10 Reasons Why Motolite Batteries are the Recommended Battery


Surveys consistently show that Motolite batteries are the market leader, which has been true for as long as anyone can remember. It’s highly recommended by experts and experienced motorists or those who know what the Philippine conditions–particularly the weather and road quality–demand from an automotive battery.

Many have tried but failed to go toe-to-toe with Motolite. In fact, foreign brands always try sending their premium batteries and selling them at meager prices. However, most often fail to establish a footing in the market due to the popularity and trustworthiness of Motolite. Now, how do you dislodge the local brand that has proven itself through the years? In fact, its slogan reads “Pangmatagalan,” and this is not just a hollow promise. That slogan reflects not just the product itself but also in the services it offers to Filipino motorists.

Here are ten reasons–and I’m sure there are more–as to why Motolite is the recommended and best battery in the market: 

1. Made With the Philippine Market in Mind

Knowing our local market is why we Filipinos need to support local manufacturers. They know the peculiarities of the market, and they produce their products accordingly. We design Motolite batteries specifically for the Philippine market, and we craft them carefully to suit our conditions. Foreign brands do not develop and produce their products with the Philippines in mind. Our country, to them, is likely a fringe market or a place to send surplus production. 

Foreign brands may put their best foot forward and initially bring in their premium products and sell them at a relatively lower price. However, this is typically just to gain footing here and impress the market. This practice is not sustainable due to the lack of connection with the people. What we see now in imported batteries may not be similar to the quality of the subsequent batches because the foreign brands need to save on cost. We may also see some drop endorsers used to earn our trust. 

2. The Build Quality is Tropicalized 

Motolite batteries are specifically designed for tropical applications. Their build can withstand high temperatures under a vehicle’s hood. In the Philippines, temperatures rise to above 40 degrees Celsius on hot summers. This heat punishes batteries, which adds to the layers generated by the engine and the climate. If not appropriately designed, the life span of a battery gets shortened considerably. The heat expedites the evaporation of electrolytes, exposing the plates inside and damaging them. Heat-related tests show that Motolite batteries have 40 percent greater lifecycles compared to other batteries in the market.

3. Motolite Batteries Can Withstand Strong Vibrations 

The vibration standard set by Australia for automotive batteries is the most stringent globally because Australia considers the presence of too many rough and dirt roads in its outback. Battery technicians subject Motolite batteries to this Australian model for vibration testing. This test is the gold standard, and tests prove that Motolite batteries have 50% more recharge and discharge cycles than competing brands. You might even discover that other brands are flunking this test! 

4. The Batteries Have Premium Internal Components 

Designed and manufactured using German technology, Motolite has well-thought-out internal components. Its plates are well connected using specially-made straps. They also have a “built-in cooling mechanism” that prevents the evaporation of electrolytes. This feature is something that other batteries do not have.

5. They Produce In-House Pure Acids for a Safer Battery

Motolite manufactures its acids for its electrolytes to ensure purity. Other battery brands may have their impurities. Some contain traces of iron, chromium, and manganese, among others. These impurities promote gassing, thus, increasing the water-loss rate. Furthermore, they make the plates more vulnerable to damage caused by heat. Higher water loss also causes an internal short circuit that may even make the battery explode, like what some motorists have experienced based on their social media posts.

6. Used Motolite Batteries are Collected and Recycled

Motolite cares for the environment and is an advocate of green manufacturing. In partnership with its accredited third-party recycler Evergreen Environmental Resources Inc., ABS-CBN Foundation, and Philippine Business for Social Progress, Motolite collects and recycles around 3 million used batteries annually.

7. You Can Get a New Battery and More Through the Res-Q App 

If you need help with a dead battery, overheating, flat tires, and emergency fuel. Simply use the Motolite RES-Q App, and Motolite will dispatch a technician to your location to attend to your needs. This service is free for Motolite users, which is a fantastic way to save your day.

8. You Can Utilize Motolite Express Hatid 

Well-trained customer service representatives are manning the hotlines of Motolite Express Hatid. These trained individuals are ready to receive your call 24/7. Like the RES-Q App, if you need assistance for flat tires, overheating, emergency fuel, and battery replacement, just call Motolite. 

9. Your Purchase Supports Filipino Workers 

We may not know it, but a friend or a relative may be working at Motolite. Whether in the Bulacan plant or its numerous outlets nationwide, the brand employs tons of people. Even if all batteries are of the same quality, would you instead support a foreign brand than help protect the livelihood of Filipinos? By buying the locally made brand, we help our fellow brothers and sisters. Let’s all support the mindset of “Buy Pinoy, Buy local.”

10. Start With Confidence

It doesn’t matter whether your battery is in-warranty or already months beyond the warranty’s expiry. It’s a fact that Motolite batteries give you confidence that the engine will start when you turn the ignition key. Other brands offer an extended warranty, but they also have higher return rates. Some may not care because they replace their batteries during the warranty period. However, just imagine the inconvenience that a dead battery brings. Being in an emergency and unable to start your car will make you regret not buying Motolite. 


These are the same values that Motolite’s distributors share and bank on throughout the years. With quality and virtue in mind, 1 Stop Battery Shop, one of its pioneers in the distribution of Motolite batteries, has proven this to its customers. With its branches all over Metro Manila, North Luzon, and Cavite, you can be assured of the same mindset that its services offer.

Find the suitable options for your new Motolite battery now through its branches by calling 8398-2353 or 0922-8421610 to be quoted. An agent will then direct your concern to their nearest outlet to have the products delivered. Either way, you get the same values Motolite has been building its product for many years. Lastly, you continuously bring the Filipino battery maker to be the best in the market at a world-class status.  


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