101 Autofix: 15 Years of the Fantastic Engine Specialist in Quezon City


Cars are the mechanical beasts of our time. They have become the incredible pieces of engineering that take us from Point A to Point B and beyond. In fact, the marvel of each component working in unison with one another is fantastic to ponder. Car engines remain one of the most vital parts of any modern vehicle. People choose car manufacturers in terms of the reliability of their mechanical components, as these are the worst parts to break. Nobody wants to have a broken piston or a hole in the block, but these do happen sometimes. However, if you need an engine specialist in Quezon City, 101 Autofix is ready to service your car anytime. 

Even the best car brands will experience technical issues and difficulties. Engine issues are simply the surface of what problems owners may share. As much as modern automobiles are built to last, this is only true if drivers maintain them properly. Undergoing periodic maintenance service visits and buying genuine parts are your vehicle’s saving grace from untimely damages. Here’s more you need to know about the esteemed Quezon City garage:

The Engine Specialist Gem in Quezon City

Engines and PMS jobs are not a job for just anyone. You’ll want to entrust the mechanical heart of your daily driver to only the top service garages in the metro. 101 Autofix has been the premium garage for gasoline and diesel engine troubleshooting in Quezon City for the past 15 years. They invest time and effort to learn the newest technologies and improve our services. Mechanical components evolve, which means garages must innovate and learn new things to serve people better. 

101 Autofix has constantly been improving upon its list of services as each year progresses. While they market themselves as the premium engine specialist in Quezon City, they also do a lot of tuning work and other PMS duties. In fact, all kinds of vehicles go to their garage for various repairs and troubleshooting. Whether you need a new oil change or parts installation, 101 Autofix has your back. 

15 Years of Various Services from Euros to JDM Cars

There has always been a preference for Filipinos in terms of the cars they choose. Many prefer Japanese cars because of the ease of maintenance and services, while others love the luxury of European-origin motors. However, there is an underlying belief that European cars are less reliable or are more expensive to maintain. While some brands make this statement true, all cars will require tender loving care anyway. 

At 101 Autofix, they’ve been the go-to garage for all kinds of auto enthusiasts. Toyotas, Mitsubishis, up to Audis, and Mini Coopers have all been customers of their shop. The garage started as a passion project due to a love for cars that turned them into today’s excellent service center. It takes a unique shop to service luxury motors and workhorses alike, and the technicians at 101 Autofix do this very well. 

More Than Just an Engine Specialist

At 101 Autofix, they want people to know that they’re more than just a garage that repairs and does engine troubleshooting in Quezon City. Their technicians are capable of essential services that any full-scale auto garage needs to be adept at doing. 101 Autofix also a source of parts, which they can order and install for you when you need repairs. Project car enthusiasts will also love to learn that the garage does custom works as well. 

A lot of work has been done to make cars run well and be ready for the track. These services include engine tuning, engine swaps, and even drivetrain replacements. If you’re looking for a shop that lives and breathes cars, 101 Autofix is more than just your average garage. With all sorts of vehicles rolling into their bays, they learn how to serve each client better each time. After all, no shop can keep providing top-tier services if no one comes back for a second run. 


It’s common for car owners to want a full-service garage that can do everything from mechanical repairs to periodic maintenance services. If people need to take fewer steps to get their car working, they’ll most likely take this route over many visits to other garages. While car engine problems are very pressing, bringing them to the proper shops for repairs solves most difficulties. Take your prized possessions to 101 Autofix if you need an engine specialist in Quezon City to take a look. 

Whether it’s for a simple PMS service, an ECU check, or an entire engine overhaul, 101 Autofix offers quality options for all drivers. You’ll have a roadworthy vehicle in no time with the 15 years of experience their technicians have. Visit the garage at 9 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Barangay Doña Josefa, 1114 Quezon City. You can also call +63 927 740 7125 for more information on their schedules. 


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