3 Trusted Casas and Car Shops That Can Maintain Your Ride


There’s more to being a car owner than just flexing how sleek-looking it is and how awesome its features are. You must also consider the responsibility of maintenance that comes with it– What kind of upkeep will my car need? What are the things I can do myself? When should I bring my car to the experts? And how often?

Remember to maintain your ride, because taking care of your car means it will take care of you too. Check out these trusted car shops and garages you can visit for your car needs:

Car Doctor by Rakie

One of the essential car parts placed under the hood that needs regular maintenance is the engine. It ensures the overall power of your vehicle. This is why it’s vital to have your engine system diagnosed at your trusted casa alternative, Car Doctor by Rakie, located at Mindanao Avenue.

Car Doctor by Rakie

And while you’re there, check your oil and other fluids too. Did you know that this is also an important task, because maintaining them and having the oil and filter changed at the recommended intervals can help your engine last for a long time. 

Drop by Car Doctor by Rakie today and take advantage of their exclusive perks! Get P400 worth of gas vouchers for Shell Helix Power Gas change oil and on the other hand, P600 worth for Diesel. 

TireOne Motors Corp.

Most drivers don’t check their tires ever so often, since rubbers today can last for tens of thousands of miles. But even if the quality of the tires are superb, you would still need to have them checked once in a while. And if they need changing, stop by at one of our trusted car shops, TireOne Motors Corp.

TireOne Motors Corp.

The experts there would gladly provide you with high quality tires that suits your ride, not to mention regular maintenance so you can get every last mile out of your tires.

And the best part? They offer FREE carwash when you buy a set of tires, and if you plan to buy tires plus mags, you would get FREE carwash AND FREE BAC2ZERO as well!

Greasebusters Auto Spa

Aside from what’s under the hood and other mechanical parts, don’t forget to maintain the exterior of your vehicle. Take a look at one of our go-to trusted car shops in Bulacan, Greasebusters Auto Spa.

Greasebusters Auto Spa

Located at the outskirts of the province, they are a car care business that helps car owners like you to restore and maintain the look of your vehicle.

Want your car protected while maintaining its sleek look? Enjoy their 10% DISCOUNT when you get their basic ceramic coating today! 


Always turn to professionals for your car needs, whether for mechanical functions or aesthetic purposes. This way, you are sure your ride is in good hands. For more trusted casas and shops, check out FastLane Partner Shops. 


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