The 3 Best Davao Car Accessory Shops for Auto Enthusiasts


People rarely consider the far south of Mindanao a car haven. However, people don’t realize that the Philippines’ automotive culture spans way further than just Luzon. Cities like Davao are booming with various drivers and vehicle owners. Naturally, this creates a need for garages and shops that tailor to everyone’s needs. Davao car accessory shops are typically in high demand because they provide various components. Here’s where to buy car accessories in Davao:

Jham Car Accessories

Davao car accessory shops have various stocks of mags and tires as some of the most common forms of modifications. They are quick to turn the aesthetics of any vehicle around and are widely available. Then, you can even boost safety and drivability through new lighting systems to pave the way on those dark passes. If you wish to have better entertainment by blaring music from your car, you can get an infotainment system that does it all. All these are possible with Jham Car Accessories.

External accessories are fantastic ways to show off a driver’s personality. Many love simple stickers, while others like the more pricey upgrades that improve quality of life. If you’re looking for Davao car accessory shops, they have affordable goods that will make your ride look brand new. They offer installation services as well, so if you buy something from their store, you’ll enjoy quality mounting from their technicians. The best part is that you won’t ever have to get your hands dirty! Davao has car enthusiasts who enjoy viewing fellow owners’ rides as well. This scene means that a new set of wheels or even LED headlamps will be perfect for showing off your taste in accessories. 

If you’re wondering where to buy car accessories in Davao, their shop is in Tagum City. Their address is in Visayan Village, Poruk, Aquarius National Highway, 8100 Tagum City. They’re not that hard to find, as they have a large sign on top of their shop and are along the main road. The garage serves around two cars at a time, which is enough to complete most services on time. Call them at +63 917 623 6889 for more information. 

PJ Car Accessories

If you’re looking for Davao car accessory shops in the heart of the city, you’ll definitely find tons of options. Nowadays, all cars have to have some sort of infotainment system on them for quality driving times. Nobody wants to drive an old car without a sound system, and even most modern cars lack this. Those who lack this practical technology do not have to fear, as people from Davao can visit PJ Car Accessories for Android car stereo systems. Here’s more you should know about their offerings and how you can benefit from their products:

PJ Car Accessories is the top shop in Davao City that sells various Android-ready stereo systems. If your center console is already showing signs of being out of date, it’s probably time for a swap. PJ’s technicians are ready to start carving and installing your newly purchased stereo. In no time, you’ll be blasting tunes and flowing through mountain passes on weekends with peace and tranquility. Additionally, you’ll be able to tune into everything on your night drives home from work or other places and events. You’ll also be able to shop for horns, bulbs, and other essential accessories.

You’ll find this excellent shop in Davao City, along Elpidio Quirino Avenue. Their full address is Elpidio Quirino Ave. Door 1-A Gahol Building 8000 Davao City. It’s near Tiongco street towards the intersection and is easily accessible by any driver. They source affordable stereos and components for Davao City’s car enthusiasts. Call them at +63 949 920 4365 to find out more about their operating hours.

Shurym Banawe Car Accessories

There are tons of places to get car accessories in Davao, and you’ve already heard of two by now. In the heart of Davao City, there’s one unique shop that is reminiscent of what the mechanical heart of Manila offers. Whether you need external upgrades, stereo systems, or LED lights for your car, Shurym Banawe Car Accessories can help. This garage specializes in the sale and installation of LED lights, but they also have an outstanding stock of other accessories. They can also provide you a new set of wheels to ensure your car grips Davao’s roads. Additionally, they offer other fantastic upgrades and mods to make your vehicle stand out. 

Shurym Banawe Car Accessories is the place to go if you’re looking for Davao car accessory shops. They specifically tailor their shop to sell aesthetically pleasing headlamps and taillights, but they also carry mags and tires. If you often see those aggressive-looking SUVs with their functional lighting items, they’ve likely come from this garage. Rugged rigs that drive through Davao’s roads need to be ready to tackle harsh conditions as well as well-paved passages. They have body kits available for more common vehicles, which is excellent because you won’t need custom-made ones. 

This car accessory garage is along Quirino Avenue in Davao City. Their address is Tionko Building E, Door 1, Quirino Avenue, Davao City. The shop is in front of Central Bank, and you can call them at +63 910 446 8504 to book an appointment or even have items delivered via courier. Although their garage space is relatively small, they still service tons of vehicles with ease and provide quality assurance. 


Davao car owners who want more out of their ride need not fret. They have tons of options available to them when it comes to car accessories. If you’re a Davao City resident, you’ll want to visit these shops to ensure you get the most out of your drives. 


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