5 Quality Car Accessory Shops to Kit Out Your Ride


There is no doubt that Filipinos love their cars just like their own kin. Many try to pinpoint where the Philippines’ ubiquitous car culture finds its roots. It’s quite fascinating when you know exactly how much blood, sweat, and tears people pour into their vehicles.

You can even see the depths of our culture in our vehicles’ sheet metal. Additionally, you can see remnants of various international automotive cultures mix in with our very own traditions. However, the love for kitting out vehicles to our specifications unites the entire world’s car culture.

The typical blessings the Filipino people give their shiny new rides are SOPs by now. However, the next moves are typically straight to various automotive enthusiasts’ garages. Each shop offers something new to each driver.

Many shop owners band together to pour their hearts and souls into ensuring that cars get unique treatment. Here are the best car accessory shops that offer installation services in northern Metro Manila:

El Marino Auto Parts & Car Accessories

El Marino Auto Parts & Car Accessories in Banawe, Quezon City, has all the incredible bits and bobs to turn your ride into something new. Those looking for one of the best car accessory garages in Banawe will receive a warm welcome from the large sign. Followed by a whole team of experienced automotive craftsmen ready to do any job, you know you’re in the mechanical heart of Manila

Not everyone is well-versed in the language of working on their machines. These challenges are why El Marino is one of the best car accessory shops to carry out installations near Quezon City.

In fact, not everyone who chances upon the shop is from the north. It’s known that Banawe continues to be the “candy shop” for car enthusiast kids who never actually grew up. All the options on their shelves might even have you spending a few extra thousands to kit your vehicle out.

These selections alone make the whole trip to Banawe worthwhile. Don’t blame us if your partner wonders why your 4×4 looks straight from an adventure movie, though! 

Whether you’re looking for parts to kit out an off-road 4×4 vehicle, sound systems, or navigational systems, you’ve come to the right place. There’s always something in Manila’s mechanical heart for the avid automotive enthusiast.

You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t come through sooner!

Find El Marino Auto Parts & Car Accessories at 193 Banawe St. Cor. Banawe Avenue, Quezon City, 1113 Metro Manila, Philippines.

However, do be advised that COVID-19 restrictions may be tight around certain areas. It’s likely the right decision to wait a good minute for that purchase of yours!

Raul Cueva’s Auto Seats and General Upholstery

Filipino drivers typically sit in their cars for hours on end each day, dreading traffic. In fact, the traffic situation has gotten so bad that international media showcases our congestion issues regularly.

Some celebrities from Hollywood have even started catching wind of the problem. Time wasted in traffic is never gained back.

It’s actually highly evident that many enjoy the work-from-home setup more than commuting for long, fatigue-inducing hours. If you hate being stuck in traffic, it’s about time that you treat your bottom to something better.

Car seat upholstery has become a Filipino favorite in the past years. Many people love their stock seats replaced with leather ones. This shift is due to the comfort and style offered over fabric seats that come retrofitted with base-model variants.

Raul Cueva’s shop is one of the best places to get car seat leather upholstery in Metro Manila. Every project shows evidence of the careful touch and effort he puts into each inch of the working space.

Additionally, one of the shop’s premium offerings is placing emblems and symbols on the leather materials. This service will give any owner the ability to add some personalized trimmings to their ride, which is always a welcome addition. 

Raul Cueva has three shops around the Metro Manila area, which you can find on their website for more information on how to get to each branch.

So, how much does it cost to replace car seat upholstery if you want a more comfortable ride? Well, Raul’s store has the base price of PHP 8,500 as listed on the website for a personalized car seat upholstery.

However, note that the price point will vary depending on what car you bring into his shop. 

Find one of his excellent shops at 407-A Mc. Arthur Hi-way, Valenzuela, 1440 Metro Manila, Philippines. Alternatively, you may call the number +63 917 325 9061 or message their Facebook page to learn more about their full range of services. 

David’s Street Sound

Nothing screams Filipino automotive culture like quality sounds. The term “sounds” has roots in describing music locally. We often hear our “Titos” use this term when we start to develop an interest in the art form.

Interestingly enough, the Filipino music scene has evolved significantly, and we also appreciate songs from foreign cultures. Nothing changes when you check out the setups people have in their trunks or when subwoofers are part of the mix.

Filipinos love blasting music; just look at the UV Express drivers who tune into their smooth playlists filled with 80’s love songs. 

Car audio solutions are diverse, and every shop offers something different to the table. While there are car accessory shops that offer stereo products, nothing will beat a shop specializing in audio.

With that in the picture, David’s Street Sound is one of the best places to get car audio accessories in Manila. Plenty of audiophiles go to David’s to kit out their cars with orgasmic sound products. The shop has since grown significantly to the point where they now accept most major credit cards! 

If you’re looking for a place to purchase premium car audio solutions in the Philippines, David’s Street Sound also has a Lazada store for those outside the Metro. Whether you’re in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, this shop knows the Filipino’s united love for car audio solutions.

Thankfully, their Lazada storefront has made their products readily available for anyone to purchase. 

You can make your physical journey to better audio quality at their shop at 271 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Caniogan, Pasig. Alternatively, you may call them at +63 917 323 0840 for more information on their entire set of products. 

Source: David’s Street Sound’s Facebook Page

Zaldy’s Rubber & Tint Services

One thing that’s impressive about the Philippines’ automotive scene is the smaller stores that provide service that is up to par with the more prominent garages.

Whether you see the small garages or the Banawe big wigs, the passion for automotive culture remains the same. Many people still believe in these small shops’ potential and craftsmanship, as they are stories of humble beginnings.

In terms of affordable car window tint solutions in Manila, you’ll want to take a trip to Zaldy’s Rubber & Tint Services!

What looks like a humble shop will surprise you, as the craftsmen at Zaldy’s car accessory shop know a lot about working on clients’ needs. You’ll be pleased to know that Zaldy’s team offers home-service car window tint solutions in Metro Manila.

Give him a ring (preferably after the ECQ!), and he may just be able to bless your car with premium tinting options. He also provides other fixes for electrical wiring and air conditioning.

If you make your way to the shop, they also offer services like paint jobs and other arduous improvement jobs. These small garages do honest work and will most likely get the job done for you with all their heart.

If you’re looking to take your car in for tinting, look no further than with Zaldy’s Rubber & Tint Services. They may even be able to do a home-service job if you’re within the vicinity.

You can find them at 19 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, 3 Quezon City, the Philippines. You can also send them a message on their Facebook page if you wish to learn more.

Jopen Car Accessories and Audio

You might have noticed an endless number of car accessory shops that are purveyors of great vehicle upgrades. Each offers proprietary sets of benefits, especially to loyal customers.

One of the fan favorites hails from the great north, Quezon City. Both luxury vehicles looking for a sound system boost or brand new family cars looking for window tints end up here. The avid automotive enthusiast must know of Jopen Car Accessories and Audio. 

Those seeking an affordable car window tint shop in Manila will enjoy visiting this awesome garage in Timog. Filipinos appreciate a well-done tinting job because of how it keeps them safe from the sharp eyes of various thieves.

Some also love the adaptive tinting solutions that keep the summer heat at bay. The number of products that Jopen Car Accessories and Audio keeps in stock is incredible. You’ll definitely enjoy your trip down to their shop to purchase an item or two along with tinting solutions. 

If you’re looking to start tinting your vehicle up for summer with a new sheet, look no further than this Quezon City car window tint shop. You’ll have an assurance of quality installation and a car that is ready for the summer heat.

So now, what’s keeping you waiting? Get rid of that void-black tint and start looking for alternate solutions to keep the heat from consuming you alive! 

Visit the shop at Unit 5 Ushio Arcade, 67 Timog Arcade, Quezon City, Philippines. Alternatively, call +63 927 377 3131 or visit their Facebook page to learn more about what this Quezon City car window tint shop can offer you.


The Philippines’ car industry lives on every day, and the Filipino people love to kit out their vehicles. Whether it’s a pandemic, hell, or high waters, our countrymen will continue to use their cars and trucks to cruise on and strong.

However, taking on the elements may not be best without the right equipment. This risk is why car accessory products are here to help tackle the various situations thrown at us. Take your trip to these shops so that you can kit up to tackle days where the roads get rough. 


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