5 Fantastic Services You’ll Discover When You Visit C7 Autozone


Each automotive service garage in the Philippines has something unique and proprietary to offer clients. Some carry a wide range of spare parts and accessories, while others cater to more niche market needs. Whether you’re looking for a brand new set of tires and mags or just a way to service your car’s chassis, there’s always a shop ready to help. Those who need a new set of shoes for their vehicle will appreciate knowing that C7 Autozone exists. Here are five of the best finds that customers love to see when they visit this esteemed Marikina garage:

1. You Can Get a Fluids Change at C7 Autozone

The people love C7 Autozone due to its work as a fantastic automotive service garage. They do excellent PMS services in Manila, carrying a range of standard vehicle fluids for top-ups. A change oil job costs anywhere from 3,000 to 7,000 pesos. This price is highly dependent on the products and the car that is on the lift. Many people forget the importance of regular fluid changes, as engines often receive damages due to old oils. The mechanics at C7 Autozone will likely recommend only the best for your car’s heart. In today’s world, these services are often the bread and butter of any automotive service garage. Knowing that they can do PMS duties confidently is an indicator of success that spans for years. 

2. You Can Find Almost Every Tire Brand for a Slicker Ride

Any shop that sells tires and mags carries its own sets of products. However, nothing is as complete as C7 Autozone’s collection of wheel products. While you have the most prominent brands like Good Year, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Yokohama Tires, they also sell other options for those seeking something else. GT Radial, Pirelli, Nankang, West Lake, Falken, Otani, Maxxis, and MRF tires round out the list of their great selection. What makes it even more impressive is its wide range of sizes for different vehicles. Not only do you have products for cars, but motorcycles and trucks as well. Whether you drive a sportbike or a burly off-road car, there’s definitely going to be something that fits your needs. No matter what vehicle you own, the machine isn’t going anywhere without a good set of wheels and tires. 

3. A Tuned Wheel Set is a Life Saver, and They Offer Services for It

Alignment and balancing are crucial to running a car efficiently and safely. Tires keep drivers on the road, and any imperfections to how the steering operates can be fatal. Handling definitely matters for all cars, and even more so for those who are opting for better driving performance. After all, drivers who like to go fast must know that being fast is more than just hitting the accelerator pedal. If your car can’t turn well or even stay in a straight line, you’re likely putting yourself and the lives of others on the road in danger. Knowing Manila’s pothole-ridden streets, you must have a shop work on alignment often because these shake up the steering system’s functionality. C7 Autozone offers these services at around 300 to 1,200 pesos. 

4. They are a Source of Affordable Tires and Mags

While tires and mags vary in price, C7 Autozone prides itself on offering these products at more affordable rates. They carry a whole range of various products like Rotas and Vossen mags. The best part is that you can get the tires to match the wheel sizes, plus installation all in one place. Many people love to bring their project cars to C7’s garage because of the way they specialize in tires and mags. After all, the quickest way to change the look and performance of any car is to buy a new set of wheels. The past nine years have contributed to the overall success story of C7 Autozone as the premium distributor of affordable wheel products and PMS services in Manila. 

5. C7 Autozone Actually Has Two Garages to Serve You

You might have chanced upon the fantastic garage in Marikina City a few times, but there is a closer option for those who live near Cubao. Let’s face it; not everyone lives conveniently near Marikina, which means that Cubao is an immediate option for those from the south. After almost a decade of operations, they have been able to open up another shop to serve the public with great tires and mags, among other services. The owner’s passion for cars has trickled down to the next generation, as C7 Autozone is now under the management of two generations. Any auto enthusiast loves to hear stories of businesses opening because of their passion for the hobby and lifestyle. It just adds an extra touch of trustworthiness to the mix, making these garages welcome players in the industry. 


C7 Autozone is going on a decade of reliable service towards the Filipino car enthusiast scene. They have been serving people with fantastic products and PMS services in Manila for years, with no signs of slowing down or stopping. Visit their Marikina branch at 767 JP Rizal St. Concepcion Uno, Marikina City. Alternatively, you can visit their other branch at 287 P. Tuazon Blvd., Corner 18th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.


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