5 Shops for Car Bodyworks in Manila Done Right


The weather right now is shifty, and this can mean plenty of things for drivers. During hot days, some cars can receive aesthetic damages from the heat as paint jobs age. However, the rainy season poses some threats to drivers due to unfavorable conditions. While you may drive safe and be aware of your surroundings, those around you may not be doing the same. Bodywork damages often occur this time around due to slippery roads, and these can put a dent in aesthetics and performance. These reasons are why you’ll want to know where to get services for car bodyworks in Manila. Here are five shops you’ll want to be aware of as the rains and sun continue to make passes during this season:

KRT Garage

Caloocan has plenty of car garages in the area. Northerners of Metro Manila love their cars, and this is typically why people put up shops locally. While you’ll find tons of places that service vehicles for periodic maintenance and sell accessories, very few can do auto exterior care services well. Whether it’s car bodyworks or automotive painting services in Manila, these take a particular set of workers to conduct correctly. The whole process is arduous, and it workers cannot do this in the open due to the required drying conditions. KRT Garage in Caloocan is one of the premium places for car bodyworks in Manila. 

It doesn’t matter whether the paint looks terrible or there are dings in the bodyworks of your car; any aesthetic damage is an eyesore. Your vehicle was likely one of your purchases meant to last and allow you to enjoy driving a personal unit. In these cases, you’ll want to take care of it as much as possible. Auto exterior care services are fantastic ways to ensure that your car’s body panels look good and fresh. Additionally, a new paint job can be an incredible way to breathe life into an older vehicle. Not all hope is lost for car owners with older models, as affordable paint and bodywork services are always available. 

KRT Garage is your best option for auto body shops in Caloocan. They do tons of work for various models and even motorcycles. Anything aesthetics and paint-related is something they do well, as they have the tools readily available. Visit their great garage at 967 Captain Samano, Brgy. 174, 1422 Caloocan. They’re usually open in the morning until six in the evening, but you can call them at +63 918 807 8206 for more information. 

John Joseph Auto Shop

2021 is the year of dynamic auto shops. While many garages take on a single specialization, it’s only necessary that each knows the inner workings of a car. Even for shops that just do auto exterior care services, it’s crucial to understand how each part fits and runs. Otherwise, putting it back together will be a challenge for the mechanics after painting or chassis repairs. If you’re looking for a business that does this well and can care for your car, John Joseph Auto Shop is the right place. They do plenty of work, from PMS jobs to car bodyworks in Manila. 

This passion-driven garage is one of Mandaluyong’s finest when it comes to the price to quality ratio. John Joseph Auto Shop has even expanded into Pampanga recently, marking a fantastic success for this humble business. However, their main branch still stands strong and services tons of cars every week. Many people with older vehicles trust John Joseph Auto Shop due to their affordable range of services that come with quality work. The quick turnaround of cars is incredible, and you’ll definitely enjoy dealing with the people that work there. 

John Joseph Auto Shop is your friendly neighborhood place to get car bodyworks in Manila. Asides from car exterior care services, you’ll discover that they do tons of other auto-related jobs on the side. Visit them at 453 Busilak Street, Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong, for a fantastic paint job or car body repairs. You may also give them a call at +63 2 420 9516 on their landline or send an email at [email protected] for a quicker exchange of information. 

Sny Customs

Custom vehicles are a part of our car culture that makes the industry thrive. Whether it’s slapping body kits onto the stock look or giving it a new paint job, these breathe life into a boring model. Even if you look at a stock pickup truck versus something that looks burly with bull bars and other offroad tools, you’ll start to see the appeal. If you want to start driving a car that turns heads no matter what model you have, Sny Customs can do the work for you. With tons of custom car body kits in Manila from them, you’ll be running a smooth ride in no time. 

Sny Customs takes pride in the quality and classy bodyworks for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you’re driving a full-size SUV or a sedan, their products are ready to switch up your look. This garage is as premium as premium can get for custom car body kits in Manila. You can brave the weather and even be prepared for offroading with all their fantastic products at affordable rates. Sny Customs takes pride in their products list being both customized and OEM and offering great bodyworks and repainting. Anything aesthetics-related is something this garage does very well, and you’ll never regret bringing your car in for their services. 

You’ll find Sny Customs in Quezon City, specifically in 27 Sgt. Rivera Street. They do all kinds of modifications and repair jobs for auto exterior care services. Visit them for a great experience and quality products. Their phone number is +63 917 544 8585 if you want to give them a call before you make your journey to the great north. 

Jerobel Autoshop & Restoration

One thing many Filipino car owners require is an auto garage that does restoration services. Whether it’s a more modern car or something a little more vintage, people love their cars looking brand new. This new look may mean a new paint job or even body panel repairs and other auto exterior care services. Either way, restoration shops like Jerobel Autoshop & Restoration will always come in handy. One way or another, you might need car bodyworks in Manila for your daily driver or even your project platform. Cars are made of malleable and other types of materials, meaning they can bend and shatter if you hit something. Some dings and scratches are worse than others, and this is where bodywork garages shine. 

Jerobel Autoshop & Restoration has all the necessary equipment and facilities in their garage. They paint cars in a specialized room that allows the coat to cure evenly and with quality. Since shop technicians cannot just paint anywhere, these facilities will enable any vehicle to turn out well with a beautiful coat of paint. They also do auto detailing for paint jobs that aren’t problematic but lack the shine. Their tools will restore your car to brand new conditions externally with a hassle-free experience. Any car model that rolls into their garage will be treated with care and receive the top-tier services clients deserve. 

If you’re looking for car bodyworks in Manila, look no further than with Jerobels Autoshop & Restoration. They have experience working on all kinds of vehicles ranging from sedans to full-size SUVs. Visit them at Block 2, Lot 1 Merryland St. Merry Home Subdivision, Sauyo, Quezon City. This fantastic garage in the north will definitely help you, so call them at +63 920 329 1986 to learn more about their offerings. 

3KN Car Care Services

Once you have all your car bodyworks in Manila done, it’s going to be imperative that you maintain the quality of your vehicle. The automotive industry will always tell you that owning a car is never only starting and shutting off the car. There are many things that you have to consider, especially taking care of its exterior. Auto exterior care services are an in-demand service due to the shiny nature of car paint reflecting plenty of dirt from our roads. There will always be a market for auto detailing and car washes, and 3KN Car Care Services in Valenzuela has your back. 

Whether you need interior or exterior detailing services, 3KN Car Care Services offers both at affordable rates. Everyone in Manila knows how challenging the rainy season is, and the shifting temperatures can cause issues like mold growth on seats and even rain marks on car surfaces. Additionally, some areas of Valenzuela are prone to flooding, which makes this garage even more crucial after any typhoons pass. Caring for a car’s aesthetics and comfortable qualities is vital to surviving Metro Manila’s conditions, and you’ll always win with a nice-looking ride in the end. 

You can visit 3KN Car Care Services at 153 Gitna St. Bignay, 1440 Valenzuela City, to have your car detailing services done. They have plenty of space to host multiple clients who wish to see their rides shine bright. All vehicles deserve an excellent wash and detailing job, as the Philippines’ conditions are nothing close to favorable for car owners. Call them at +63 939 930 8052 for more information on their operating hours and scheduling a detailing service. 


Cars are an integral part of our society in the Philippines. We have thousands of cars running up and down the streets of Metro Manila daily, which means that we will need to be aware of our surroundings. However, we’re never confident that our daily drivers will remain without cosmetic damages, which is why these shops are great to have on call. Visit them for outstanding services in any event of slip-ups while driving. 


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