5 Hacks for a More Productive Day


Being productive in the city can be harder than it should be. Despite having the best tech right in front of us, things can still get messy on a busy day.

So how do you make sure that you’re at the top of your game all the time? Check out our 5 hacks below that will (hopefully!) make you more productive. 

1. Get enough sleep

man sleeping before productive day

A key to having a productive day lies in getting ample rest. In some ways, sleep is actually a prerequisite to being productive! If you don’t have enough energy, then the tips we’ll share below won’t work that well.

Lack of sleep is known to affect one’s attention and concentration, and at times even memory. These things are key for a productive day.

2. Set activities in place of goals

list down actions for the day to be more productive

This is an oddball but it’s helped many of us in the office become more productive. When plotting your to-do list, set “actions” that you’ll do for the day in place of the usual ‘goals’.

For example: instead of setting a “Sales meeting”, plot “Discuss sales forecast” instead. This will make you more productive as you’re clear on what you need to do before the appointment even begins.

3. Appreciate your small wins

take a break and celebrate your win for a productive day

Nothing spikes productivity more than a job well done! So when you encounter a success, no matter how small, celebrate it! You’ll find yourself giving more effort at work.

What’s the science behind this? Remember when you were a kid and your parents rewarded you for doing something good? Didn’t it motivate you to do more good things? This is a good productivity booster for a slow day.

4. Maximize Tech

Like it or not, tech does make us more productive! It’s just a matter of keeping the types of tech that can help you out and removing those which can distract you.

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driver on demand driving customer client

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5. Stand up!

standing at work after sitting long hours

You may have read this before, but standing after long hours of sitting can boost your productivity. There’s really no scientific explanation behind this, but employee surveys have proven that it did help them accomplish more in a day.

Besides, standing up once in a while can help your circulation in the long run, lessening the chances for health complications.

And that’s our list for today! Found something new that you’d like to try out for yourself? Comment them down below and share this article with your friends. Godspeed!

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