.

However, take note that you should never remove the radiator cap in order to check the coolant as this can get you scalded by it. Instead, it is recommended that you check its fluid levels by means of its transparent refill container. But if you want to make sure that your car fluids are properly checked and taken care of, you can always seek the help of professional car shops.

Make sure your car belts and hoses are in tip-top condition

Another vehicle component that you should always keep in check is your vehicle’s belts and hoses. Always keep it a point that these are in great condition to avoid major problems in your car’s overall state. Carefully check if these hoses are connected properly and see if it has cracks or bulges. If the hoses are separated or have damage, get them replaced immediately.

On the other hand, keep your belts in check too. Your car’s belts play an integral part in your car’s overall performance as this is critical to the operation of the engine. If your belts are already cracking, glazing, and showing signs of material loss, then it is about time to buy new ones. Don’t wait until they are completely damaged as it can impair other parts of  your car, which can make your vehicle repair more expensive. For problems encountered with your vehicle, make sure to have it checked by your trusted auto repair shops.

Check your tires monthly

Ensuring that your tires are in tip-top shape is another car procedure that every car owner must do. Remember that your vehicle’s tires should be properly inflated in order for them to operate properly and to prevent unexpected blowout while on the road. In addition, make it a point that you are knowledgeable on how to add air to your tires and know their correct tire pressure. If not, then you can always read it in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s door jamb. However, if you are unable to do these things, then you can always visit an auto repair shop and let the professionals do all the work. Additionally, make sure that your spare tires are also good and have the enough pressure in them.

Key Takeaway

Having your vehicle regularly checked and properly maintained is indeed a vital practice that any car owner should be aware of. Being knowledgeable with these procedures — from reading the manual, a basic inspection of your vehicle to checking your car’s fluids and tires on a regular basis, will not only help in maintaining your vehicle but will also help you save a lot of money from pricey car expenditures in the long run.


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