3 Scary Car Talyer Stories This Halloween


Any car owner knows the horror and terror when unexpected automotive issues happen– especially when they are not met with proper repair services. While you don’t have to be an automotive expert yourself, it helps to know the basics of what’s going on with your ride so you can avoid these repair horrors.  

Wheel Of Misfortune

This is what happens when you buy something cheap.

Wheel Of Misfortune

“My family and I went on a beach getaway to Batangas. Before the trip, I got new tires since the ones I have are pretty old, plus the timing is perfect in preparation for the long drive. At the car shop, I got to choose between two sets– the other one being cheaper of course. Long story short, I ended up buying that one.”

“The vacation was fun and the road trip was fine… UNTIL we got to our neighborhood. A kilometer or two away from the house, we heard a clacking sound (which everyone ignored since we were all tired). A car next to us blared its horn to get our attention. They said that our tire was flat, so I got out of the car to check. Believe me, it’s an understatement to say that the tire was flat. To me, it’s deflated!”

“I was horrified seeing that. Imagine if that happened when we were on a highway! I learned my lesson the hard way. This is what I get from buying cheap second-hand wheels whose quality isn’t guaranteed.”

Oh No Overhaul!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

automotive export: Oh No Overhaul

“I have a 12-year-old car that has clocked 220,000km. I observed that my fuel consumption increased over time, and my car started to emit white smoke from the exhaust. These factors led me to go to a casa near my place since I can’t go to my suki casa because of work.”

“My car was assessed by the mechanic for a top overhaul. The work was done, and I paid and collected my car. Weeks passed, and the same symptoms came back so I brought it to the same casa. They once again checked under the hood and diagnosed something different this time. I was frustrated because I just shelled out a huge amount of money for that overhaul, and now they need to do something costly AGAIN.”

“I decided to go to my suki casa for a second diagnosis. Lo and behold, the casa I went to adjusted things that didn’t need to be adjusted and replaced things that didn’t need replacement. After my OG mechanic’s assessment, we proceeded to get the job done. I paid a handsome sum BUT at least the things that needed to be fixed will now be fixed. PROPERLY THIS TIME.”

So Not Cool

How can you keep things cool when this happens?

automotive expert: car overheat

“We brought our car to the talyer for overheating issues. It was a summer full of plans then so we needed the car to be fixed soon. The talyer replaced the coolant and other parts, but told us that everything looks fine.”

“On our way home, our car was still overheating. We called my cousin who is a mechanic and he saw that the radiator had holes in it.”

“I was so bummed out because other issues would have presented themselves if the problem wasn’t figured out right away, and our summer would be ruined!” 


Let an automotive expert handle your car. Listen to their professional advice because they are backed up by years of experience and training to help you when automotive problems arise. 

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