Survive Manila’s Rainy Season Like A Pro this 2019 [UPDATED]


The rainy season has started and traffic is getting worse. The roads are wet and slippery, the gutters are starting to overflow and floodwater is just looming around the corner.

What a total bummer right? Don’t you wish you had a rainy season car checklist to prevent this kind of situation?

Well, don’t you worry! Our team has prepared a quick checklist to ensure that you and your car survive this season like a PRO this year 2019.

So before heading out in the rain, keep calm my friend and remember these tips:

Manila's Rainy Season Car Checklist to Survive Like a Pro!

Manila’s Rainy Season Car Checklist 2019 to Survive Like a Pro!

Check your wheels


During this season, your tires must be in top condition. Slippery roads can lead to an accident, so before leaving your current location to ensure that your tires are in good shape, aligned and properly inflated.

Finally, don’t forget your spare tire and the tools at all cost!

Level up your wiper game


Your car’s wipers are the most hardworking pair this season as they ensure visibility during your drive under the heavy rain.

Check the washer fluid before you head out during the rain and listen out for squeaks and jerks on your wiper.

Clean windshields, windows and headlights is the way to go


It’s a no brainer when driving that your sight is your best ally, especially when driving through bad weather conditions.

You must make sure that your windshield, headlights, and windows are squeaky clean to have a clear view of the road as this is vital for your safety.

Brakes and batteries must be in mint condition


Ignite a spark of interest on your car battery’s life as these babies work extra harder and exerts extra pressure for the headlights, air conditioning, wipers and radio as they all work together all at once.

Also, assure that your brake pads still have enough friction and that the brake discs are still at par with industry standards.

Keep it slow and steady


Don’t get yourself in a sticky mess for going too fast. Wet roads require you to drive slower than you normally would as this will give you better traction.

Stay at arm’s length


Be patient and keep a considerable distance between the car in front of you and the car behind you.

Remember, when raining everyone’s in the same boat and safety is the utmost priority.

When in doubt, wait it out


You don’t necessarily have to brave through the heavy rain. When you’re having a hard time with zero visibility on the road, just stop by somewhere like a gas station for a bit and wait it out. Better safe than sorry, right?

Get charged up


For potential emergencies, make sure that you have a fully-charged phone, a high capacity powerbank and all important contacts saved.

This way, you won’t have to worry about being disconnected from your friends or family, making it easier to be picked up should you get stranded.

Finally, don’t forget to save beepbeep.ph’s Roadside Assistance hotline at 8514-9999.

Roadside Assistance - 8541-9999Now, armed with these rainy day essentials go forth and brave Metro Manila’s streets without having to worry about your car and your safety.

Are there any other rainy season car checklist you wish to clarify or add in our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Or if you are a business owner for an automotive servicing don’t forget to be the go-to car care center this rainy season.


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