5 Common Car Accidents And How To Prevent Them


Let’s face it: car accidents happen. In fact, vehicular accidents in Metro Manila persisted over the years according to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Unescap). An average of 545 persons per day are involved, with a fatality rate of 1.9% from 2016 to 2020.

Protect yourself and your family on the road to avoid the possibility of facing car repairs and worst, life-changing injuries. Here are five common road accidents and tips on how to help avoid them:

Rear-end collisions

Following the car in front of you too closely may result in rear-ending it. While usually not too damaging, it’s the most common type of accident. The best way to avoid this is to keep a safe distance. Stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you. 

Road Accidents #1: Rear-end collisions

Parked car damage

Even parked vehicles are not exempted from mishaps. But you can reduce the chances when you don’t park in busy streets or tight driveways. In parking lots, remember to stay in the center of a spot so your vehicle won’t be hit by those next to you.

Road Accidents #2: Parked car damage

Single vehicle crashes

One of the most common types of car accidents includes collisions with road barriers and running off-road. While the types of crashes vary, two important actions drivers can do is avoid reckless driving and dangerous speeds.

Car Accidents #3: Single vehicle crashes

Crashes at intersections

This is usually caused by driver negligence where they are often distracted resulting in missing traffic signs and signals. Take extra caution when driving through intersections

Road Accidents #4: Crashes at intersections

Low-speed accidents

Even at low speeds, accidents happen and may result in injuries. Since most low-speed crashes happen when drivers are backing up, look out for other drivers before reversing

Road Accidents #5: Low-speed accidents

Key Takeaway

These common road accidents happen almost every day. While practicing safe driving is a must, don’t forget to maintain your vehicle to ensure it’s road-ready every ride. 

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