5 Car Tuneup Specialists You’ll Want In Your Address Book


All vehicles operate better when they are well-maintained by the correct mechanics. PMS garages around Manila are often in demand due to their attention to detail and convenience. Since the National Capital Region is home to many car owners, preventive maintenance services in Manila are a must-have. Here are five car tuneup specialists who can boost your vehicle’s daily performance:

Euroshop Motors Corporation

Filipinos typically believe that cars from other regions are often more taxing to care for and maintain. However, this is only true if you don’t educate yourself on the right practices or find the right car tuneup specialists. European cars are fantastic luxury rides that often turn heads. You’ve likely seen unique-looking BMWs or classic Mercedes Benz models cruise the streets of Manila. These are probably maintained by Europshop Motors Corporation, hailing from the south of Metro Manila. It takes a unique skillset and equipment selection to service luxury cars properly, and this Las Piñas shop is one of the premium options for Euro owners.

If you own a Euro car, you likely hate the hassle of dealing with the exorbitant prices that the casa offers for older models. They may charge high or even take exceptionally long because of their backlog of newer cars in the mix. However, if you don’t want to wait and just get preventive maintenance services, visit Euroshop Motors Corporation near Manila. In fact, they do more than just the regular releases of vehicles with their experience in servicing supercars and even restored classic cars. 

Their garage has multiple bays to service vehicles fast and with ease. If you’re looking for quick turnaround times and quality PMS services, look no further than with Euroshop Motors Corporation. Any European car will be in good hands with Euroshop’s experienced technicians and mechanics. You can find them at Block 20, Lots 5-7 of Lotus St. in the TS Cruz Subdivision of Almanza Dos, Las Piñas. Additionally, you can call them at +63 945 750 6777 or +63 921 916 1777 for more information. 

Armanworks Auto Service

Periodic maintenance services and other preventive mechanical duties are crucial parts of owning a car. You can’t just buy one and expect it to run forever without bringing it in for regular servicing. Many owners fail to consider that not having regular tune-ups can be detrimental to vehicle health. Some costly components can even break at the wrong times, leaving you with even bigger headaches. If you’re looking for car tuneup specialists that know their way around preventive maintenance services, Armanworks Auto Service is your go-to garage. 

Armanworks Auto Service is a garage based in Las Piñas for those living in the south area. Hosting six service bays with state-of-the-art tools that make PMS services a breeze. Whether you need engine oil changes, steering inspections, or other PMS services, this garage can offer you quick improvements. As part and parcel of owning a car, knowing when your last mechanical check was can help you prevent unwanted wear and tear. However, if you’re unsure and would like to see where to improve upon, the mechanics at Armanworks’ garage can help. 

This humble yet hard-working garage services all kinds and sizes of cars. Their six-bay capacity allows them to put in good work and with quality, too. Any maintenance and mechanical repairs are quickly done with their staff’s experience. They’ll answer all your questions and queries, plus educate you on how to prevent damages from happening. Visit them at Lot 1-A Marcos Alvarez Avenue, Talon Singko, Las Piñas. You can also call them at +63 915 731 0163 for a service quote. 

DPlusR AutoCare Service

The south is thriving with car tuneup specialists. Those who need preventive maintenance services around Manila are never going to be at a loss for options. While most of the garages are typically located north of Metro Manila, the south still has its winning choices. Either way, PMS garages around Manila all do the same thing. If a shop can’t even do the bare necessities, they likely aren’t trustworthy enough to handle more pressing issues. Those in Parañaque are fortunate to have DPlusR AutoCare Service ready to serve any car.

DPlusR AutoCare Service is one of the top players in the south regarding transmission repairs and other essential repair services. While not everyone requires engine rebuilds or other meticulous damage reparations, PMS garages around Manila are always in demand. Many people will appreciate the wide range of services this shop offers if any hidden problems arise during an inspection. In fact, DPlusR prides itself in fast auto repair services. After all, you can’t be an auto repair garage and expect your clients to wait for long periods. Their quick turnaround times reflect their highly efficient work ethic, with the quality of their outputs being up to spec each time. 

Visit DPlusR AutoCare Service at 8276 Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Isidro, Parañaque to check out their full list of services. If you’re looking for a quick PMS job in the south to get your car back on the road ASAP, don’t hesitate to take a trip to DPlusR’s garage. Call them to see their service status at +63 917 301 7361 before heading over to ensure you get an appointment. 

Wiljos Enterprise

The underchassis of your car is something that goes unnoticed most days. You might even go a year or more without noticing anything underneath your vehicle because of how trivial it may seem. However, this area is a breeding ground for rust and various mechanical damages. Additionally, engines can easily break if they don’t receive proper care, making overhauls a necessary service. If you need these two services, Wiljos Enterprise in Manila can help you out with their expertise. Underchassis and engine repairs are a service that requires special tools and skillsets, making garages the leading players in the industry. Not only do they offer repair services, but they also have a range of products and accessories for your prized automobile. 

Wiljos Enterprise prides itself in top-of-the-line auto servicing as one of the premium car tuneup specialists in Manila. They can do everything from PMS services to various underchassis repairs. If you need engine overhauls or even a rebuild, they’re well-equipped to do so at a moment’s notice. The technicians work on all sizes of cars and are ready to service most brands with ease. Additionally, their great selection of products makes them a one-stop shop for all things automotive. 

If you’re in dire need of quick PMS services and other more arduous repair jobs at affordable rates, look no further than with Wiljos Enterprise. Their garage is in 2008 San Marcelino St. in Malate, Manila. This extremely accessible garage is in the heart of Manila, making it the go-to repair shop for most city drivers. You can also call their landline at +63 28 241 7354 for more information on their daily schedules. 

Motech Car Service Center JP Rizal Makati

Preventive maintenance services around Manila remain paramount in the survival of people’s daily drivers. It’s a huge inconvenience to have parts break down at any given time, which is why ensuring that mechanics routinely conduct inspections. Aside from the typical oil changes and other consumable item replacements, more checks are necessary. Things like checking timing belts, bodywork checks, and rustproofing are all preventive maintenance jobs that you’ll want in your car’s routine. Those in Makati looking for top-tier car tuneup specialists are in good hands with Motech Car Service Center

This garage in JP Rizal, Makati, has a few car bays that are ready to service all sizes of vehicles. Whether you own an SUV or a sedan, preventive maintenance services are going to be a breeze for their technicians. Their mechanics are also great at what they do, thanks to their years of experience. After all, the tools do not make the mechanic, but they can do a lot more if put in the right hands. Motech’s garage is full of state-of-the-art equipment, making it a great place to seek car repair and diagnostic services. 

Motech Car Service Center is in JP Rizal, Makati. Their specific address is 1155 J.P. Rizal Ave. Guadalupe, Makati. You’ll find that they can do affordable PMS services and other preventive inspections for various models and makes of cars. Call them at +63 28 243 8558 for more information on their operating schedules and book an appointment. If you’re looking for the best after-warranty auto repair services that are cost-effective, look no further than with Motech. 


Car tuneup specialists are the saviors of our days. They go through various lengths and drench themselves in grease and fluids to ensure everything runs as expected. Not everyone knows everything about cars, and mechanical repairs are often something people leave to the professionals. If you’re looking for fantastic preventive maintenance services around Manila, your best bet is with these five shops.


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