5 Unique Christmas Party Ideas for 2019


Christmas parties are inevitable during the holidays — for good reason too! We Filipinos are at our happiest during Christmas, and it’s only fitting that we celebrate it with other people. However, the question remains: how do you keep this year’s Christmas party fresh and more enjoyable than previous ones?

If you’re in need of new ideas you can use, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve come up with 5 ideas to spice up your Christmas party this year.

video game contest christmas party with friends family coworkers

1. Video Game Night

Bring a bit of action to your Christmas party by organizing a small video game contest between your friends / coworkers! Assemble teams that will fight off against each other in a bid to win a big prize (and of course, some bragging rights!). The setup’s simple: bring a game console, some controllers, a TV screen, a couple of attractive prizes, and you’re set!

What video games do we recommend for parties? For team-based games, try out Rocket League, Forza Horizon, or NBA 2K19! Try out Mario Kart as well if you want something anyone can enjoy.

diy christmas tree decors for employees offices contest competition

2. DIY Christmas Tree Contest

This one might be a hit if you’re holding a Christmas party in your office. Assemble your coworkers into teams of 3 or 4 and get them to make the best Christmas tree. Here’s the catch though: they can’t use new materials! The only materials allowed are recycled items or previously-used components. The group who made the best-looking tree can then get a prize for their valuable efforts.

photo booth memories christmas party

3. Christmas Party Photo Booth

At first glance, photo booths seem like they’re for big events only i.e. weddings, debuts, or conventions. Imagine how fitting they would be though if you had them at your next Christmas party! Apart from giving you memories to look back to, it’s also a good way to gather up everyone in the same place, all doing memorably wacky poses. It’s not that hard to get a supplier in Manila too, so that’s a plus.

night out with friends eat restaurant drink liquor food picnic outdoors

4. Outdoor Party

Why not take your Christmas party outside? You can go picnicking in Circuit Makati or go on a food trip in Maginhawa, and various other spots in the city. Now you might ask: wait, won’t that be more expensive than just holding it in our office or apartment? Well, it is if you need to book a ride every time you need to go somewhere. Thankfully though, there’s Driver on Demand!

driver on demand personal driver multi stop family driver chauffeur

Our Driver on Demand service lets you hire a driver for 8 hours for just P1,295! It’s also multi-stop, so you can ask your driver to bring you anywhere without the additional cost or effort. Super sulit if you’re going on an adventure with your friends or workmates!

pet dog costume christmas party contest owner

5. Pet Costume Party

Our last entry is probably the cutest idea we’ve ever thought of. It’s a “Bring Your Pet to Work” activity, Christmas-themed! Have your friends or officemates bring their pets to the party wearing the same outfit their owners are wearing. Cute, ‘di ba?! You can even take it to the next level by having a fashion runway for them to walk in!

And that’s it for our list! Have any brilliant ideas to share? Comment them on our Facebook post or our comments section below! May you have an awesome party ahead. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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