4 Ways Driver-on-Demand Services in Manila Come in Handy


Let’s face it, driving isn’t always fun. The congested streets and the long drive that comes with it proves as a challenge for most drivers. But don’t fret, because Autosan is here to assist you with our driver-on-demand services in Manila. Here are instances you might need to hire a driver with us:

Friday Payday Errands

This is a busy time where people either rush to go home or go out on errands. So expect that the roads are packed, the malls are flooded, and parking spaces are sparse. You will want to hire a driver during these times, especially now that traffic is slowly trickling back into the mix in the Metro. Survive the Carmadeggon with Autosan! 

Drinking Nights

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea because it’s a risk factor for road accidents. In case you picked up a bottle, the best thing you can do is not get behind the wheel.

Hire a driver with Autosan and utilize the driver-on-demand services in Manila to get around and make roads safer.

Instances of Injuries or Medical Concerns

Medical instances–whether it be a simple check-up or a surgery–require you to take a break from driving for your fast recovery and for the safety of others too. But if you really need to be somewhere, hire a driver-on-demand in Manila for maximum comfort and safety!

Fatigue from Long Drives

Just came from a long drive out of town or are you just tired in general? Don’t abuse your body and seek for Autosan when you find yourself in need of assistance. Utilize the driver-on-demand in Manila service to accomplish your errands while keeping you safe. 

Key Takeaways

Whatever your reason is to hire a driver for the day, Autosan is ready to extend a hand. Access our fantastic range of offerings when you become a FastLane cardholder today. Get your card and your initial Driver on Demand service for P1,999 instead of P3,099. Once a member, enjoy the succeeding rates of only P1,800. Sounds lit, right? Just message us on Facebook to avail this service today!


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