4 Quezon City Car Shops that Give the Best Value for Money


Quezon City car shops are among the best in the business. You’ll find many garages in this large city, each with varying degrees of experience. Most people often go to Northern Manila auto shops, such as trips to Banawe for rare finds and necessary repairs. Overall, the Quezon City automotive industry is most developed due to people’s faith in these businesses. Here are four Quezon City car shops that will tune your ride to your spec:

Agapecar Accessories

Cars that are factory stock often look boring because almost everyone keeps them bare. While many things have been done to make modern vehicles look fancy, nothing beats a good set of accessories. Modifying the aesthetics of your ride is accessible to all thanks to Quezon City car shops. Many builds out there serve a purpose, but most are done to make owners happy. In any case, Agapecar Accessories is one of the best northern Manila auto shops to visit. You’ll find a healthy selection of accessories and upgrade parts for any vehicle you own. 

Suppose you own a pickup truck like a Toyota Hilux or an adventure vehicle like the Ford Ecosport. In these cases, Agapecar Accessories has plenty of gear to outfit your ride. From bed covers to bike racks and more, there’s always something that will fit your tastes. They also provide accessories for older model cars, such as newer stereo units and even upgraded bulbs. Agapecar Accessories carries a wide selection of products ready for mounting if you want a fully kitted-out vehicle. Whether you want a new look or other functional modifications, this business is one of the best Quezon City car shops for any purpose. 

If you want to drive a car that looks unique to your tastes, you should visit Agapecar Accessories. Their selection never disappoints and will always bring you great products as time progresses. Head towards this Banawe business today at CTK Building, Banawe corner N. Roxas Street, Quezon City. It’s an assurance that they won’t disappoint!

Prime Tech Paints Motor Works and Trading Co.

Quezon City car shops have great variety in what they offer vehicle owners. There’s no doubt that driving in Metro Manila has its risks. Whether it’s the “invisible” makeshift traffic cone or various accidents, all drivers experience these mishaps once in a while. As part of being a resident of this bustling city, you’ll definitely need assistance from northern Manila auto shops. Businesses such as Prime Tech Paints Motor Works and Trading Co. know just what to do when any car rolls into their garage. Bodywork repairs and repainting jobs are a specialty of this shop, and they even do wheel painting for better ride customization.

If you’re in dire need of a new paint job or panel restoration after any bumps, visit Prime Tech Paints Motor Works and Trading Co. The Quezon City automotive industry is booming, and this garage is one of the premium actors in the scene. As paint fades over time, car services will never be unreachable. You’ll always find a garage that can provide fantastic painting services using the best equipment. Whether it’s “just a scratch” or a huge mark, Prime Tech Paints Motor Works, and Trading Co. has your back. 

There is a whole world of Quezon City car shops available at your disposal. Those looking for affordable aesthetic repairs and repaints are in good hands with this garage. Prime Tech Paints Motor Works and Trading Co. has been in the business for over 17 years, with a consistent record of excellent outputs. Visit them at Block 74, Lot 8, Commonwealth Ave. North Fairview, Quezon City. 

SAMUEL Car Aircon & Electrical Services

Air conditioning is crucial for cars in the Philippines. No matter what car people want to buy, a big deal-breaker is the condition of the air conditioning unit. In fact, it’s become such a known legend that Filipinos love Nissan cars for having the coldest air conditioning in the industry. However, there might come a time that your vehicle loses its cool. In these cases, you might want to visit SAMUEL Car Aircon & Electrical Services for affordable repairs to your air conditioning unit. The Philippines’ tropical climate makes it impossible to drive an enclosed car without it, so you’ll definitely want to have your vehicle checked. 

SAMUEL Car Aircon & Electrical Services offers their craftsmanship at affordable rates. Drivers know them for their ease of transaction, as they diagnose problems very well. Some people report that other shops would charge higher prices, while they were experiencing a simple parts change. SAMUEL Car Aircon & Electrical Services may not be a massive-scale business, but they run their operations with integrity and honesty. As one of the Quezon City car shops in the industry, they do plenty of good work for air conditioning repairs and related services. 

If your air conditioning unit in your car isn’t as cold as it used to be, there might be something wrong. You don’t need to bear the heat, as SAMUEL Car Aircon & Electrical Services is an accessible shop that does everything air conditioning-related. You’ll find their garage at 65 Kamuning Road, Kamuning, Quezon City. 

HPM Tint and Audio Solutions

There’s no doubt that Filipino car owners love to tint their windows. Most of the time, it’s for better security, while other reasons include improving interior temperatures. No matter your reason to tint your windows, sometimes the dealership options just don’t cut it. People love Quezon City car shops like HPM Tint and Audio Solutions because of their fantastic craftsmanship and products. Those in the market for authentic V-KOOL tint should be shopping with HPM Tint and Audio Solutions. Their professional equipment and facilities will ensure a perfect fitment for any car you bring into their garage. 

HPM Tint and Audio Solutions have all kinds of V-KOOL tint sheets available. Whether you’re not a fan of heavy tint or want something that’ll black out your windows, they can equip these for you. If you’re also unfamiliar with how V-KOOL works, they’ll be sure to give you a rundown as to why it’s a worthwhile investment. There will be less chances of the tint product failing its mounting procedures with an air-conditioned fitting room. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable car even during the hottest summer days thanks to the wonders of V-KOOL tint. 

Northern Manila auto shops are crucial because they offer services like these. Thanks to V-KOOL technologies, your car will definitely be bearable despite soaking under the hot Philippine sun. Rest assured that you’ll ride comfortably, thanks to HPM Tint and Audio Solutions. Visit them at 125 D. Tuazon Street, Quezon City, for more information and top-tier services. 


Driving a car in Metro Manila is often challenging, but it becomes less hassling when you know who to visit and who to call. Whether you need repairs, tinting services, or accessories, there will always be Quezon City car shops that will fulfill your needs. Visit these four shops today for a new driving experience!


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