5 Tips to Becoming an Awesome Supermom


Being a supermom can be quite a task! We do so much; we prepare our kids’ baon early in the morning, we do the laundry before noon, and just when we think the day’s over, there are still some dishes to clean. There are so many types of supermoms among us, but one thing’s for sure: there’s no backing out from the busiest job in the world.

But don’t fret! Read our 5 tips to becoming a better supermom below:

Mom writing down her plans for the day on a notebook.
It helps to write your plans down on paper.

1. Have a system in place

Drowning in house chores isn’t a great position to be in. Our tip: write down your plans for the day so that you have control over your time and energy. Lock down specific hours of the day for specific tasks— and stick to them! This way, you’ll be guided on what you need to do, instead of going at them blindly.

Laundry neatly folded after a day of work by a supermom
Repeat after us: no do-overs!

2. 100% effort = 0% Do-overs

To be efficient, it’s important to do your tasks well so that you don’t waste any time. That’s why our next tip is important: put 100% effort into what you’re doing so that you won’t have to repeat it. Use a one-touch principle; do things well the first time so that you won’t have to touch them again. Your body (and mind!) will thank you for it.

Mom taking a break from household chores and drinking some coffee.
We all deserve a break or two.

3. It’s okay to take a break

As a mom, you shouldn’t feel bad when you take a break from mommy duties! If our goal is to give 100%, we should have the energy to do it. Take little breaks within the day; watch one episode of your favorite TV show or pour out some coffee. You’ll be amazed by how much more you can finish compared to doing things in one go

Helper or babysitter pushing the crib of the mom's son on the sidewalk.
If only we had a clone so that we can do more in a day.

4. Get someone to help out

Asking help from others doesn’t mean we’ve failed as moms. Quite the opposite; we ask for help so that we can do more. Let’s be honest: we can’t pick up our kids if we’re too busy doing laundry. We can’t look for delicious dinner recipes if we’re stuck in traffic.

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Mom with her daughter beside her, smiling.
Keep the ones that matter in mind.

5. Never forget your Ikigai

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work we do. It gets so bad at times that we lose sight of our biggest motivations in life. That’s why our last tip is to always remind yourself of your “reason for being” or in Japanese, your Ikigai. By putting your family at the center of the picture, you’ll be inspired to do more for them.

There are many more tips for supermoms that our list can cover, but with enough drive and effort, anything is possible. Keep fighting the good fight, mommies!

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