5 Things To Know Before Buying A Second-Hand Car


First things first– buying a second-hand car will be more challenging compared to brand new vehicle. But take note that the rewards can be significant! Cars depreciate fast during their first years, meaning they could be as much as 25% cheaper.

It’s really about finding a good deal, so here are things to know before buying a second-hand car:

1. Higher mileage means more parts will need replacing

Odometer - milage

Car parts start wearing out more or less at the 70,000km mark. It can begin from inexpensive parts but could steadily get bigger. Get a copy of the car’s routine maintenance log to know its history.

2. Get ready for repairs and replacements

shock absorber

While your aim is to stay within your budget, remember you can’t be cheap. Replace all parts that need restoring and fix those that need repairing. It’s more economical if you get things done right away to prevent a domino-like effect that can cost you a fortune.

3. Don’t skip the test drive

test drive

Just like with buying a new vehicle, a test drive is essential in the buying process. It protects you from buyer’s remorse, because it’s the time you can have a feel of the car and inspect its parts. Test drives also give you a good indicator of its roadworthiness. 

4. Let a professional mechanic have a look

car inspection

Another thing to know before buying a second-hand car is to let a mechanic check the vehicle before finalizing the deal. Doing this lets you save money in the long run by ensuring everything is in place and in fair condition.

5. Purchase from trusted car dealers

buying a second-hand car: contact ugarte cars manila

Reach out to trusted car dealers like Ugarte Cars Manila. They will help you look for your ideal vehicle, from sedans to vans. Check out their shop conveniently located in Quezon City when you’re planning to buy a second-hand car.

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Important note

With all the things to know before buying a second-hand car, don’t forget to ask experts for advice. They will help you find a good quality unit that’s within your budget and preference.

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